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  • In a few simple words the Qinghe county rebellion that day of events said clearly in that bloody day three thousand officers and soldiers of the Tang navy or dead or wounded more than three hundred loyal to the Tang court officials were beheaded as Wang Jinglue said earlier there is no lack of the valve children in these officials but they do not agree with the valve elder So he became a victim Even if the bluestone streets in Yangzhou City are washed clean again they can't see any blood or smell any blood but the blood has flowed out after all and seeped into the soil of the bluestone crevices It's not that they can't see or smell so they haven't existed and since they have existed they should be remembered Ning Que did not say anything with Wang Jinglue left Chengshoufu did not go to the inn but directly out of the city to the Fuchun River with five taels of silver rented Wupeng boat down the river Not long after the end of the war the temporary calm in Qinghe County did not make people feel really relaxed at least it was difficult for tourists to relax so there were not many cruise ships on the beautiful Fuchun River Ning Que and Wang Jinglue sat on both sides of the Wupeng boat looking at the riverside scenery Even Electrical Equipment & Supplies though they were well-informed they had to admit that no place in the world could be better than here in terms of delicacy and beauty The Wupeng boat swayed between the famous gardens along the river From time to time the boatman explained which famous garden had its historical origin and whose private property the green bamboo at the foot of Crouching Tiger Mountain belonged to He was familiar with these things Wang Jinglue was not in the mood to listen to them but Ning Que listened very carefully The Fuchun River is extremely beautiful but it is a pity that it is not long The Wupeng boat travels slowly shaking and shaking to the lower reaches It goes ashore through the forest and comes to the Coal Mountain of Qinghe County Qinghe county valve is known as poetry and books to wait for home but where can the lack of military and economic strength to support this stretch of hundreds of miles of coal mountain is the treasure given by Haotian valve Ning Que and Wang Jinglue stood in a remote part of the coal mountain silently looking at the movement here only to see the steward of the valve waving a whip the miners with their bodies dragging the coal car to crawl hard covered with coal ash coal ash mixed with whipped blood looking horrible Wang Jinglue's face was extremely ugly at first After observing for a period of time he felt a little better and said "It should be the barbarians captured from the primeval forest as well as some sinful slaves sent from Xiling" Ning Que said "Now that the peace treaty has been reached as long as the people of Qinghe County are not so arrogant and stupid as idiots they should know what will be waiting for them if they dare to trap our people here to do hard labor" Three thousand officers and soldiers of the Tang Navy suffered heavy casualties in the Qinghe County rebellion last autumn and all the Tang troops who did not die were taken to the coal mountain in the lower reaches of the Fuchun River to do hard labor In the peace treaty signed by the Tang Dynasty and Xiling Temple Qinghe County was required to return these Tang troops which was the most important condition Some time ago those Tang troops who suffered inhuman torture were sent back to Chang'an According to them those days were too painful China Factory Ning Que made a special trip to Meishan because the Tang court felt that there was a problem with the number of people returned from Qinghe County After the rebellion at least one thousand Tang troops were taken to Meishan to do hard labor but less than six hundred were sent back to Chang'an this time The explanation given by Qinghe County was that many Tang troops were seriously injured in the battle and were taken to the coal mountain although they could not be cured by medical treatment so they died This is a very reasonable explanation but Ning Que does not believe it As time slowly passed the sun began to turn westward and the slave in the coal mountain was still struggling desperately He went to an abandoned coal pit According to the secret guards when the mission of the Xiling Temple left the Qinghe and began to prepare for Home Appliances negotiations with the Tang Dynasty the coal pit became quiet and no one went in again Ning Que and Wang Jinglue walked along the tunnel into the abandoned coal pit As the tunnel extended inward the top of the pit became shorter and shorter They had to get up and move much more difficult I don't know how long I walked but it was dark and cold in the underground coal pit and the faint wind congealed the pungent smell of decay in one place unable to release it outward Ning Que stopped reached out to hold the ju and after confirming that there was no danger at the bottom of the pit he lit an oil lamp beside the wall of the cave Wang Jinglue looked at the bottom of the pit illuminated by the dim light and his face became unusually pale The expression on Ning Que's face did not change He crouched down and touched the leg bone of a rotting corpse with his hand to confirm that it had been broken by a heavy object Then he went inside to see the injuries on the corpses At the bottom of the coal pit were at least hundreds of corpses which were so decomposed that he could not find any signs of identity but he knew that these were the people he was looking for These people did not die of knife wounds or arrow wounds but of starvation thirst or exhaustion These people had been heroic Tang soldiers in their lifetime and of course they had resisted before they were tortured That's why the whips took away the flesh on the bones and the leg bones were broken by stones Ning Que and Wang Jinglue stood in front of the bodies of the Tang army and were silent for a long time For the soldiers who fought for the country the Tang Dynasty always cast the highest respect even if a body will not be allowed to wander outside let alone the living Tang army at that time From know that the Tang Navy has thousands of people were Qinghe County valve sent to coal mountain the Tang court has not stopped to save their efforts even in the Lord into Changan as a critical moment the court still did not forget to send a warning Qinghe and secretly promised to give the corresponding benefits as long as they can put these people back Believe Qinghe county surnames after this should be very clear about the attitude of Changan city dare not to the Tang army many torture however in less than a month before this the Tang army died hundreds of people in the coal mountain can imagine what kind of torture and pain they suffered at that time Wang Jinglue used to be the worship of the prince's mansion and lived a natural and unrestrained life Later he was sent to General Xu Shi by His Majesty After several years of polishing he was already a real soldier Looking at the hundreds of bodies at the bottom of the pit he said "We have to find a way to send them back" Ning Que had been in the army in Weicheng for many years and was well aware of the practice in the army but he did not agree with Wang Jinglue's words He said "It's no problem to be buried here It's just that we need to build a bigger tomb" 。