The Throne of the End Times

  • A quarter of an hour later, Zhang Qing was sitting in the main seat in the Rolls-Royce car, tasting a bottle of Hennessy in 1983. Inside the car, two middle-aged men were standing there with doubts on their faces. With a sip of Hennessy, Zhang Qing raised his head and looked at the two people in front of him with a smile on his face! He saw that one of the two men standing on the left was at least 1.85 meters tall, and his muscles were twisted all over his body. He looked like an incomparably powerful man! And the one on the right is a soft face, the figure is also medium, however, a strong breath is constantly revealed. Zhang Qing at random with a reconnaissance investigation, they found that the person on the left is Xu Peng, the person on the right is Zhang Zhao, the strength of these two people, at the moment is also all reached more than 50 points! That's 5 tons of power! Before the end of the world, there is no problem to lift an elephant! Of course, that was before the end of the world, and now, a mutant elephant could probably kill them! "Oh!"! It's Xu Peng and Zhang Zhao! Come on, sit down! What are you standing there for? Zhang Qing hurriedly beckoned two people to sit down, immediately, two people are a thank you! When Zhang Qing saw the two of them sitting down, he said with a smile, "You don't have to talk about military orders today. You two don't have to be so stiff." "Thank you, Colonel!"! How interesting Wen Yan, two people can not help but breathe a sigh of relief, no way, as the leader of eight hundred soldiers in the base city,12 Volt Motor With Gearbox, the two of them this is the first time to be summoned by Zhang Qing, naturally dare not relax. How interesting! How do you two feel in my era group recently? Zhang Qing picked up Hennessy again, shook the amber wine, and looked at them with a smile on his face. In the era group, the brothers did not exclude us at all, here, I feel that we are all real brothers! Our era group can definitely sweep the world! Zhang Zhao said to Zhang Qing with a grateful face. Mmm! How interesting! Very good! As long as you can find a sense of belonging here! Zhang Qing said and continued to ask, "What position did you two have in the base city before?" "Report to the head of the regiment, I used to be a deputy head of the regiment in the base city." Xu Peng shouted loudly. I'm a company commander! Zhang Zhao lowered his head and said. Mmm! Not bad,Small Geared Motors, either! Now in the era group, you all have no position, so I'm afraid you won't feel comfortable in your heart! Let's do this! Xu Peng, you are now in Yang Tie's company. I will tell him to appoint you as deputy company commander in the future! As for Zhang Zhao, if you are in Yang Gang's team, then you should be the deputy company commander of Yang Gang's company! "Thank you, Colonel!" When Xu Peng and Zhang Zhao heard Zhang Qing's words, they immediately got up, saluted Zhang Qing and shouted loudly. Sit, sit, sit! You don't need to be so polite! Now that you are in my era group, that is the people of our era group, that is my brother Zhang Qing! I, Zhang Qing, will never lose money when I treat my brothers! Zhang Qing said, Xu Peng two people are also hurriedly thanked and sat down. In fact, there is something else to ask you to come here today. Zhang Qing said, but he put down the Hennessy in his hand and looked at Xu Peng with a serious face! See Zhang Qing such a face, Vending Machine Motor ,Gear Reduction Motor, Xu Peng two people immediately also serious! "The head of the regiment just asks, as long as the two of us know, we must know everything!" Xu Peng hurriedly said to Zhang Qing. Mmm! That's all right! Zhang Qing nodded and then said with a solemn face, "I heard the day before yesterday that Jinling Base City has now got an ancient relic!"! I am very concerned about this matter, but because we have been living in the countryside, we do not know much about the situation in all parts of the country, so you can tell me about the ancient ruins and the distribution of power in the whole country. ” "Yes!" Xu Peng nodded, then said to Zhang Qing, "presumably the regimental commander also knows that before the end of the world, the whole country was divided into seven military regions!"! They are: Jinghua Military Region, 400,000 people; Fengtian Military Region, 350,000 people; Quancheng Military Region, 300,000 people; Jinling Military Region, 350,000 people; Yangcheng Military Region, 250,000 people; Ganzhou Military Region, 300,000 people; Chengdu Military Region, 250,000 people. "When the end of the world happens, these military regions are naturally the fastest to react!"! Moreover, they also have enough strength to clean up countless zombies and beasts! Therefore, these places are also the first to establish a base city when the end of the world comes! Up to now, more than two months have passed since the end of the world. According to the news from our base city, there are ten large base cities in all parts of the country at this time! They are Jinghua Base, Fengtian Base, Quancheng Base, Jinling Base, Yangcheng Base, Ganzhou Base, Chengdu Base, Jinyang Base, Hangzhou Base and Zhengzhou Base! The end of the world to the present, China up and down, 1.4 billion people, less than 100 million people are still alive! Among them, nearly 30 million people live in these ten large base cities! Moreover, it is estimated that the number of people will continue to increase. Zhang Qing listened to Xu Peng's words, could not help but secretly nodded, listening to Xu Peng said so, Zhang Qing immediately had some preliminary understanding of the situation in the country. As for the ancient ruins, this matter is no secret! When the end of the world comes, asteroids hit the earth, causing great disasters to the earth, but also bringing a lot of opportunities! Among them, ancient relics are the greatest opportunity! "Jinling base city, is because of this ancient relic, so, although it across the Yangtze River, but, with the strength of the base city, they are time and again killed countless mutant beasts and zombie attacks!"! Among them,micro gear motor, the most dazzling star is the general of Jinling Base City-Thunder! Rumor has it that his strength is so violent that he has gained great benefits from entering the ancient ruins. With a long gun, he has killed many fierce beasts! Now, the whole base city of Jinling has almost turned him into a God! "Oh?"? Is there such a character? I wonder how he compares with me? Zhang Qing thought and said with interest.