Wholesale Transfer Paper

  • Wholesale Transfer Paper What is Dye Sublimation Printing? Before we know what is Dye Sublimation Printing, we must know "what is sublimation" first. When heat is applied, an element gets transformed into gaseous form without intermediary liquid form (solid>>gaseous).This process of transformation is called "sublimation". Dye Sublimation Printing uses this property to transfer any image / artwork from one surface to another. Popular uses are to transfer images on mugs, T-shirts, mousepads, etc. A dye which sublimates under pressure and heat, is mixed with the inks. Sublimation paper used is a specially coated paper which does not absorb the ink and thus helps in transferring maximum ink onto the surface ofthe impritables. Advantages of our sublimation paper: Fast Dry, Quick Ink-Absorb, Smooth Surface,Stable High Quality and High Transfer Rate,Bright Color On Fabric.No fade, No cracked, Eliminate Ghosting. Different weight to meet your demand, most suitable for textile printing factory, personalized application and reseller. Application: Clothing, Polyamide-Swim&Surfwear,Leather, Curtain, Cushion, Table Cover,Flags,Mugs, Glass, Textile ,Metal ,etc About Our Company: Zhejiang Yingcai Paper Industry CO., LTD is a professional sublimation paper manufacturer in China.Our company offers high stable quality products with the most competitive prices.Whatever wide format digital print solution you are looking for,we have it for you!Until today,we鈥檙e privileged to serve thousands of customers worldwide with independent YingCai sublimation paper.Every client is precious to us and we will also become your best partner,let鈥檚 step to success together锛?/p> FAQ: Q: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer? A: We are professional manufacturer specialized in sublimation papers.We trade our products with our clients directly. Q: What鈥檚 your MOQ? A: If we have the products in stock, it will be no MOQ. If we need to produce, we can discuss the MOQ according to customer鈥檚 exact situation. Q: How long is your delivery time? A: The general delivery time is 15-20 days after receiving your order confirmation. Another, if we have the goods in stock, it will only take 1-2 days.. Q: Do you provide sample ? Is it free? A: We are willing to provide the free sample with freight collect.The only expense for you is the shipping charge. Q: How about the package? A: We usually pack as follows: 1. In roll packing with tubes and plastic bags and cartons. 2. According to customers鈥?request Q: Which delivery terms and payment terms do you accept? A: We usually do FOB/CIF delivery terms and T/T, L/C or PayPal. Storage & Handling. Storage Condition: 路Stored in an hermetic environment with air humidity 40-50%; Sublimation paper is a kind of coated paper, coating layer and the base paper in dry and high temperature expansion rate is not consistent will cause single-side warping.Wholesale Transfer Paper website:http://www.yingcaicolor.com/transfer-paper/