How Custom Bumper Mold Manufacturers Produce Products


    What problems are prone to occur in mold model processing?

    The application of China 2K Mold Suppliers mold model plays a very critical role in the production of a device. Many plastic equipment, accessories, etc. need to use mold models for shape and structural design, so the demand for mold models in the market has always been of great help.

    For the application of the mold model, it is a key part to ensure the production of plastic products, but in some cases, some problems are prone to occur when the mold model is processed and formed.

    1. Problems caused by machine tools. Problems with the mold model due to machine tools are generally caused by low injection pressure, low raw material temperature, and poor fluidity. In this case, manual feeding is required.

    2. The reason caused by the mold. The gate design of the mold model runner is too small, and the exhaust ventilation design is not good; the mold temperature should be lowered, and the water temperature and water temperature should be lowered. Improper cooling of the mold, confirm the water system and modify it.

    3. The reason is caused by the raw materials of Custom Bumper Mold Manufacturers. The raw material itself has poor fluidity, confirmation or material change. Improper lubrication treatment, correct use site and quantity. Overspray, use less.