We Give An Introduction of Tractor Tire Repair Tools


    Due to the size and thickness of a tractor tire, fixing a flat is a little more difficult than the typical roadside car repair. There are a number of Tire Repair Tools on the market, and depending on the problem, you can find them at any level and several price rates.

    Bead Breaker Kit

    A bead breaker is an $800-plus piece of equipment that allows you to repair a tractor tire without removing it. This is great for when you are alone in a field and need a quick fix, and works with all wheel assemblies. This kit includes all of the items necessary to change a tire: the bead breaker, pump, hose and hydraulic fittings.

    Tire Cement

    For fixing a minor tractor tire problem, tire cement acts as a binding chemical to melt together the hole with heat and pressure. This will fix even the tiniest cracks. This costs upwards of $20 for an 8-ounce can. Each can comes with a brush applicator. This should not be touched by bare hands, due to the chemical element, as it can cause chemical burns if accidentally applied and left on bare skin.

    Valve Repair

    When the tube valve is the issue on the tire, you can purchase a 4-in-1 valve repair tool. This runs between $2 and $3. This small tool removes the valve cores, re-taps interior and exterior threads and reams the inside valve for valve replacement.


    Tire patches are black circular objects that are placed on a hole to stop leakage. The cold patch takes about 30 minutes to apply and must be applied with a cement. Hot patching is heated and melted to the tire and takes about the same amount of time. These can be purchased in kits, or just with the patches by themselves.


    These long, sticky black tubes are for insertion into a tire damage with a hole. The hole can be filled with as many of the plugs as needed, and then it is recommended to place a patch over the top for necessary air leakage protection. These tire plugs are the same type as those used on automobile tires, but you will need more length (all plugs can be cut to needed length) and depending on the size of the hole, you will probably need a large amount of plugs to fix it. These are noted as a quick fix for any tire hole. These can be purchased in kits or just by themselves in packs as needed. These will heat up when you begin driving, sealing themselves well.

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