Reverse Journey "Tanbi Science Fiction"

  • Along the way, this noisy young man is more lively, more active and more warm-hearted than anyone else. A man who can tell cold jokes in the face of a monster with a human face, but such a man is now paralyzed like a rag in this strange place, and his lower body is tightly pressed by a huge stone. Be aware of. Know! Know! Mo Yannan pounced on him, his voice tearing, and shook him fiercely, "I know!"! You can't! I can't! But nothing in this world is impossible. Birth, old age, illness and death are all fate. Li Saner seemed to have exhausted his last strength. He opened his eyes and tried to open them to the maximum. He seemed to be looking at the tearful old professor carefully. He could not speak, but he tried to move his lips. Mo Yannan stopped: "What are you going to say?" Li Saner did not know whether it was a return of light or a strong force from where he grabbed Mo Yannan's clothes. Ansett saw him and said, "Be careful.." Careful Small Heart.. Then he tilted his head to one side and stopped moving completely, and he couldn't say what to be careful of, so he turned in his grave. The author has something to say: feel you are scared, we are not typical rebirth, death is also a special point ^ ^ Chapter 9 Judas "Boss." "Hm?" He Jingming is kneading the bridge of his nose,Small Dc Gear Motor, with a deep mark between his eyebrows. These days, he seems to have aged ten years all of a sudden. His cheeks are quickly haggard. He often stares at a place in a daze. Several big lists that he needs to handle personally have been pushed. He Jingming suddenly found that after a lifetime of bloody days, there was really nothing left except a handful of dirty money. When I was old, I was still alone, and there was no one around me to talk to. Lonely. When I was young, there were a lot of things I wanted to do,Parallel Shaft Gearbox, a lot of ambitions, and a lot of unconvinced in my heart. I've suffered a lot, I've suffered a lot, and I've had too many sins to count. Loneliness is nothing. I light a cigarette, pour half a bottle of wine, and then I have to fight for it like a dog. But loneliness is like cardiovascular disease, like spondylosis, like lumbar disc herniation, and when people get older, they slowly realize its suffering. He Jingming has eaten the most delicious food and slept with the most beautiful woman in his life, but now he feels that he is poor and blank. He had no place to stop, no arms to lean on when he was tired, 24v Gear Motor ,small geared motors, no one to keep the light on him in the middle of the night. He doesn't have anything. Boss, I found the last place where the drinking fox childe appeared. When He Jingming heard this, he suddenly straightened up. "Where is it?" The young man in the suit hesitated for a moment and said softly, "…" The Great Desert. He Jingming's heart is cold. This is the only person I miss all my life, but in order to escape from himself, he runs to the ends of the earth, death beaches, snow mountains, deserts, takes adventure as a joke, drinks foxes, do you humiliate yourself or me? "Old Mo, let's go." Anjie sighed and patted Mo Yannan on the shoulder. "Enough. It's too dangerous here. Let's leave first." Mo Yannan held Li Saner's body in his arms. The feet of the body were crushed by the rubble and could not be pulled out. Only half of his body was exposed, like a fragile plant growing out of a stone. It's not safe here. Saner desperately tells you to be careful. You can't live up to his heart. We're going to find Shen Lao. Mo Yannan moved for a moment and then came to his senses: "Where is Lao Shen?" With a heavy look on his face, Anjie said lightly, "I don't know. I didn't hear his voice. We can assume.." He's still alive. Lao Mo, don't inspect the ancient city this time. Retreat first. You have lost your troops like this. If you don't withdraw, I'm afraid the whole army will be wiped out. Mo Yannan gently put down Li Saner's body, took off his coat, covered him, and took a deep look at the most cordial brother and partner for a while. Then he stood up: "Anjie, I shouldn't have insisted on bringing you here. We got you into trouble.". ” Ansett shrugged his shoulders. "Didn't Lao Ma ask me what I meant?"? I bumped into it myself. Besides, if I hadn't met you, I would have dried salted fish in the desert. It's meaningless to say that now. It's the right way to find a way out. "We seem to have leaked through the sand." Mo Yannan reminded, and he did not want to leak up, the tail of those human-faced monsters is more disgusting than the snake demon sister who can recite poems below, at least the latter can see and touch. Now he finally understood what was meant by "a man would rather die fighting", and it was too heartwarming to be swallowed his brains unconsciously. Anjie straightened up, and now from his point of view he could just see the line of blood. The strange thing was that all the words on it had been blurred and darkened, except for the last sentence, "Come in a crowd, go alone." It was as striking as the gaping mouth of some monster. " What's the matter Mo Yannan looked down his eyes, but was pulled away by Anjie. Nothing. He said. Nothing. Just a sudden feeling of uncertainty in my heart. That is Restless, Anjie has always been happy-go-lucky. He has encountered numerous risks in most of his life. In fact, people who are approaching middle age are not so curious. They just want to keep walking and rely on these things to stimulate his increasingly numb nerves. He is afraid that one day, he will really become a wooden man who will not be sad, happy or sentimentally attached. And this feeling of uneasiness has not been tasted for a long time. Let's go to find Shen Lao and study how to leave. He took off the gun on his back and held it in his hand. Mo Yannan looked at the man's straight back and followed him silently. The two men searched the ruins for a long time,High Torque 12v Dc Motor, from the inside of the hall until they struggled to clear a hole with their hands and climbed out to the outside of the hall. The pavilions and pavilions could not stand the violent shaking of the earth, and all of them had changed beyond recognition. Mo Yannan frowned and said to himself, "So it seems that the earthquake we caught up with has never happened in thousands of years?" It's a coincidence.. Or did they touch something because they came.