We Have Pulsar Speedometer For Sale

  • A pulsar speedometer is a device installed on an electric automatic vehicle to calculate and provide driving information. The electric car speedometer allows you to read the current speed immediately.

    The characteristics and advantages of the electric vehicle speedometer are as follows:

    Multifunctional. It can record average speed, maximum speed, current speed mph/kph, riding time, odometer, one-way driving distance, and effectively track your electric bicycle movement; scan mode, speed comparator, maintenance, clock, etc.
    Strong anti-interference ability, can avoid the influence of external electromagnetic interference and other interference factors
    Non-contact measurement, the photoelectric device is used for measurement, no connecting shaft, no influence on the measured part, and measurement accuracy is improved

    The electronic measurement method reduces the volume of the entire system and makes the development of portable products more flexible
    A non-mechanical measurement method, using electronic equipment to increase equipment life and indirectly reduce costs

    Accurate speed tracking and clear display. The speedometer has a stable wireless transmission function, which can ensure accurate tracking of the speed of the electric vehicle. You only need to control the distance between the computer and the sensor within 60 cm to make it Fully communicate. The large LCD display shows clear numbers, easy-to-read data, safer and more convenient when riding.
    It is waterproof and has a wide range of applications. The electric vehicle speedometer adopts a rubber ring and a fully sealed compact body, which can still be used normally on rainy days. Suitable for most types of electric bicycles. As long as you can install the computer display, sensor, and magnet within the specified distance, it will work.

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