Know How to Use the MINI Cooper Motorcycle Speedometer

  • The entire set up part lies on the side of your MINI Connected system. So if you want to play with your MINI Cooper digital motorcycle speedometer settings, you need to enter your ‘My MINI’ menu first.

    Here’s how to adjust a speedometer on a MINI Cooper:

    When in the ‘My MINI’ menu, enter ‘System settings’.
    Scroll down to ‘Displays’.
    Choose ‘Instrument panel’.
    Toggle through the information you’d like to have displayed on your cluster. That is: range, distance to destination, arrival time, average fuel consumption, current consumption, Green info, average speed and date.
    Once you’re set, change the units of your information depending on your preferences. To do that go back to your ‘System settings’ and select ‘Units’.
    Select the consumption, power, pressure, torque and temperature units. These unit changes will apply to every in-car display.
    Now, even though your settings are active, not all information will be displayed on the MINI Cooper gauge cluster at once due to space constraints. To be more specific, in the central bottom part you’ll get to see only two pieces of car information at a time, such as average speed and odometer or the current engine temperature. In order to cycle through more information, use the BC button on the end of the left turn indicator.

    And if you’ve been wondering where the button for a mileage reset is, it’s nicely hidden on top of the MINI Cooper speedo.

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