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  • "Laugh, I see how long you can laugh, my weight is not very big, only about 75 kilograms, plus two backpacks, at best only 100 kilograms.". Why has your face changed? One hundred kilograms is not very heavy. What's more, you can use the cosmic Qi. When I was practicing physical strength, you were much happier than me when the cosmic Qi was closed. Drink the nutrient solution quickly, and we'll leave at once. Feng yuan poured down the advanced nutrient solution and said with a wry smile, "Boss, don't you have a rest for a while?"? After all, we just stopped for ten minutes. "Rest for what?"? I don't have to work any harder, and I can also restore the cosmic Qi on your back. Let me teach you a trick. Now that you can feel the existence of the cosmic Qi, you can control the cosmic Qi to run on your legs with your mind, so that you can feel much more relaxed. When Feng yuan began to walk forward, he fully realized what the concept of 100 kilograms was. On the soft ground covered by vegetation, almost every step forward would leave a deep footprint, let alone run, or walk, which almost reached the maximum load for him. The cosmic gas did play its due role, but his cosmic gas was still too poor. Compared with the first time Tianhen ran 21 laps with 100 kilograms of armor, he was much worse. After only advancing more than one thousand meters, he almost fell off his back. Boss, I, I can't. "What can't?"? Is your body far from the limit? At the beginning, I insisted on more than 8000 meters for the first time, and I didn't ask for much of you, at least 4000 meters. "What.." Four kilometers, I will die. Fool, if you have the strength to speak, you might as well hold on for a while. Remember, if you fall down,Brushless Gear Motor, you have to rely on your own strength to get up. Don't you know how to write the word "insist"? Come on, get up quickly, or I'll be rude to you. Under the torment of pain, after more than two hours of trekking, Feng yuan finally fell to the ground and could no longer get up. The severe overdraft of his body made him a little dehydrated. Tian Hen looked at Feng yuan, who was in a coma. He pried open his mouth and poured in a bottle of advanced nutrient solution. He said to himself, "This boy is more persistent than I imagined. It's at least six kilometers.". It seems that his will is not much worse than mine. As he spoke, Tianhen pulled Fengyuan into the tent he had just tied up, and the warmth of the universe ran in the tent, moistening every meridian of Fengyuan. A month later, the sky mark is still like just entering the dream forest, even some wrinkles on the clothes did not appear, but the wind far with him formed a sharp contrast, a month of training, he has been "tortured" like a savage, the clothes on his body has become a beggar's clothes, hair disheveled, 12v High Torque Motor ,brushless gear motor, originally quite handsome face has been thin. The fat on the body disappeared and was replaced by strong muscles. Boss, come on, I'll carry you on my back. Although Feng yuan is like a savage, his voice is much louder than before. Sky mark repeatedly shook his head, "Forget it, I really can't stand the smell of your body, and the advanced nutrient solution has been used up, if you overdraw again, I'm afraid it's not so easy to supplement physical strength.". All right, let's go forward together with our bags on our backs. Indeed, the smell of Feng yuan's body is really not flattering. In a month, he only took two baths when he met the water source. He was soaked in sweat every day. The instruments on his body were almost unable to stop the mosquitoes and flies in the forest. Feng yuan said disappointedly, "How can I do that?"? There is no challenge at all if I don't carry you on my back. I'm in good condition now. It's not a big problem to carry you on my back for a day. My cosmic gas seems to have improved a little. Tian Hen said, "If we continue to practice, the effect will not be much better. Let's hurry to find the forbidden place where the Holy Alliance is located.". It is estimated that it will not be too far from the middle of the dream forest. "For a month, he and the wind far progress is obvious, his cosmic gas has been cultivated to the second stage of the fifth level, and, because of the daily use of mental strength to feel the changes in the surrounding space, space power has also been a certain degree of improvement, according to his own estimate, space power should have reached the fifth level, just because the dark power remains at the fourth level." That's why the biological computer is still showing level four. Feng yuan's progress is like making a rocket. In hell training, he not only honed his will, but also greatly enhanced his perception of cosmic Qi. According to Tianhen's estimate, Feng yuan's cosmic Qi has reached at least the fourth level of the first stage. All right, then go your own way, boss, don't be left behind by me! Ha-ha. Look at the power of my wind. With a loud shout from the wind, a faint blue light appeared around his body, the plants around him rustled under the action of the breeze, his legs forced, and his body jumped out like an arrow. "Your boy's voice is much stronger than the power of the wind," said Tian Hen in a funny way. Although the mouth said so, but he did not dare to neglect, the universe gas broke out of the body, quickly caught up. Because of the understanding of the wind, although the wind is far on the ground, but the speed of progress is like a ghost, the wind power is like a rocket booster, if not for the need to avoid trees in the forest, he can almost reach more than 50 meters per second. Without the burden of training, Feng yuan felt so relaxed that he could move at least 100 meters in every breath. The wind around him made him enjoy it very much. He found that he liked the wind power more and more. Although the power of the sky mark is not very powerful, but his cosmic gas has been able to compare with more than a dozen manipulators, leisurely follow the wind far behind, at the same time, the spirit of the scattered, always pay attention to everything around. Although the instruments on their bodies can avoid the attack of wild animals, they are not absolute. Just a few days ago, when they met a group of leopards, they were nearly attacked because of carelessness. Fortunately, the sky mark emitted a dark breath in time to scare the leopards away. Xiao Feng,Micro Gear Motor, stop for a moment. Tian Hen flew forward and grabbed Feng yuan's arm. Feng yuan stopped running and said doubtfully, "What are you doing, boss? I'm enjoying running." 。