There Is An Introduction of Many Uses of Air Quick Coupler


    The Air Quick Coupler is a kind of joint that can connect or disconnect pipeline without tools. The quick connector can be divided into: air quick connector, oxygen fuel gas quick connector, gas liquid common quick connector, oil pressure quick connector, inert gas quick connector, cooling water temperature oil quick connector and semiconductor quick connector. It is mainly used for quick installation of air pipeline and joint accessories of pneumatic tools.

    Corresponding to its use, there are various body materials, sizes and installation shapes.

    Please do not use it for purposes other than quick fluid connections.
    Insert the hose firmly into the root of the joint and fix it with hose belt or nut.

    In order to prevent moisture, it should be stored indoors.
    Do not use cracked hose to prevent leakage and falling off.
    Leakage inspection should be carried out before use. In case of leakage, it should be stopped immediately and replaced with new ones.
    It should be confirmed that the gas welding gun valve is closed before connecting.
    Welding should pay attention to the use of a period of time, to carry out joint and pipeline safety inspection, check whether there is air leakage

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