Take a deep breath in April

  • When I finished the porridge and stopped a few small dishes to bring them into the living room, Yin Tianyu disappeared. Pushing open the door of the bedroom, I saw that this man was already sleeping on the bed in a very sweet way. His sleeping appearance was completely like a child: the quilt was pressed under his body at random, and the big bed of 1.8 meters was sleeping like a single bed of 1.2 meters with his hands and feet open. The central air conditioner in the room was turned on so loud that I pulled the regulator down and went over to help him pull out the quilt and cover himself. My movements were not gentle, but he didn't wake up. I had never seen anyone sleep so deeply. Except that his face was still a little pale, even his breathing seemed to be groaning comfortably, "Sleep is so happy." I couldn't help but give a big yawn. I tucked in the quilt for him and turned to walk out. The moment I closed the door, I suddenly felt a little reluctant. Could it be that the life-and-death experience just now gave me an illusion of privilege about our relationship? The typhoon was so terrible that I shrank my neck and went out. Seeing the fragrant scallop porridge on the table, my stomach rang, and I realized that the night was half over, and the rain outside the window was a little lighter, but it was still windy and rainy. I simply chewed it up according to the case, and curled up on the sofa and fell asleep when I was full. You ate my porridge! This is the first sentence I heard when I woke up from the disaster. What came into my eyelids was Yin Tian and his angry face. It was too close and a little deformed. I stretched out my hand and pushed him away a little, and his eyes were more comfortable. I yawned and said, "The next time you threaten my newly awakened nerves in this way,Inflatable outdoor park, I swear I'll punch the nearest nose." "Who told you to eat my porridge?" Yin Tianyu is indomitable. Isn't there more in the pot?! Who told you to sleep like a pig outside last night? "Hey, what kind of attitude is that? I am." Patient! Seeing Yin Tianyu swallow "I am your benefactor" into his stomach and almost choke to death made me happy: "Patient? Forget it, look at your blush like a crystal Fuji apple, from the first day I knew you, you began to pretend to be ill, no progress! It is my strong point to open my eyes and tell lies,inflatable amusement park, but based on my few remaining conscience, I still went to the kitchen while Yin Tian and the mirror were admiring themselves. As I heated the porridge, I opened the refrigerator and found that there were still some materials. I made more fried noodles, and the kitchen was full of smoke. What are you doing? As soon as I turned around and saw Yin Tianhe standing behind me, I was startled. Keep an eye on you so you don't eat or poison. Yin Tianhe moved a stool and sat down comfortably. Aren't you afraid of the smoke? I stopped and asked strangely. Because WILLSON never goes into the kitchen, even the smell of oil smoke on my body is unacceptable, so every time I finish cooking, I always change my clothes and wash my hands and face before I sit down to eat with him. I always thought they were the same kind of people. Does it smell good? Yin Tianhe seemed to be hungry, wrinkling his nose and sniffing fiercely, his eyes burning with hunger, Inflatable meltdown ,Jumping castle with slide, "I like to stay in the kitchen and watch my mother cook, and this is not called the smell of oil smoke, this is called human fireworks, the most cordial taste." Does your family want your mother to cook? Are all the rich people in Taiwan so provincial? "This is not a province, but my mother feels that she can't accept that her children should grow up eating the food cooked by others.". So, I always think that the most beautiful time for a woman is when she cooks for the person she likes in the kitchen. Is that so? If that's the case, doesn't WILLSON always miss my best moments? What's the matter with me? From the beginning of seeing Yin Tianyu, the person who made my heart lose warmth always appeared in the air, but in fact I had successfully excluded him from my world for a long time. Part II Chapter 14 "What are you doing at the resort?" "You won't believe me if I say I'm here to inspect the business." "I'm waiting for my girlfriend here," said Yin Tian when he saw my supercilious eyes. ” "Who is your girlfriend?" When is this guy going to get out of the habit of eating tofu everywhere? "Her name is DIDO. We have made an appointment to come here for vacation. It should be here today. When the time comes, we will introduce you to each other." Only then did I know that he was not joking, and the so-called girlfriend was not talking about me. My heart could not help but relax. From the moment I saw him yesterday, the wariness that had been stretched all the time was gone. Yeah, I almost forgot that you can live without oxygen or water, but you can't live without love. I said with a smile, but somehow, I suddenly remembered the "ruffian" whose life and death are uncertain now, and my mood immediately became irritable: "Enough time to go to work, I have to go." When I came out after changing my clothes, I willfully didn't even want to say goodbye. Yin Tianhe seemed to be completely unaware of my sudden bad mood, but also grabbed me: "Let's have dinner together in the evening?" I shook off his hand: "Eat your head!"! I don't even have a bed to eat now! Yin Tianyu paused: "You are not thinking about'Ruffian '?" I looked at him carefully, and finally found out that the worm in my stomach looked like this. After two seconds, I turned around and walked out without making a sound, because I didn't want him to see the crystal out of my eyes. I called a Lian at the first time and told her that I didn't wear any clothes and everything was all right. A Lian breathed a long sigh of relief and said wearily, "I can finally sleep for a while." Only this sentence, through the cold telephone line, made me almost burst into tears. Taking advantage of the lunch break, I went back to the cabin again, knowing that it was futile, but I still had one in ten thousand luck in my heart. Even if I found the body of the "Ruffian", I finally knew its whereabouts and knew that it had gone to heaven, instead of imagining how it would wander away from me and be scolded by others, begging for leftovers around me, or even being slaughtered and eaten.. I couldn't help shivering. The sea had receded, leaving only the foundation of the hut,inflatable floating water park, which was as ugly as it could be, and nothing else, except a jellyfish that was about to be sunburned lying helplessly on the ground. joyshineinflatables.com