Marry first and love deeply

  • Su Yi-cheng just smiled and stroked her hair, which was not too long, back and forth. After a while, she whispered in her ear, "Enron, thank you!" Thank her for being willing to conceive a child for him, and thank her for bringing him so many wonderful experiences. He will cherish the happiness he has now. Enron shook his head, quietly leaning on his arms, hands around his lean waist line, to say thank you is her, when she did not expect marriage, he gave her the most considerate and real warmth, let her feel that happiness can be so simple, do not need to be vigorous, plain light is the whole of life. They hugged each other tightly and enjoyed the tranquility and serenity of the moment. When Su Yicheng came out of the room again, it was almost an hour ago. Enron felt a little sleepy. Su Yicheng watched her lie down and then got up to go out to buy some food, so that when Enron woke up, he could eat directly. When Su Yicheng opened the door, Lin Li was about to knock on the door and go in. Seeing him come out, Lin Li leaned over and looked inside the room. "Is Anzi asleep?" She asked in a low voice. Su Yicheng nodded, "just slept." Lin Li nodded clearly, lifted the porridge and side dishes that had just come from the outside, curled her lips and said, "I want her to rest after eating, it seems that she can only wait until she wakes up." Then he handed the thing in his hand to Su Yicheng and said, "I'll give it to you. After Anzi wakes up, you put the food in the boiling water and heat it for her to eat." Su Yicheng took it, looked at her and nodded, and said, "Thank you." No wonder Enron regarded her as her best friend. She had noticed what he had never thought of as a husband. I want to say thank you,x60 line pipe, Enron hid you so well that I never had a chance to meet you. I finally met you this time. Thank you very much for your help last time and this time. Thank you! What Lin Li said is very sincere, and she is sincerely grateful. Su Yi-cheng smiled faintly and said, "It's nothing. It's all a simple task. Besides, you're Enron's friend. That's my friend." Lin Li looked at him for a while and then said with some emotion, "Anzi is lucky to meet you." "It was also my luck that I met Enron." Su Yicheng said lightly. He pointed to the bench placed against the wall on the side. "Sit down and talk." Lin Li nodded and sat down, saying with some emotion, "Maybe there is a destiny in the dark, the hardships and setbacks of your past are all for your later encounter." "It's not just us, it's everyone." Su Yi-cheng sat down beside her and said pointedly. Lin Li glanced at him, turned her face away, and did not answer him again. Su Yi-cheng knew she understood, but now the wound is too deep to heal so easily. Without further comment, he asked, "Can you tell me what happened today?" Why did Enron get hurt? Why did you come here with Zhou Han? "In fact, it's nothing. In the afternoon, x52 line pipe ,x56 line pipe, Enron helped me pack up my things and let me move to the apartment before you. Then everything was finished. It was almost 5 o'clock. I was ready to rush back to the hospital, and Enron was ready to rush home to cook for you. When we were ready to get on the bus, suddenly there was a child behind us called Enron. Enron recognized the child and said hello to him for a while." But did not expect that the child suddenly reached out and gave Enron a hard push, Enron was not prepared, after being pushed, the whole person went back several steps, and then fell to the ground. Lin Li said truthfully, and suddenly said with some emotion: "But thank God, everything is all right." Su Yicheng raised his eyebrows and asked with some puzzlement, "What child?" "Even the child just now, I don't know how to teach him, so the big child came up and pushed him." Lin Li said with some indignation, thinking of Zhou Han's appearance, she could not help shaking her head, thinking that she only knew what a good father could be who roared and wanted to beat people. Su Yi-cheng frowned and whispered to himself, "Why are they going there?" "Don't they live there?"? I think the child ran out of the building. Lin Li looked at him with some puzzlement. Hearing this, Su Yicheng turned to look at her, as if he suddenly thought of something, and asked, "Did you meet a woman when you met a child?" "Women?" Lin Li frowned and said, "The child came alone. There was no woman around him, but he always looked back at something.". Speaking of what kind of woman we met, we really met one when we were waiting for the elevator. Her surname was Ling, and we could see that she was very hostile to Anzi! Su Yicheng nodded with a sneer, thinking that she knew why the child had suddenly deliberately pushed Enron. Suddenly thinking of something, Lin Li, who was sitting beside her, said, "Yes, yes, I remember that when the man asked the child just now, the child said that his mother wanted him to do it!" Said Lin Li can not help shaking her head, "God, how can there be such parents, how can they educate their children like this?" Hearing this, Su Yicheng was even more sure of his guess that there would be no one else who instigated the child to push Enron, it must be Ling Ran! She is really becoming more and more unknown to him! 114 Warning [VIP by hand] "Ding Dong!"! The doorbell rang in the dark, a little lonely. Good half ring, the door opened, looking at Zhou Han standing outside the door, Ling Ran turned his back against the door, looking down at his manicure that had just been repaired yesterday. The gorgeous color has a kind of flirtatious beauty. What's the matter? Zhou Han did not speak, came forward, reached out to clamp her jaw, the force was a little heavy, looking at her almost gnashing his teeth and said, "I can't stop you from doing what you want to do, but I warn you, don't involve Xiaobin,uns s32750 sheet, he's just a child!" Ling Ran was grabbed by him like this. She looked up at him and felt some pain. She reached out to clap his hand and said, "I don't know what you're talking about." Zhou Han did not let go. He clamped down on her with more force. He approached her and said, "You told him to push Gu Enron!" 。