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    What are the best-selling categories in Ramadan?

    During Ramadan, in addition to fasting, meditation, and reflection, Muslims will also exchange gifts, exchange new things, and be enthusiastic about charity. Therefore, Ramadan has also become an important shopping month for Muslims, shortening working and business hours and increasing shopping and entertainment time. So how should sellers choose products?
    Ramadan shopping peaks at 4am in Saudi Arabia and 1pm in the UAE. The online shopping peak during Ramadan in Saudi Arabia is different from usual. Typically, the peak time for online shopping in Saudi Arabia is between 1pm and 2pm. During Ramadan, the peak occurs between 4am and 5am after early morning prayers. According to different online shopping peak periods, sellers can more cleverly use the advantages of network traffic to increase the sales of Ramadan Wooden Festival Ornament.
    How to choose items for Ramadan?
    Which categories sell best during Ramadan?
    1. Home Decoration
    Shorter working hours allow Muslims more family time during Ramadan. Nearly half of Muslims invite relatives and friends to get together during Ramadan. Household items have become one of the most purchased categories during Ramadan, especially Ramadan accessories with Islamic traditional elements such as wallpaper, pendants, decorative lamps, home textiles, and handicrafts will be more popular.
    2. Kitchen supplies
    Preparing food at home is an important part of Ramadan. 96% of Middle Eastern buyers said they would buy high-frequency groceries during Ramadan, and their purchases would increase by more than 50% compared with non-Ramadan periods. For Chinese overseas sellers, kitchen appliances and cooking tools are the focus of entering the kitchen space of Middle Eastern buyers, especially small products such as air fryers, egg beaters, baking molds, and scales.
    3. Clothing accessories
    Similar to the custom of buying new clothes during Chinese New Year, Muslims also buy new clothes during Ramadan. According to data from Lazada Indonesia, 50% of Lazada users have purchased clothing products during the 2021 Ramadan promotion. High-quality, traditional and stylishly designed clothing will be the focus of Ramadan shopping.
    4. Makeup and Personal Care
    The beauty care category is also benefiting from an increase in non-working hours. More than 60% of Middle Eastern people will pay more attention to beauty and etiquette. In Indonesia and Malaysia, the beauty market is also booming. Sellers can also launch beauty gift boxes of different product groups to promote gift consumption.
    The above is the sharing of Finished and Unfinished Wood Ornaments of Ramadan hot selling categories. You can refer to this. Before the event comes, do a good job of selecting products, preparing goods, etc., and welcome the event!