Rebirth of holding a golden thigh

  • "Let's talk about this later. Now please send the security guards of your hotel to invite those people out. They are not our guests but also our relatives." Gu Zhaoqing said. Attendant was stupefied, say next: "But, our security guard cannot drive away a guest casually." Gu Zhaoqing was about to be laughed at by the waiter. Let your manager handle it. Lin Shijin said. Perhaps Lin Shijin's momentum looked more intimidating, and the waiter made a phone call. After a while, a middle-aged man in a suit with a badge on his chest came over. We are guests in room S01. Now please ask the security guard to ask the three people who entered the hotel without permission and blocked the door of our room to leave the hotel. Lin Shijin said to the manager. The manager had a casual look, but when he heard their room number, his face changed immediately: "OK, I'll let the security guard go up now!"! I'm really sorry for the trouble caused to you. Our waiter is a new comer. I don't know much about some things. Please don't mind! Gu Zhaoqing shook his head helplessly. I don't know what to say. No matter where it is, it really depends on the privilege, they are in the most expensive room, that's why the manager has such an attitude, if they are in the ordinary room, I'm afraid no one will pay attention to them. After that, four security guards followed Gu Zhaoqing upstairs. At this time is to see Feng Xiuzhi and Zhou Wen entangled together, Feng Xiuzhi's facial features look a little ferocious. Feng Xiuzhi even gave Gu Chengji knelt down and did not get Gu Chengji's pity. She could not help feeling resentful in her heart. She felt that if it were not for Zhou Wen's instigation, then Gu Chengji would not be so cruel. Moreover, she thought that she was having such a hard time now, but Zhou Wen could follow Gu Chengji to Beijing to enjoy a happy life and live the life of a rich and powerful wife. When she saw the clothes on Zhou Wen's body, she felt that they were all things she could not afford. The two of them are one in the sky and one in the ground now. The more Feng Xiuzhi thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt. So the angry Feng Xiuzhi actually started to fight directly at Zhou Wen. Watching Feng Xiuzhi bully his wife, Gu Chengji of course can not stand aside, but he wants to protect his wife, but Lin yuanhui can not stand still, directly also came to pull Gu Chengji, while pulling him while begging Gu Chengji to help him. And Lin Li stood by and watched. Get over there and pull them away before they hurt my parents! Gu Zhaoqing hurriedly said to the security guard. Although the security guards did not know these people very well, they could see with their clothes who could stay in their hotel, so they immediately went up and pulled Feng Xiuzhi and Lin yuanhui away. Gu Zhaoqing hurried over to see her mother: "Mom, are you all right?" Zhou Wen breathed heavily and shook her head. Gu Chengji also hurriedly came to see his wife. Her hair and clothes were a little messy, Inflatable outdoor park , but that was all, but Feng Xiuzhi scratched two blood stains on her chin. Zhou Wen has never been a person who can fight, let alone someone like Feng Xiuzhi who has no sense of propriety, so she was inadvertently scratched by Feng Xiuzhi. Gu Chengji now simply can not be more angry, now is really no longer have any scruples. The person who hurt his family is absolutely unforgivable! Chapter 476 learned a lesson. "Take them all out!" Gu Chengji said in a cold voice to the security guard. Originally he did not want to do this with them, but now they do not know how to advance and retreat, even hurt his family, then they can no longer be forgiven. He's no saint. Big brother, big brother, misunderstand, don't be so cruel! Lin yuanhui shouted. Gu Chengji looked at him coldly: "It's all like this. There's nothing to misunderstand!" "Eldest brother, Xiuzhi didn't mean to hurt her sister-in-law. She was just impulsive!" Lin yuanhui also wants to explain. Feng Xiuzhi over there also cried that she was not intentional, but was a little emotional for a while. Feng Xiuzhi even wanted to come forward to beg, but was restrained by the security guards and could not move. Gu Chengji now ignored Lin yuanhui and Feng Xiuzhi, and he turned to look at Lin Linzhong. Lin Lizhong is also much older now, according to the age should be similar to Gu Kai, but now he looks like an old generation. The wrinkles on his face only felt that he didn't know what bad thoughts were hidden in them. My relationship with you has been broken, and what should be given to you has been given, and now we have no relationship at all. Gu Chengji said in a cold voice, "If you do this again, I will not be polite, or I need to call the police to let you understand the facts now." Hearing Gu Chengji say to call the police, Lin Lizhong and others were stunned. They didn't expect Gu Chengji to be able to say such a thing. Cheng Ji.. Lin Lizhong opened his mouth to say something. But even if he wanted to say it, Gu Chengji didn't want to hear it. He turned and helped Zhou Wen to the room. Gu Zhaoqing breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly followed him. Lin Shijin asked the security guard to drive the three men out of the hotel before returning to the room with Lin Shijia and Gu Zhaojie. Originally, Gu Zhaoqing went out to have dinner with Lin Shijin's aunt's family, so they left here directly after dinner. But now I don't know if I can go out. Wen, I'm sorry. Gu Chengji did not know what to say to his wife now, but he knew that he was wrong. If he had been able to break up with them completely in the past, instead of indulging them again and again because of the little friendship in the past, he would not be like this now. He really regretted that he had not been more decisive. Zhou Wen patted her husband's hand and shook her head. Zhou Wen's present appearance is indeed not very good-looking, and the scars scratched by Feng Xiuzhi are also somewhat painful,Inflatable 5k obstacle, but she is still happy in her heart. Because her husband finally recognized those people this time. As long as this is the case, it is all right, and it is worthwhile for her to get hurt.