Resurrection of the Cat _ Ghost Horse Star

  • And the patients seemed curious about the young woman's visit. Some stood staring at her, some ran at her making faces, some pulled her hair behind her back, some cried loudly, and some talked to themselves. All of this made Moran jumpy. She felt her breathing fast. She wanted to turn around and run away. At this time, Gao Jing, who was talking to the dean, suddenly turned around. How's it going? Do you want to wait outside? He asked her with his eyes. No need. I'm fine. She forced herself to answer him calmly with her eyes. Gao Jing nodded and turned to continue talking to the dean. While they were talking, Moran suddenly noticed that the middle-aged man who had just been crying loudly not far away was rushing towards her! He What does he want? Moran retreated, and although he was still some distance away from her, his actions made her tremble and her heart beat out. At that moment, a powerful hand suddenly grabbed her arm and pushed her against the wall,321 stainless steel sheet, and the middle-aged man ran over her to the other end of the corridor. She looked up and saw that the man who saved her was Gao Jing. Gao Jing did not look at her and continued to talk to the dean, but since then, he has been standing next to her. Don't be afraid. He won't hurt anyone. He just likes to run around like this. Every day is like this. The dean turned his head and smiled kindly at Moran. Moran felt a little embarrassed for his gaffe. They turned to the top of the stairs and went straight up to the third floor. The third floor is our isolation ward. The dean introduced. He's been in an isolation ward? Gao Jing asked. Yeah, he's been in an isolation ward since he came here three years ago. As they spoke,x52 line pipe, they had arrived at the 302 isolation ward. There are two thick iron doors in the isolation ward. The staff opened the iron door outside and let the dean and Gao Jing enter the outer room of the ward. Then they went out of the ward and locked the door from the outside. This is in case he suddenly goes crazy and goes out to hurt someone. He's very unstable. Seeing the confused expressions on Gao Jing and Moran's faces at the same time, the dean quickly explained. Through the glass window of the outer room, everything in the ward can be seen at a glance. A young boy in a gray striped patient suit with a crew cut was sitting at a desk reading a book. At 19, Moran thought, if he was 16 three years ago, he would be 19 this year. Now it seems that his features do look like that man. What was his condition when he was brought in? "He was injured all over. Family members said he did it himself. We also believe that because he had self-mutilation and serious suicidal tendencies, when he came, he cried and shouted all day, broke things, 316 stainless steel plate ,a333 grade 6 pipe, shit and urinate everywhere, made the ward stink to high heaven, and beat people for no reason. So we had to tie him to the bed and give him sedatives every once in a while." "Other than that?" Gao Jing asked. The dean didn't seem to understand what Gao Jing meant. Does he have any other diseases besides the trauma? Gao Jing gazed at the young man across the glass window. The dean cleared his throat and said, "Syphilis II." As expected, Moran's heart missed a beat. He refused treatment at first, and then he talked to him several times before he was convinced. But after he was cured, he was always like this. In fact, he never got better. His family members seldom come to see him, so his recovery is slower. Gao Jing suddenly turned his head and looked at the dean. "Did you convince him?"? He volunteered for treatment? Moran knows why Gao Jing asked. If the boy can be convinced, it shows that he was not crazy at that time, at least he listened to reason, and communication with the outside world is also a problem. Could it be that he is faking? Moran cast his eyes into the glass window. In the small ward of about 8 square meters, the boy was reading intently. His face was quiet and serene, as if he had not noticed the movement outside the glass window at all. Who knows whether there is a terrible reef hidden under the calm surface of the sea? Sometimes he seems sober, sometimes he doesn't. He's a headache. The dean was obviously helpless. Can I talk to him? Interjected Moran. Gao Jing asked the dean, "If possible, we want to talk to him." "No, it's me." Moran added. Gao Jing stared back at her. "I think it's better for me to talk to him alone." She said to Gao Jing. Gao Jing hesitated for a moment before turning around and asking the dean, "Is he stable recently?" "It's been okay recently.". But I don't know. It depends on what you say to him. The Dean gave Moran a worried look. What words is he particularly sensitive to? Gao Jing asked. He is very sensitive to cats. Cat? Moran and Gao Jing looked at each other. He always said that he saw the cat and that the cat was the Hell's Angel who came to pick him up, so every time someone mentioned the cat to him, he would commit suicide and cry. The dean said. His words made Gao Jing suddenly determined. All right, then let her try. Gao Jing said and glanced at Moran. Fine The dean looked at the two men separately, then pressed the button on the iron door, and soon the former staff member appeared in front of them again. The dean whispered in his ear. Moran walked into the ward alone with an uneasy mood. The boy did not respond to her arrival and was still reading. Moran approached him cautiously. Hello She said softly. The boy raised his eyes slowly. Who are you He asked. Moran noticed that he was very thin, and that the veins in his book-holding hands were bulging and unusually pale. My name is Moran. I'm a friend of Yuehong. Do you remember Yuehong? Moran asked softly, her eyes fixed on his expressionless face without blinking, and every nerve in her tightened. The boy did not respond. Moran took out a picture of Yuehong's life from his bag and handed it to him. The boy did not take the photo, but stared at Zhang Yuehong in the photo. She's dead. After a while,uns c68700, he said. You're friends, right? "Mmm." The boy answered, and he looked away from the picture. Do you know how she died? The boy looked at her in silence for a long time.