You May Need Tire Repair Tool Kits


    Punctures by sharp objects, air leakage from the valve stem, over pumped or worn tires—they can all lead to the problem of a flat tire. You usually identify a flat tire when you walk out in the morning and spot your car’s tire sagging on the ground, or when you are driving and notice the flap sound of an airless tire. If you have been driving for quite some time and experienced a flat tire at any point, you would know how frustrating it is. To fix a flat tire, drivers often use Tire Repair Tool Kits, which, to be very honest, does more bad than good to the tire. It is better that you use repairing tools to fix a flat tire than a sealant. Here is why-

    Sealant is messy, and can damage the tire - Sealants might seem an easy way out when you are stuck with a flat tire, however, they leave a sticky substance inside the tire, which is a real pain to get off the wheel when you do a tire repair, especially if it's dried on. What’s even worse is this substance can also damage your otherwise repairable tire.

    Sealant can clog TPMS - The tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in your car is there to alert you about a leaking tire. Squirting sealant into the tire will destroy the TPMS sensor costing you precious dollars to replace it.

    Not the ideal solution in cold conditions - Tire sealants can freeze in cold weather, which makes them unsuitable for chilly winters. If the sealant gets frozen in the can, you will have a really hard time trying to defrost it. Even if you can take the mess out, the sealant may still refreeze inside the tire, knocking the wheel out of balance.

    Sealants do not fix major flat tire problems - Sealant is a temporary solution. It is intended to get you to a tire dealer so that the tire can be removed and replaced. Tire dealers are not motivated to try and clean out the sealant. Their objective is to convince you that you need a new tire.

    You will ultimately need to replace the tire - When you fill a tire with a sticky mess, you are supposed to proceed directly to a tire repair professional. So, even if you are using a sealant, you will ultimately need to replace the tire.

    Why use a sealant when you can repair the tire on the go? Having the Stop & Go Tire Mobility Kit with you offers you peace of mind. You can make 15 repairs and have unlimited air when you need it. Why wait for help when you can fix the problem in minutes. The cost of the alternatives will require precious time and significant money.

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