The Daily Life of the Sweet Wife of a Big Man in the Business C

  • "Check if you've been eating behind my back," said Song Qingcheng. "I'm too busy to think about it." As if to dispel her doubts, Yu Tingchuan said after a while: "Men in this matter, not want to be able to want, sometimes, mental exhaustion directly affects the physical aspects." "Mental stress will lead to failure, right?" Song Qingcheng answered. Yu Tingchuan: ".." Song Qingcheng played with his fingers: "Why don't you ask a secretary or assistant to reduce the workload appropriately? No wonder you ignored me some time ago." The man sighed and hugged her harder: "What are you thinking about?" Song Qingcheng raised his head, kissed his thin side face, and leaned back: "It doesn't matter, no matter what, I will be by your side." Listening to her soothing words, Yu Tingchuan did not know whether to laugh or cry, realizing that he had raised a bad topic, but when he saw her rubbing her shoulder with her cheek, his heart softened, and he did not open his mouth again, but hugged her thin body. At 7:48 p.m., the black Land Rover was parked downstairs in Shen Che's apartment. Yu Tingchuan waited in the car and did not go up. On the way, Song Qingcheng received a phone call from Shen Che, Shen Che asked her if Yu Tingchuan was also there, and vaguely mentioned that seeing Yu Tingchuan as an uncle, Yu Jing might have a rebellious mentality. So on this side, Song Qingcheng went upstairs alone. While waiting, Yu Tingchuan lit a cigarette to refresh himself. I got a phone call on the way. After listening to the other side's confession, he said: "For the time being, if there is a problem,bottle blowing machine, you can call again." He closed the line and his eyes fell on the screen saver of his mobile phone. Cigarette between the fingers, foggy white tobacco curl, Yu Tingchuan stroked the mobile phone screen with his finger pulp. The girl in the photo, with long black hair slightly curled at the end, has a fluffy aesthetic feeling. She stepped on the rung of the bar stool and sat casually and lazily. Somehow, he gave birth to the feeling that "my family has a daughter who has just grown up". It's funny to think so. The girl's beautiful eyes looked at the camera, fair skin, no makeup facial features, showing a touch of bright,Beverage packing machine, not eye-catching, but people can not help but put their eyes on her. Yu Tingchuan looked at it carefully, then opened the mobile phone album, where there was another photo of Song Qingcheng, which she had taken on Fengling Mountain last time. If we say that Song Qingcheng in school uniform, like a young chrysanthemum, grows quietly in a corner that no one pays attention to, then Song Qingcheng, dressed up a little, is like a bright bud, waiting to blossom, changing into a high-end dress, like a rose in full bloom to the extreme, pleasing to the eye and unforgettable enough. Do not often take her in and out of all kinds of social occasions, not feel that she is not knowledgeable enough, Yu Tingchuan has his own selfishness, has been enough to attract attention, want to hide her, plastic bottle making machine ,juice filling machine, only let oneself appreciate and raise. However, no matter how carefully the bird is taken care of, there is also a day when its wings are becoming more and more abundant. One day, it will spread its wings and fly farther into the sky. Upstairs, Song Qingcheng knocked on the door of Shen Che's apartment and saw Yu Jing in the living room at the door. Yu Jing was squatting in front of the tea table, holding the mouse in her right hand and looking at the screen of the laptop, not knowing what she was doing. Shen Che glanced out and asked Song Qingcheng, "Where is your big boss?" "Downstairs." Song Qingcheng said, looking at him: "In fact, you do not want to see him, deliberately put the blame on Yu Jing?" "How is it possible." Shen Che laughed. "Am I that kind of person?" Song Qingcheng did not take off his shoes, because the apartment was really not clean. Shen Che packed up his things while talking to her. Before long, his arms were full of clothes and smelly socks: "The customer service who opened the online shop, I discussed with her and allowed her to work at home.." I live alone, so it's hard to avoid getting dirty. At this time, Yu Jing also looked up. See Song Qingcheng, she did not give birth to the psychological resistance, but also some embarrassed. Then release the mouse and stand up. Song Qingcheng looked at Yu Jing, and turned to look at Shen Che, his face, as if he had just found Yu Jing here. Without waiting for Shen Che to explain, Yu Jing opened her mouth first: "I just have no place to go. Just walk around." "Well, someone rang the doorbell, the peephole in the house was broken, I opened the door directly, and then it was like what you saw." Shen Che did not forget to add. Song Qingcheng ignored Shen Che and looked at Yu Jing and said, "I came to see how the business of the online shop opened with Shen Che is. Your second uncle just came back from a business trip today. He is waiting downstairs now. I have to go down right away. You can go with me and let your second uncle send you back to Fu's home." Do not mention Shen Che to tip off that stubble, is to avoid Yu Jing to have a bad mood. Shen Che says in the side: "Yes, lonely man and widow, make a person gossip." That tone, wish to send people away quickly. Yu Jing did not want to spend the night here, after Song Qingcheng and Shen Che chatted about the shop, she followed Song Qingcheng to leave. In the elevator, Yu Jing said faintly, "I want to find a job." Song Qingcheng listened and turned to look at her. Yu Jing was in a low mood and opened her mouth again: "At home, I don't know what to do all day. My mother doesn't stay in the hospital day and night like before, but face to face with her, I can't even find a topic to chat with. I'm afraid of saying the wrong thing carelessly." As she spoke, she pursed the corners of her mouth: "Actually, I want to move out, not to go back to Yu's house, nor to Fu's house, just like you used to rent a house outside during the summer vacation." Song Qingcheng asked her, "Do you really want to move out and live by yourself?" “……” Yu Jing didn't answer. Obviously, the attitude is not as firm as she thought. Song Qingcheng continued: "If you live alone, you have to wash your own clothes on weekdays, have three meals a day, pay rent every month, and consider the safety of living alone." Yu Jing is Yu Tingchuan's niece, love me, love my dog, Song Qingcheng also wants to take good care of his family, especially the family he cares about, even though this idea is somewhat unrealistic for her today. You are now under the age of 18, the family certainly does not agree with you to live alone, even if they agree, when you look for a house,liquid bottle filling machine, the landlord will not rent the house to you, if you still live in the house under the name of Yu or Fu, then there is no essential difference between moving out or not. 。