Prehistoric World Leader Tongtian

  • Having just finished the conquest of the armadillo tribe, the triumphant return of the canthus is full of pride, with a knife in hand, and I have the power of flood and famine. The canthus gently wipes the ring-headed knife, and the fingertips slowly stroke the blade, just like stroking the silky and delicate long hair of a lover. Close your eyes and feel the joy coming from the knife, as if your body and the knife were one. When he opened his eyes again, two cold lights came out of his eyes and disappeared. Twenty-five days? I finally broke through again! A burst of ecstasy, "Ha ha ha ha!"! The glory of the dragon clan can only be realized by me! At this moment, the canthus seems to have gained the halo of the protagonist, and the whole body exudes a powerful spirit of the bastard. A rush of footsteps, from far to near, interrupted the thoughts of the canthus. Report King! Then came Zhu's unique cry of horror, "Your Majesty, big things, big things are not good!" Zhu was obviously nervous and his voice trembled a little. Looking at this cowardly guy with a fox body and a fish wing, he frowned and rarely lost his temper. Just face sink like water tunnel, "shout loudly, how decent!"! What happened after all? Zhu, who had been ready to be scolded, was stunned, but had no time to think about why. He hurriedly said, "Your Majesty, the Demons have appeared again!" [Text Chapter 20 The Troubles of the Tiger Shark] words in the vertical and horizontal book sea are big and beautiful to protect your eyes. "Demons appear?" I was a little stunned, a little surprised,Inflatable indoor park, and a little surprised, because I finally had an opponent worth looking forward to. It has been thousands of years since the Demons appeared in the prehistoric land. Only in this more than ten thousand years, just gradually made a lot of bloody storms, many prehistoric strong also have been robbed. Thousands of years ago, the Demons extended their tentacles to several major races, including the five prehistoric races (Dragon, Phoenix, Tiger, Turtle and Unicorn). After several bloody battles,inflatable air dancer, the Demons were defeated. Remembering what the Demons had done in the land of the Dragon Clan, he felt that it seemed more like a farce than a war. Despite the millions of dead and wounded dragons, there is still reason to think that it is a farce. For more than a thousand years, a total of millions of people participated in the war, but never found a Demon creature on the battlefield, all of them were demonized aquarium soldiers fighting with the aquarium. The reaction of the dragon clan was a little strange. The old man, the candle dragon, did not know where to go and enjoy himself. He could not see it once in thousands of years. Although the several dragon sons were in power, they were all soft-footed dragons. They only knew how to eat, drink and play every day. The dragon sons of the concubines had the ability but no military power; But there are several dragon elders of the same generation as the candle dragon, who are extremely powerful, but these guys are eager for the bad luck of those dragon sons, so that they can win over a group of their own men. As a result, there was a strange scene. There was no battle between the Demons and the Dragon Demons on the battlefield. The Demon Sailors defeated the Dragon Sailors one after another. The Dragon Base Camp was a scene of singing and dancing, peace and prosperity, and there was no sense of war. The end of the war is even more mysterious. A cowardly tiger shark led three hundred thousand water army, five or six hundred thousand troops are helpless two hundred thousand demonized soldiers destroyed. Overnight, Inflatable dry slide ,inflatable bounce house with slide, the war ended mysteriously. The tiger shark is still working under him. But when the old man Zulong came back, he found the predicament of the dragon clan and sent himself and several concubines to the shore to grab territory. One is to expand the power of the Dragon Clan, the other is to leave a buffer zone for the Dragon Clan sea area, and his brothers have become the legendary "abandoned dragon". And the tiger shark general, who was said to be very heroic, became a subordinate of the canthus. Although it is widely rumored that General Tiger Shark-oh, now renamed Tiger Kill, given by the old man of Candle Dragon-is so brave, all he sees is cowardice. That tiger kills, every time when fighting, always shout to charge, but oneself hide in the end. How can such a general deserve the title of "Tiger Kill"? Thinking of this, I often wish I could stew and eat the tiger shark with shifty-eyed eyes. It seems that the only real warrior of the Dragon Clan is himself! The canthus has the meaning of fighting all over the world, and it is hard to find a bosom friend. Zhu buried the fox's head deep in the ground, and the shark's fin was tightly at his side, waiting nervously for the anger of the canthus. According to experience, and according to his own matchless wisdom, whenever bad news came, the always irascible dragon son of the canthus was bound to fly into a rage. Strangely, after waiting for a long time, there was no movement. Carefully, he lifted his head a little, a little more, from between his front paws. Well, my Lord, are you ill? Well, it must be, and it's very sick! Looking at the various expressions on the canthus face changing alternately, Zhu was worried. I'm so unlucky. Why did I get sick when Zhu came in? What shall we do? Zhu's little fox's head began to work rapidly. How many armies of the Demons are attacking? A dignified voice remembered in Zhu's ear, looked up, but did not know when, the canthus adult still came to his senses, at the moment is staring at Zhu sharply. Zhu was staring at the bottom of his heart trembling, the corners of his mouth trembling, and hurriedly answered, "One!" "One!?" An angry shout rang out like a thunderbolt, and a strong murderous look rushed to Zhu, who was shivering on the ground. The shivering Zhu resisted the urge to urinate and defecate everywhere and hurriedly explained, "That guy is strange. All the aquatic soldiers who approached him were demonized by him. Instead, he turned around and attacked our army." "Hm?" The anger that is rising suddenly stagnates, the canthus is stupefied, "is it possible that the former demonized aquarium is the ghost of this guy?"? Demon, you have to think of a way to do this. "Well, order the tiger to kill the general and order him to lead thirty thousand water troops to subdue the demon." Remembering the demonization of the aquarium, he immediately thought of the tiger shark, the guy who had shrunk his head, so he ordered. After receiving the order to go out, Zhu was overjoyed at the amnesty. He got up hurriedly, stirred up the shark's fin, opened four fox claws, and ran out. Ben Long is still smart! The canthus in the heart is proud, "always lets this dragon look not pleasing to the eye drop, hum, is will not have the good result drop!" "Well,Inflatable mechanical bull, demonize!"! The tiger shark is unlikely to be able to handle it. To be on the safe side, you'd better lead the troops to conquer the demons in person! Want to reach here, command QinBing point together hundreds of water army ready to set out.