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  • Later, I heard someone mention: "Xing Cheng talked about these conversations when there were many people waiting in front of him.". "She really knows how to speak," said the tetrarch. If I am like this, I will become a boastful person. Notes: (1) On the occasion of the examination, give the cake offered by the ministers below the ministers after three or four offerings. Place boiled eggs or vegetables in the cake and cut into squares. (2) At that time, there was Meimana Yanzheng in the right official hall of Taizhengguan. In another legend, there is a saying that the Lord God is ashamed of himself and comes out in the daytime and at night, so he takes his allusion. (3) The elder brother of Pingshengchang. Zeng Shi, Fujiwara Kaneie, and Daolong. At that time, he held the post of Zuo Dazhao. (4) Tangerine is not a good song, which can be found in the 88th paragraph above. (5) Fujiwara Michitaka. (137) Why is the wooden board of the earthen wall in the southeast corner of the harem used? Why did you use the wooden boards of the earthen wall in the southeast corner of the harem to make the boards (1) for the newly inaugurated six? In this case, the west and east can also be used. Why not make it a five-digit one? Female officials have put forward to discuss, do not understand the things can be really many. Like clothes, they have all kinds of names, and it's really hard to figure them out. It is reasonable to call the clothes slender (2). What about the undershirt? It's called Jiri Chang (3). "It looks like something a boy would wear." "Tangyi, what is it?"? It's more like short clothes (4)! "But those are the clothes worn by the people of Tangtu." The coat, the exterior,Vegetable oil filling machine, are all reasonable. Downward attack is also possible. As for the large mouth (5), the width is still greater than the length, so it is also good. That's a boring name. Finger penetration (6), I do not know how to name it! If it's a leg garment, it should be called a leg bag! Listening to their comments, I couldn't help exclaiming, "Oh,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, it's so noisy!"! Don't say it again. Go to bed quickly. Unexpectedly, the monk on night duty in the next room said, "That's not good.". Go ahead and talk all night. The tone of the voice probably contained the meaning of disgust, but it was really funny and scary. Notes: (1) "Yanshan Style" Volume 41: "More than five universal teeth, white wood..". Wood for six or less official 。」 (2) The general simple dress in women's clothing, which is thin and long in shape. (3) The outer garment of a girl's garment is called an undershirt. The body is quite long, totally not in line with the meaning of the sweat-absorbing shirt, so cloud. (4) Because its length is just up to the upper body, so cloud. (5) The width of the trousers. (6) If it is translated as "trousers" in the previous text, the literal translation is adopted to conform to the current occasion of speech. (138) In order to pursue the good fortune for the first master On the tenth day of every month, the empress held an offering of Buddhist sutras in order to pursue blessings for the first master (1). On the tenth day of the ninth month, offerings are made in the harem. A lot of people came from the dukes and ministers and the people in the palace. As a lecturer, water bottle packaging machine ,water bottling line, the content of Qingfan's lecture was quite sad, which made people deeply feel the interest of impermanence, and even the young female officials shed tears. At the end of the offering, while everyone was drinking and reciting a poem, the king of the first general, Zhai Xin, suddenly recited: "Where is the moon and autumn (2)?" The scene was really wonderful. How to teach him wisdom and ingenuity, imagine to get ah. I pushed the crowd away and tried to walk to the queen. Coincidentally, the queen also stepped out from inside and said, "That's very clever.". It's almost like singing a special song about today's events. Just now I wanted to report this, so I didn't care about the excitement of the banquet, so I quickly joined in. It's really amazing. When I said this, the queen said, "Perhaps you are particularly moved." From time to time, the head general called me on a special trip, and occasionally when they met, he said: Why don't you want to get serious with me? I know you don't particularly hate my appearance, but it's a little strange. How can an old friend of many years end in indifference? In the future, if I can no longer accompany each other in the temple, (3) I should leave something to remember. Of course. It's not difficult to get close to you, but if that happens, I'm afraid I won't be able to praise you. Isn't that a pity! As female officials, it is inevitable for us to gather in front of the emperor and play the role of praise. I can't. Please only keep your good opinion of me. Otherwise, I'm afraid others won't know what to think. Besides, I have a ghost in my heart, and it's not convenient for me to speak out. After hearing this, the Lieutenant General laughed and said, "How could it be?"? People who are in love should always be able to praise each other more than people in ordinary relationships. If I don't hate this kind of thing, that's another matter.. No matter men or women, they protect the people close to them, as long as others mention their lover's shortcomings, they will be angry. ...... This is the kind of thing I can't stand. 。」 "That's not very convincing." It's interesting that the lieutenant general said so. Notes: (1) Fujiwara Michinori died on April 10, 1995. In ancient times, when a vassal died, he was called WMM. (◎ This note is contradictory to the 132nd paragraph note (8) and who is the queen referred to in this paragraph if the 132nd paragraph note (8) is true. Then how can the queen of Sadako chase Fu for Fujiwara Taitaka (WMM)? Paragraph 132 Note (8): (8) These two sentences are the postscript of Qing Shao Na Yan's death in the second (first) year of Changbao. In April of the fourth year of Changbao (2014), Daolong died. May Road and death. After the death of the two elder brothers, the Taoist became the right minister, the left minister, the Taizheng minister and the regent. Enjoy all the splendor and wealth. (2) In the original text of Volume 14 of the "Essence of the Literature of this Dynasty," there is a sentence: "For the sake of modesty and virtue, to repay kindness and good wishes." The Golden Valley is a land of drunken flowers,PET blowing machine, and the flowers come back every spring and do not return. A man of the moon in the South Tower, where will he go when the moon and autumn come? (3) At that time, Zhai Xin hid his head in the middle hall of the palace every day. This implies that the chance of meeting with Qing Shao Na Yan will be reduced if he is promoted to be a counselor in the future. (139) The head came to the harem. gzxilinear.com