The Eternal Respect of Covering the Sky (Fantasy Novels)

  • Beyond everyone's expectation, it is not a common big shape, such as bell, tripod, tower.. But a boat, a canoe. The boat is very glittering and translucent, and the whole body seems to be made of special crystals. Under the hull of the boat, there is a virtual shadow of the long river of time. It is above it, with unpredictable power, as if it can roam through the past and the future, through the ages. When it strikes at the root of the plunder, there is a brilliant light emanating from it, which naturally evolves into many terrible scenes. In a trance, there are stars shining one after another, stars winding around one after another, and the flow of Qi in the creation of the world seems to be not a boat, but a world rolling forward! No matter what is in front of the destruction of thunder or fairy emperor shadow, it is difficult to stop. Wherever we pass, the endless void will burst open and become a bright one. Fairy light pierced the universe, shattered the world, shone out of eternity, and people who stabbed could not open their eyes. When all the light goes out,x70 line pipe, the doom is over, shattered by strength and becomes nothingness! "Crash!" The boat sailed across the empty sea, crossed the eternal starry sky, and appeared in front of Ji Huanyu, standing still, while the gods among them expressed their gratitude and submission. Thanks, because of the grace of creation; surrender, because of the strength of Ji Huanyu. Very good, very good! Ji Huanyu nodded,316ti stainless steel, "You made it with Huangzun Daoguo as the material and the tripod of the world as the oven, and then it was called the world boat." As soon as the voice fell, two mysterious and unusual divine patterns emerged on the glittering and translucent boat, interweaving the peerless Tao and reason, which is the word "world". Satisfied to look at a few eyes, Ji Huanyu put it away, "now is not the time." There will be a moment when you shine in the future. "Congratulations!" The strong people in the Taoist court all congratulated, "There is another heavy weapon that can suppress the eternal years." "It's good to say that it's a heavy weapon, but it's empty talk to say that it suppresses the eternal years." Ji Huanyu nodded and shook his head. "It is never a weapon that can suppress eternity, but an invincible man." "Invincible." Chuan Ying sighed, "What an illusory title is this?"? Who can be called invincible through the ages? "There are more strong players in the strong.." He can be called the most powerful emperor in an era, but in the long years, how can he know that he is not a frog in the well? "Without a condition before invincibility, it is a term that can not withstand scrutiny." "The Tao is endless.." If you want to go higher and farther on the path of spiritual practice, you need to have an invincible spirit, x56 line pipe ,316l stainless steel pipe, but these are not enough. You also need to have a heart of awe. Ji Huanyu said, "No one is born to look down on the heavens. Everyone has to have a process of growing up." "In such a process, we can have great ambition and the spirit of self-respect in the same situation.". But you can be confident, but not too conceited, otherwise you will be killed if you can't wait for the day when you cross the world! His voice slowly became cold, "The dead genius is only a symbol of the world's exclamation, and the dead strong is only a stepping stone to make others stronger." Some people, self-sustaining in the past glory, can not see the world clearly. He is arrogant because he is invincible, but he does not know how to keep awe in front of the stronger. Ji Huanyu looked at the ancient star of the Big Dipper coldly. "It's been too long to control the eight wastelands of the universe, which has eliminated their awe." "It's time to wake them up!" As soon as he stepped out, the stars changed, and he came to the Big Dipper! The master of the Taoist court moved, except for the female emperor who had no intention to participate and returned to the ancient forbidden place, the rest of the strong Yakuza were all advancing together, threatening the six forbidden zones of life! This ancient star is no longer peaceful at this moment. Too many ways and laws belonging to the ancient emperor are arranged under the starry sky, so that the original ways of heaven and earth are completely suppressed. Only the way of the emperor dominates everything! "Soldiers press the forbidden zone!" When the world came to the ancient star of the Big Dipper, the strong people in the Taoist court were all excited. In their view, this was the time to solve the eternal trouble. They gave orders one by one. Millions of troops roared, and hundreds of thousands of gods roared. They shook nine days and ten places, and became an ocean of storms, which made the universe turbulent. Countless creatures have cast their eyes on the past. At this moment, the ancient Beidou star, which has existed for millions of years, has taken on too much attention and has been endowed with extraordinary significance by the world. Beidou ancient star has a terrible Qi suppression, so that countless creatures are frightened, but it is difficult to break free, like a mosquito trapped in amber. The whole star is different from the noisy boiling of the outside universe, showing a state of silence to the extreme, the laws of the Yakuza are confronting each other, and the ancient stars will be destroyed at any time. Lord of the Taoist court. In the forbidden zone, the ancient emperor sighed and broke the deadlock. "We haven't congratulated you yet. You have taken a step forward on the road of spiritual practice and come to the forefront of many emperors and emperors in ancient times." As soon as this remark was made, it was tantamount to being soft. It was really because the power of the Taoist court was too strong. More than ten strong people of the Yakuza came, and several immortal soldiers pressed the battle array. The forbidden zone of life had just been killed by seven people, one increase and one decrease. That kind of gap made the Supreme among them not have much resistance. If they start a bloody battle, they will all be destroyed, and there will be no second result. You should know why I'm here. You have broken the vow you made before! Ji Huanyu stood with his hands on his back, looking at the forbidden zone and the distant starry sky, without the slightest care, supercilious and invincible. We are not involved in their affairs, but just a bystander. There is the Supreme Way, "What we seek and think is only for the sake of the immortal road, to witness whether there are immortals in heaven and earth." "Of course, if you attack us because of this, even if you are not the enemy, we can only choose to fight to the death." The ancient emperor whispered, "I used to be outstanding all my life, and I will not shrink back now." "On the other hand, to be able to fight against the peak of the immortal road like you, to understand your Tao and Dharma,uns s32760 plate, even if death is also a matter of joy." Can become an emperor, which one is not subjected to many hardships and tests? Both the soul and the belief in seeking the truth are firm, and at this moment they have raised their fighting spirit and resisted the oppression of the general trend of the world.