Fall in love in summer

  • "You don't care anyway you have to listen to me" Sheng Sixia put soft voice like coaxing a child "you don't drink coffee now drink some hot water wait in the office I'll pick you up we go home to rest" Her voice was so relaxing that Fu Yichen could not help asking "Where to go back" "Go back to my place" Where do I sleep Sleeping on the couch gives you a fever That's how I had a fever last night He's good at pushing his luck Sheng Sixia gritted his teeth and continued to coax "" Don't sleep on the sofa tonight okay "Good" "Why don't you wait for me to pick you up" Fu Yichen smiled in a low voice "good" The author has something to say It's really shameful for General Manger Fu to be miserable Whoo I quite like the miserable appearance of men The contrast is cute There is still a watch today it should still be around nine o'clock in the evening come and praise my diligence! Chapter 48 The sales manager was not clear about the situation until he left Fu Yichen's office From the very beginning of the storm to the end of the meeting Fu Yichen actually let him leave lightly the turning point as if from the beginning of that phone call Is General Manager Fu in love He did not know who Miss Sheng was but he thanked her from the bottom of his heart for her great kindness He walked out of the office with trepidation and was about to communicate with Yao Zhan when the elevator on the left side of the floor opened and a girl in a light camel coat came out She walked straight to the president's office her hair a little wet at the end and casually approached bringing a cool and pleasant fragrance Yao Zhan's attitude immediately became Agriculture respectful "Miss Sheng" Sheng Sixia said "Well where is Fu Yichen" "In the office" Yao Zhan walked quickly to the front of Sheng Sixia and opened the door of her office first Sheng Sixia was about to go in when he suddenly remembered and smiled back at Yao Zhan "Secretary Yao thank you" "You're welcome As General Manger Fu's secretary this is what I should do" "Not only this" Sheng Sixia winked at him "thank you for helping him buy my picture" Ah this Yao Zhan remembered and touched his hair awkwardly Sheng Sixia left the Ganyu Group Building with Fu Yichen After a day's work Fu Yichen is very tired forced to use the spirit of coffee hanging but also in the moment to see Sheng Sixia all relaxed down From the elevator to the parking lot Sheng Sixia held Fu Yichen a little He was far from being too weak to walk but he enjoyed her careful care and did not refuse Sitting in the car Yao Zhan was in charge of driving Without saying a word he drove towards Sheng Sixia's apartment and involuntarily noticed the interaction between the two men in the rearview mirror It's so hot Have you taken your temperature Sheng Sixia put his hand on Fu Yichen's forehead 385 "Let's go to the hospital first" said Sheng Sixia After thinking about it he changed his tune "Forget it Call your personal doctor to come home so as not to run around OK" Fu Yichen took her hand off her forehead China Manufacturers held it tightly and pressed it on her leg He closed his eyes and said "It's up to you" Look at Fu Yichen now this uncomfortable appearance as well as the hot temperature on his forehead Sheng Sixia is angry but also heartache Fortunately Yao Zhan called her otherwise he would have to torment himself I want to hug him and scold him severely Forget it Yao Zhan is still ahead In front of her subordinates she should give Fu Yichen some face Fu Yichen some uncomfortable and very tired head swelling pain he did not scruple Yao Zhan obedient to their own mind hugged the waist of people around her gently leaning on her body This is much better Her skin was cool and her hair was wet sticking to Fu Yichen's neck He pushed her hair away and asked her what was going on I was washing my hair just now and it came out without drying "You'll catch a cold like this" Fu Yichen sat up pulled out a few paper towels from behind and carefully wiped her hair You are not qualified to criticize me as a patient Sheng Sixia squashed his mouth Fu Yichen looked at her steadily his eyes were much softer than usual and repeated again "I had a fever because I slept on the sofa last night" All right all right all right Don't keep complaining to her in such an aggrieved tone as if she had done something unconscionable Sheng Sixia was very embarrassed and it was not good to say anything in front of Yao Zhan so he had to appease him and let Fu Yichen rely on himself again At the traffic lights the car stopped and Yao Zhanruo touched his nose unintentionally The waiting time is always very long When driving Yao Zhan can still pretend to concentrate on the road situation now stop Food & Beverage he dare not brazenly look at the rearview mirror hear the soft words behind him he feels that his existence is redundant and cumbersome completely reduced to a tool man I just hope the destination will arrive early At this time Fu Yichen suddenly said "Secretary Yao you have worked hard today you can get off work directly later" "Ok" Yao Zhan answered cautiously reminding him "will you attend the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Chengnan International tomorrow afternoon" Fu Yichen answered subconsciously "Of course" Forget it Let General Manager Li go for me His voice was a little hoarse and he got stuck halfway Yao Zhan glanced quickly at the back seat of the car Sheng Sixia is glaring at Fu Yichen a pair of almond eyes staring round fingernails still pinching Fu Yichen's tiger's mouth as a threat This is domestic violence Yao Zhan has some sympathy but also feel that the boss who has always been high above the masses is somewhat funny in front of his girlfriend The cold wind outside the window was bleak and the window was isolated from the cold air but Yao Zhan suddenly felt particularly cold The weather is cold and there is no one to warm his hands He turned grief and anger into speed and sped to the downstairs of the apartment It was very late and the lights of many commercial buildings and office buildings nearby went out leaving only neon lights shining outside In the community there was a street lamp every few meters to illuminate the way home Secretary Yao it's very late would you like to go upstairs and eat something together Sheng Sixia offered trade-global.com