Legend of the war clan

  • "Of course not," he said without hesitation, "but that's enough for one reason alone." Youqiu laughed and said, "You want to be the future master of the Wind Palace, so you want to kill me, right?"? Actually, I was No intention to become the master of the wind palace, but even without me, there are two people more likely than you to become the master of the wind palace, their capital. The quality is not inferior to you, but it will never be as supercilious as you! Perhaps, too early to have power beyond the reach of others, So that you should be able to achieve great things, but tend to be mediocre, you are too self-righteous, perhaps this life has not suffered setbacks, this It is your fatal weakness! There is light in the eye of the eclipse. He said in a slow voice, "Are you talking about Makino Jingfeng?"? But don't forget that he has been defeated many times today, and he has to retreat. The division of the palace! "Hum, when he took over Feng Gong Bai Liu, Bai Liu's power was not as good as Xuanliu's. If you were in his position, you would lose." Worse! Eroded pupils gradually contracted,inflatable water slide, and he said slowly, "Who is that other person?" "Makino Seizure, son of Makino Seizure!" Youqiu is authentic word by word. After being speechless for a long time, he burst out laughing. He laughed so unscrupulously, as if he had met one of the most ridiculous things in the world. Thing. Youqiu's expression was still the same. He said coldly, "Muye Qi and Muye Jingfeng have been separated for five years. Muye Jingfeng has never known his son." Fall. Makino was supposed to be killed by Xuanliu's people, or by other gangs who hated Makino Shizumi, but he survived. Come on, this is no longer simple. Besides,Inflatable bouncer, I met him once. With his hands on his back, he walked slowly for a few steps. Then he stopped again and sighed, "a dying man, but he is closed." What is the meaning of these things in the heart? Then he waved his hand behind him and said, "Let's go together. If there are fifty." Disciples of the'Auspicious Camp 'can't kill a poisoned person, so the'Auspicious Camp' doesn't have to exist anymore. Dozens of black figures flashed out of the darkness behind the eclipse like ghosts. Youqiu's eyes flashed and he said, "Don't you dare to fight with me?" "You've been poisoned," he said. "You don't deserve me to do it myself." Youqiu smiled coldly: "It's a good reason!" By this time, Youqiu was sure that he had been poisoned, and he also knew that the poison gas was most likely emitted when the lanterns fell to the ground and burned. Out of it. It is precisely because of this that several disciples of the Su-nu Sect showed their slowness and were easily injured by him. He also knew that everyone in the "auspicious camp" was a first-class player, and all of them were ruthless. But he never knew what it was to be afraid to retreat, so his already tall and strong body was more upright at this time! Like a well-tempered sword! The seventh chapter of the main text is the armor of the war demon. The seventh chapter is the Armor Medicine Dingshan of the War Demon. Do not give up to know the teacher Yige, Jing Shu failed to find Bai Chen and grass, the heart suddenly some heavy. The reason why he put Bai Chen, Grass flatly refused, Inflatable indoor park ,Inflatable water park on lake, not because of his unfeeling, but because of his hatred for killing his wife. In fact, what about him? I wonder if the grudges of the previous generation have little to do with the grass? Has nothing to do with Bai Chen? Farewell finally couldn't help saying, "I'm very familiar with Yaoding Mountain. I'd better go and look for it myself." Shi Yige looked at the other side and did not speak, but his eyes were expressing his meaning. Don't give up dejectedly: "Yes, if she really doesn't want to …" Do not open, at this time has been irreparable. Shi Yige was silent for a moment. With a sigh, he said, "I'm afraid the Valley of Death has disappeared from now on. If there is a dispute between the north and the south of the Mohist Gate." With the end of the complete collapse of the South Branch, is this end what we want? He seemed to be asking for farewell, to be asking himself, and to be questioning everyone in Mohmen. "Beg the Valley of Death," said Bie Zhiqian. Destroy? Shi Yige nodded slowly and said, "Hua Qingchen's daughter was the only survivor." The implication is that if she has an accident, then the Valley of Death will disappear from Jianghu. Bie Zhiqi said in astonishment, "Death Valley has always had very little contact with the outside world. Except for the people of our North Branch, people from the outside world are not allowed." Can you know that the Valley of Death is actually a branch of the Mohist Gate? Could it be that someone in the North Branch. Leaked the news? Although there are endless disputes between the north and south branches of Mohmen, such disputes have always been reluctant to disturb outsiders, and will not betray each other to Mohmen. The enemy of. Don't give up asking, the heart is quite a little perturbed, worried that the facts that Shi Yige told him confirmed his guess. Fortunately, Shi Yige shook his head and said, "This has nothing to do with the North Branch." Don't give up secretly a sigh of relief, he since the end of the power, then all the year round in the medicine tripod mountain, to the Mohist people he already know. Very little, only when Shi Yige entered the mountain, he would talk to him about the size of the door. The Valley of Death was destroyed by the water tribe, only recently. Of course, don't give up and know nothing about it. At that moment, Shi Yige gave a general account of how the Valley of Death was destroyed by the water tribe. After listening, they were speechless for a long time. Although the Mohist School had been at odds with the North and the South for a long time since the internal dispute eighty years ago, They come down in one continuous line. Now the Valley of Death has been destroyed, but the disciples of the North Branch have not asked about it. At this moment, the emotions of parting are rising and falling. Be filled with emotion. Shi Yige said softly, "Actually, all the disciples of Mohism know that there is no end to the struggle between the north and the south, no matter who takes it." The upper hand, as far as Mohmen is concerned, will only weaken its own power in the endless disputes. It's just that neither side is willing to give in, no. Willing to show weakness, a long struggle, a great loss of vitality, and finally gave the aquarium a chance to break each.. "Everyone understands the truth, but not everyone can abandon the old grudges," he said slowly. Then he smiled bitterly and answered. "If a bowl is broken," he said, "no matter how it is repaired, there will be cracks. For example, I,inflatable floating water park, my enmity with the South Branch, can be described as. No Dai Tian, I can't be that detached and clear up the past with them. He did not want to say any more when he thought that the Valley of Death had been exterminated. Criticizing a dead man is not the work of a real man. He turned around. joyshineinflatables.com