Mi Xian Lu

  • "Yes!" Xuanyuan Yi sat cross-legged in midair, looking serious, holding his breath, keeping his mind, watching Zhao's every move without blinking. Volume 11 The Rebellion of Immortals Chapter 822 Daughter's Body The art of dividing souls is very skillful for Zhao Di, who often uses puppets. Moments later, with a stuffy hum, a green light group the size of a walnut shot out from between his eyebrows and flew slowly to Xuanyuan Yi. For ordinary monks, the pain of dividing the soul is really unbearable, but for Zhao Di, who often performs this kind of secret art, has experienced all kinds of extreme ways of refining the body, and has once forcibly divided the soul into two parts and practiced together with spirits and demons, he just frowned and said nothing. The young man kept his mind tightly with his whole body's magic power and paid close attention to this wisp of soul nervously until the green light group disappeared into his Dantian. The young man immediately offered a lot of magic power to seal this wisp of soul. In this way, the two formed a situation of mutual restraint. If young people regardless of their own lives, self-explosion body yuan Ying, can also destroy this wisp of sub-soul, let Zhao be implicated; if Zhao regardless of this sub-soul, can kill young people at any time. After performing the art of dividing souls, Zhao Di breathed a sigh of relief and was about to open his mouth to say something when suddenly the corners of his mouth turned up, revealing a strange look, and he looked up and down at the teenager again. Unexpectedly,large inflatable water slide, the little friend is actually a daughter! Zhao said with a half-smile. Teenager His body shook slightly, and two rosy clouds floated over his face. "How did the elder know?" He asked in surprise. "Teenager!" Although a lot of magic power will be used to seal the soul of Zhao, but with the cultivation of Zhao and the power of divine consciousness, how can the spirit of the soul be completely sealed, Zhao can still sense some from the soul, easily found the young daughter body. This matter should be strange by Zhao Mou! Zhao shook his head confusedly and said, "The monk's breath is very sensitive. No matter how he disguises himself, whether he is a man or a woman,inflatable castle with slide, he knows at a glance how Xiaoyou hides the girl's breath, but he has deceived Zhao for so long!" Whether this person is male or female is of little significance to Zhao. But how could a monk in the period of deification cover up his breath so mysteriously? Zhao Di was somewhat interested. What, he's really a daughter? Cloud dream glass also curiously looked at the young man a few eyes, although this young man's appearance, indeed some too handsome, but the breath looks, is indeed a man undoubtedly. The younger generation did not intentionally conceal it. As a matter of fact, the younger generation accidentally swallowed a kind of strange fruit before the formation of elixir. As a result, the breath emitted changed greatly. At that time, the cultivation was too low to control the change of breath. It was often regarded as a man's body. Later, for the sake of convenience, the younger generation simply regarded themselves as men. Xuanyuan Yi explained, at the same time a breath change, suddenly from a very handsome young man, into a beautiful young girl, Inflatable water obstacle course ,Inflatable water park factory, compared with Yunmeng glass, this woman is a little less gentle, but a little more cool and heroic. What does a strange fruit look like? Zhao asked curiously. The girl described the shape of the strange fruit in detail, and Zhao listened very carefully. Sure enough, it's Guanyin fruit! When Zhao Di heard this, he nodded his head and said, "It is said that Wuxiang Brahman Skill, the most famous Buddhist Skill, is one of the treasures necessary for practicing Wuxiang Brahman Skill. It cuts off five roots and six desires. It is colorless and colorless. The Buddha's power is boundless and the Guanyin fruit is one of the treasures necessary for practicing Wuxiang Brahman skill.". This treasure is extremely precious to Buddhists. It is a great opportunity for you to take this treasure. "However, Xiaoyou is born with noble integrity. Of course, he is the fastest and most powerful in practicing Confucianism and Buddhism. He is demanding and not necessarily suitable for Xiaoyou.". It is said that the practice of Wuxiang Sanskrit is extremely difficult, but it is not a Guanyin fruit that can make Xiaoyou advance by leaps and bounds! After Zhao Di said a few words with a little envy, a flash of inspiration flew out of his sleeve and turned into a jade slip, which flew slowly to Xuanyuan Yi. This is a kind of Confucian skill that Zhao accidentally got, which is called Xiaoyao Jian Jue. There are two parts, the front half is the body, and the back half is the Confucian swordsmanship. This is the first half, which is just right for your present cultivation. ” "Thank you, senior!" To Zhao's surprise, Xuanyuan Yi was just a faint thank you, and did not appear to be very excited and excited. After she took the jade slips, she put a ray of mind into it and read the pithy formula. Even if the younger generation has no interest in these skills of fighting and killing, this posture is very good and suitable for the younger generation. Not long after, Xuanyuan Yi said something that made Zhao Di and Yun Mengli both stunned. Xiaoyou, what does this mean? If you don't practice these powerful Confucian skills, isn't it a waste of innate noble spirit? Zhao said in puzzlement. With a sigh, Xuanyuan Yi said faintly, "The younger generation would rather not have this innate noble spirit. Otherwise, the younger generation would not have been exposed by the thieves and lost their freedom shortly after the formation of the elixir.". In order to kill people, the younger generation of those clansmen, lost the hands of countless thieves, but more than half of them, all died under the Confucian swords! The incident touched some of Yunmengli's dust-laden memories, and his face suddenly looked unbearable. He said with relief, "The past is gone. Taoist friends don't need to worry too much about it. If they don't acquire magical powers, how can they avenge themselves and protect the living?" Xuanyuan Yi shook his head and said with a wry smile, "Revenge?"? It's a pity that the younger generation doesn't even have such a chance. To be honest, the senior monks who have imprisoned the younger generation have changed three or four times in the past hundreds of years. Before that pair of thief monks and nuns, there were several Confucian monks who had imprisoned the younger generation. But eventually they were all killed by later generations. Instead, the younger generation has lived to this day! There is no doubt that this girl, because of her innate integrity, was regarded as a treasure, for their own purposes, killing and fighting. Thinking of this, Yun Mengli gave birth to a lot of sympathy for the girl. Everyone has his own ambition. Since Xiaoyou is not interested in the skill of killing the enemy, Zhao Mou will not be reluctant. Zhao nodded slightly and said, no longer mentioning the matter. When Zhao Di first saw this man a hundred years ago, he immediately remembered the prophecy related to the Kyushu people: The Confucian youth with noble integrity,inflatable amusement park, inherits the behest of the Kyushu immortal, practices the immortal swordsmanship, and completes the mission against heaven!. joyshineinflatables.com