Introduction To The Meaning Of Wooden Festival Ornament


    What are the characteristics of folk Christmas decorations?

    What are the characteristics of Wholesale Wooden Crafts? Folk handicrafts refer to handicrafts that are mainly handmade by working people on site in order to meet the needs of life and aesthetic requirements. There are many kinds of handicrafts, including Song brocade, bamboo weaving, straw weaving, hand embroidery, blue calico, batik, hand-made wood carving, clay sculpture, paper-cut, folk toys and so on. Due to the differences in the social history, customs, geographical environment, and aesthetic concepts of different regions and different nationalities, handicrafts in different regions have different styles and characteristics, which fully demonstrate the elegance of Chinese handicrafts. But in general, folk arts and crafts have their common characteristics. So what are the characteristics of folk handicrafts? This Christmas decoration factory presents for you.

    1. Take advantage of the beauty and enjoyment of things

    Folk artists are good at using the inherent characteristics of different materials, such as certain texture and color characteristics, morphological characteristics, etc., to skillfully process them into exquisite handicrafts.

    Christmas decoration manufacturers said that the recently popular root carving sketches are typical handicrafts, full of fun. People make use of the natural posture of the tree roots, slightly modify, carve, color, and then present them in front of people with vivid figures and animal images. The image of root carving conforms to the artistic technique of "similarity and non-similarity", which is the beauty of art. In recent years, more and more artists are engaged in amateur or professional root carving art. The image of the work is vivid and natural, the technique is novel and unique, and it is fascinating.

    The folk handicrafts of "everything is beautiful" are mostly manifested in handicrafts such as small stone carvings, wood carvings, and nuclear carvings. Judging from the special utilization of its materials, it cannot be seen that this rule is universal in folk crafts.

    2. Local characteristics and national characteristics

    Each Christmas decoration has its own personality, and folk handicrafts stand out for their strong local and ethnic characteristics. Taking paper-cutting as an example, there are excellent works all over the country. If you look closely, you will find that the works in the north are thick and vigorous, while the works in the south are delicate and clear. The strong local characteristics and national style of southern batik art are widely recognized by people. In a sense, the individuality of art is the life of art, and it is more obvious in this respect.

    3. The shape, color and decoration are concise, concise and vivid

    Manufacturers of Christmas decorations say most are handmade at home. The raw materials are properly selected, the tools and equipment are simple to use, and the production method is simple, but the production is simple, simple, dignified, and bright, especially in the treatment of decoration and color, without adverse gloomyness.

    The main reason for the formation of the characteristics of folk handicrafts is the restriction of people's simple aesthetic and appreciation habits. Many of them are now converted to factory production, which is often bulky and inflexible.

    4. Has practical significance

    The manufacturer of Wooden Festival Ornament pointed out that especially weaving handicrafts are mostly practical utensils in daily life. These handicrafts are constantly being decorated and beautified by people in practice. Most of the small products and large utensils in the weaving process have practical significance.