We Introduce Common Problems On Motorcycle Speedometer

  • Like most people, you may not think about it before the odometer in the car is not working properly. But once the needle starts to bounce, jump or stop moving completely, this is a problem that needs to be solved quickly. Without a running odometer, you will not know if you are speeding, and you may be in danger of getting a ticket, even if the equipment is incorrect. Although a technician is usually required to solve this problem, you can perform some simple troubleshooting on the motorcycle speedometer so that you can understand the possible causes and expected results. We have lcd speedometer for sale.

    Speedometer needle jump
    Scenario: When you are driving at a normal speed, the pointer of the speedometer is suddenly driving at a speed of 10 miles per hour, 20 miles, or even 40 miles per hour. However, you know that you have not increased the speed. The needle may stay there, or it may return to normal and beat repeatedly after a few seconds or minutes. There may be no lights flashing.

    Possible problem: The speed sensor on the passenger axle may need to be replaced. The speedometer cable may be damaged or broken. If the vehicle has a cruise control system, the cruise control sensor may be malfunctioning and a new sensor should be replaced.

    The speedometer needle is stuck
    Scenario: You are driving and suddenly the speedometer needle is stuck. Even if you slow down or speed up, the needle will still stay in the same position. If you turn off the motorcycle, it may or may not go back, and if it does, it will get stuck again the next time you drive. Even if the motorcycle starts and runs well, the battery indicator light may illuminate.

    Possible problem: The fuse in the fuse box may be faulty. A voltage surge may break the needle and damage the battery or alternator. The pressure gauge itself may need to be replaced.

    Speedometer needle bounces
    Scenario: While driving, the speedometer pointer suddenly rises at a speed of 10 miles per hour or more, and then swings backward sharply. This will continue throughout your driving process, even if you drive steadily, the pointer will jump between different speeds. If the motorcycle is equipped with one, the speedometer indicator may light up.

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