The Last Apprentice: a World-Famous Thriller

  • I was a little at a loss, so I said, "There are only two kinds I know. One is free, and the other is imprisoned. I haven't thought about anything else." "It's good to know both, young man.". At least you remembered what I taught you, and the answer just now shows that you are not the kind of person who guesses at random. Remember, there are as many different types of alien monsters as there are different types of people, and each type of alien monster has its own unique personality. Nevertheless, some types can be distinguished and named. Sometimes it depends on their appearance, sometimes it depends on their behavior and the magic they practice. He reached into his right pocket and pulled out a small book with a black leather cover. Then he handed me the book and said, "Here, the book is yours now.". Take care of it. Whatever you do, don't lose it. When I took the book, the smell of leather was so strong that it looked brand new. But when I opened it, I was a little disappointed because it was full of blank pages. I thought the book was full of Spook's exorcism. But I was wrong. The book was more like a notebook for me to remember things, because Spook then took out a dip pen and a small bottle of ink from his pocket and handed it to me. Get ready to take some notes. As he spoke, he stood up and began to walk back and forth in front of the bench. "Be careful not to spill the ink. It's not like you're milking a cow at home." I carefully uncorked the ink bottle,Low Rpm Electric Motor, then very carefully dipped the tip of the pen in it and turned to the first page of the notebook. Spook began to teach, and he spoke very fast. First of all, some long-haired alien monsters usually appear in the form of animals. It's mostly dogs, but it could be cats, and occasionally a sheep or two. But don't forget to add horses too-these alien monsters are very cunning. But no matter what form they take, hairy freaks can be divided into three categories: hostile,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, friendly, and those in between. "Then there are the gatekeepers, which sometimes turn into stone-throwing beasts, which are alien monsters that become very crazy when they are provoked.". And the most evil one is the Shredder Beast, which especially likes to drink human blood. Don't think that we exorcists only deal with alien monsters. We often encounter some wandering ghosts. To make matters worse, we have to deal with witches, who are the most difficult problem in this county. There are no local witches to worry about now, but there are quite a few in the north, near the Bendler Mountains. They're the really dangerous ones. You must remember that not all witches are the same. They can be roughly divided into four types: the vicious type, the kind type, the wronged type and the unconscious type. Spook was still talking, but I was a little confused. In the first place, Planetary Gear Motor ,24v Dc Motor With Gearbox, he spoke so fast that I couldn't remember it all, and in the second place, I couldn't understand what he meant by the words he said. Fortunately, after talking for a while, he stopped. I think it must be because he saw my puzzled face. Is there a problem, young man? He asked. "It's okay. Just say it. Don't be afraid to ask questions." "I don't understand what you just said about the witch.". I don't understand what the "vicious" type refers to, and I don't understand what the "kind" type is. I replied. Malevolence means evil. He explained, "Kindness means being gentle and friendly to us, while the unconscious witch means that the witch does not know she is a witch, because she is also a woman, and it is often more troublesome to deal with them.". By the way, never trust a woman. Spook added. My mother is a woman, and I believe her very much. I suddenly answered with some anger. Mom, of course, is a woman. Spook replied, "They are usually very trustworthy to their sons.". And other women, you have to be careful. I have a mother, and I trust her, so I can understand how you feel. "Do you have a girl you like?" He suddenly asked again. I don't know any girls. "I answered honestly," I don't have any sisters either. " "Oh, in that case, you will be easily deceived by them and become their victim.". So beware of the girls in this village, especially those who wear pointy shoes. Write this down. That's all for today, and we'll continue next time. I don't understand what's so terrible about girls with pointy shoes. I don't think mom would be happy if she heard what spook just said. Mother thinks that we should trust our own judgment in judging people and not be influenced by other people's opinions. But what can I do? I had to honestly write the title "Country Girl in Pointed Shoes" at the beginning of the first page. Spook watched me finish, then took the notebook and pen back and said, "Look at your notes. You must write faster in the future.". You have a lot to learn, and you'll soon have a dozen of them. However, at the beginning, it is enough to write down three or four titles. Then, at the beginning of the second page, he wrote the title "Long-haired Alien Monster," and on the third page, he wrote the title "Guard Beast," and finally, on the fourth page, the title was "Witch." That's your first lesson. Spook went on to say, "You can write down all the things you learned about these four topics today.". But the most important thing now is that we need to buy some food. You go to the village market at the foot of the mountain to buy something, otherwise,gear reduction motor, we will be hungry tomorrow. The cleverest housewife cannot cook a meal without rice. Remember to put everything in my big bag. The bag is with the butcher in the village. You go to him first. Just say it was reserved by Mr. Gregoray. He gave me a silver coin, told me not to forget my change, then showed me the nearest way to the village and sent me down the hill.