Luo Lin

  • The crowd had begun to have some pity for these five people, feeling that the other side and their own really have some sympathy, are fooled by the soldiers. But as soon as Niu B's words came out, almost everyone was angry, and the emotions were even more turbulent than at the beginning-Mary's next door! These five grandsons not only framed them, but also dared to lie?! Destroy them! In this way, a vigorous critical movement and a movement of fists and feet were reflected in the eyes of the people who were having breakfast together not far away. The thief looked at the human tragedy that was happening not far away and shivered severely. Subconsciously, he shrank his body more into the corner, and then pressed the rotten helmet on his head down again, covering most of his face. Only then did I feel more secure. But in spite of this, eating breakfast together can still feel a slight chill all over the body, but at the same time there is a bit of dark rejoicing. It's a good thing, it's a good thing he didn't rush out just now, otherwise the end would be the same as the five cups. "What are you looking at?" Just as they were having breakfast together and wanting to shrink their whole bodies into the wall, a cold male voice suddenly came from behind him. Looking intently at the breakfast not far away, he was almost startled to scream by the sudden sound. He jumped to the other side like a spring in an instant. At the same time, he quickly turned around and made a gesture of preparing for war. His eyes were wide open and he looked frightened. His little face was pale with fear. And in the place where we had breakfast together just now, Xuanling's slender posture was fixed there. The other party's cold face was not moved at all because of the sudden action of having breakfast together. He just raised his eyelids quietly and asked again lightly: "What are you looking at?!" His uncle! When did this creep get here?! Why didn't you make a sound! Eat breakfast together desperately to calm his beating little heart,juice filling machine, the ear just heard the system to warn him of tachycardia, adrenal gland secretion, no calm will kick you without discussion of the prompt tone also tried to ignore the past. Xuanling asked a question twice without getting an answer, and the other side looked at him with a silly and frightened look, so he frowned and his face quickly darkened. The mood has begun to be a little less bright. Eating breakfast together is a person who is good at steering according to the wind. Finally, he is not too slow. Seeing that Xuanling's face has changed, he immediately reacted and hurriedly answered: "The two soldiers ran away. The players who followed them were surrounded. Now they are being beaten by others. They are not going to kill them. It seems that they are going to be abused slowly." Xuan Ling frowned. "I don't want to know about the others. Where did the two soldiers go?" Eating breakfast together severely choked, I do not know whether the other side does not understand the current situation or deliberately play dumb here. Now the road is blocked, and the crowd is angry. How dare he rush out and continue to follow the soldiers! If they are discovered, Edible oil filling machine ,PET blow moulding machine, they may have to be led into the encirclement of the masses! Xuanling looked at the virtue of having breakfast together and knew that this guy was unreliable now, so he simply went out and walked straight towards the crowded crowd like a meat ball. Eat breakfast together swallowed saliva, looking at Xuanling are walking in front, the heart finally a little more confidence and sense of security, but also trembling to follow out, followed closely behind Xuanling, keeping a distance of about one meter. The five unfortunate children who had been beaten were in the center of the crowd, and the situation outside could not be seen at all. So he didn't realize that the man he was escorting had come here. But it doesn't matter if they can't see it, people outside can see it! There is such an idiom called "more monks and less porridge". There are at least dozens of people who have been fooled by Xiao Linzi, and there are only five scapegoats for these angry wolves to vent. Even if everyone is friendly and forms a loose circle, at most there are more than ten people who can be ranked. Others can only try to stretch out a foot from the human gap desperately to kick up and down. Not to mention that it is impossible for people who are so angry that they have lost their calmness to have the sense to do such a friendly and common vent negotiation. Basically, who is in front of the five people, then this person is definitely not willing to give in, desperately occupy a good position to beat people. And in such a situation, most of the people are basically not the turn to beat people, can only cheer in the periphery, only not to do lap dances pretending to be cheerleaders. In this way, the masses who did not have their turn to display their skills could vent their excitement a little, and those who noticed Xuanling were the members of the backup team on the periphery. Xuanling ah- "I do not know who howled a voice, called that a shrill, do not pay attention to listen to the words that the other side shouted is" the ghost is coming. ". As soon as the crowd turned their heads, their eyes immediately popped out, as if they had seen a ghost! Xuanling was originally in the whole rebirth of prestige, coupled with those things he made in Suzaku City some time ago, but also let the players here mercilessly remember this number of people. Generally this walk BOSS does not go to the street casually to frighten people, not to mention now or in the city war! It is said that this person is not to fight for the world to help?! The crowd was so nervous that they couldn't figure out the purpose of this pervert for a moment! Could it be that they have affected the appearance of the city by standing here, so that they have hindered the eyes of this old man and attracted people to teach them a lesson?! Everyone thought so at the same time, the action of besieging Chu Yi's five men naturally stopped. Although the five men were being beaten, their ears were still good. Hearing that Xuanling was coming, the five men immediately cried as if they had found the organization. While no one continued to attack them,water filling machine, they burst out with infinite potential in an instant. They desperately pushed aside the crowd and rushed out with snot and tears: "Xuanling boss!"! We've seen you! Whoo whoo- "" As soon as the crowd heard this, their scalps tingled-his uncle! They're not so bad, are they?! How could you abuse Xuanling's men?.