Fall in love with him

  • Ah? So good, then do not have to worry about the equipment of 90, as long as the material is enough, not how much you want to do? Purple Love: "How much does that cost?" Heaven: "100." Ha ha, very good, very good, buy these things only spend 100 gold is very cheap, ha ha, almost less than 1 yuan. Purple Love: "So good, Oh, it's worth it." "I mean 100 yuanbao." The other side suddenly seemed to be very helpless to reply. 100 yuanbao.. Isn't that RMB 100? Just a few broken equipment recipes. Officials are too good at taking advantage of the situation. Hey, are you stupid? He did not speak for a long time. Almost, I was dizzy with anger. (Sticking out his tongue) The official is too bad. "It's good to get used to it. MARS is a'permanent free 'online game. If you don't spend money on equipment, won't the company go bankrupt?" "That's true, but it's not right to charge so much at once." "Players just need to buy one meaning at random. I bought it all, so you think it's expensive." "Then why did you buy so many?" I asked stupidly. Little fool,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, where there are so many'whys', you will know later. Little fool.. Why did he call me that, and why did I feel that his tone was somewhat helpless and spoiled? Volume 1 Super Perfect Warming Journey Section 17 Transfer Task (3) "Why do you call me that? I'm not stupid." I pounded the keyboard discontentedly. Drunk people never say they are drunk. In other words, stupid people never call themselves stupid? "I hope your ability to fight monsters is as good as your eloquence." Haven't you ever seen me compete with others? Small, stupid, egg "smoke rose from my head,ultrasonic welding transducer, and I did not suspect that he had a bad smile on his face in front of the computer, and he was proud to punish me." Self, big, crazy! Hurry up and hand in the task. I started trying to distract him so I wouldn't make myself go through early menopause. All right, "I'm a maniac." Before he left, he didn't forget to embarrass me again. You don't have to remind me. I've already noticed a slight flaw in my name. Genghis Khan, my father and mother are wise and confused. Thousands of calculations did not calculate, purple love = narcissism! Forget it. I don't need to talk to him. I'd better collect materials as much as possible in my spare time. Blue Rain whispers: "Xiao Lian, are you there?" Blue Rain is looking for me. Shouldn't she be busy doing the task? So also so idle ~ "Yes, what's wrong?" Blue Rain: "I'm stuck in one place and I can't get out …" Poof-Awkward. This blue rain is so boring. It's not funny at all. Purple Love: "I am very busy, your cold joke is not funny." Blue Rain: Please! Who's joking with you? My husband is stuck there in order to carry me out. It's useless to go back to the city now. There's no response to the withdrawal line. I'm worried to death. Purple Love: "Really?"? Then there's nothing you can do about it. Blue Rain: "I have nothing to do to find you, ultrasonic spray nozzle ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, I am asking you to help me find God, let him help us!" " Purple love: "You will not directly close him … …" And go around in circles! Blue Rain: "He said he had no time. Oh, he was too disloyal." "That's all right. You've asked him, but he won't agree." I glanced at my mouth and typed helplessly. Don't talk nonsense. Go and talk to him. Hurry up. I'm in a hurry to change jobs. "All right, but don't blame me if he doesn't agree!" I steeled myself to find Tianfu in the friend system. "Are you free now? Can you spend a little time to help?" "Well, what is it?" I almost laughed, secretly pleased: Blue Rain asked him for help, he said no time, I asked him for help, he actually agreed, it seems that he is really the representative of differential treatment. Blue Rain and her husband are stuck. Can you. " (Sighs) Yeah, I see.". I'll go now. Don't take this kind of job again. It won't happen again. "Well, well, I know.". "I closed the dialog box with satisfaction and sent a message to Blue Rain:" Xin did not disgrace his mission and completed the task! " Blue Rain: Wow, I love you so much, Xiao Lian (three kisses) I couldn't help but tease, "Go, go, don't blow kisses, I don't have that hobby.". (Smirk) Blue Rain: "Cut, do not bicker with you, you are together with the day recently, even eloquence is much better (flash)" Oh, so she is the legendary "hit and run" type. What is this? As I strolled around, I suddenly saw a humble stall selling something I had never seen before. Driven by curiosity, I clicked on it. Item: Zidian Xuanxin Ring Category: Rings Level: God Grade requirement: 90 Applicable Occupation: Heavenly Sword Item addition: 10% increase in hit rate Whoa! This is the best, but also super rare best, how can someone hit ah? This kind of thing doesn't have a high chance of bursting out of a monster. See how much it is. 300 million? I rubbed my eyes quickly. How could it be! Now the price ratio between gold ingots and gold is about 1,200. Is such a good thing only worth 150 yuan? Are you kidding.. Trembling, I clicked on the chat system. Purple love: "Heaven's family..." Heaven: "What?" Purple love: "I ask you, how much money can the general purple Xuanxin ring sell?" Heavenly Family: "Zidian Xuanxin Jie?"? 90 or 60? Purple Love: "Level 90" Tianfu: "RMB 1500 to 1700. It will be more valuable in the later period." Purple Love: Oh … What about the 60? Heavenly family: "Up to 150 yuan." Oh I became semi-demented, and in a state of semi-surprise, I ordered another 60-level Zidian Xuanxin Ring on this booth. Very good, the price is 300 million, it seems that it is not a zero missing, but some fool who is confused to Pluto actually wrote the price of two items upside down. Interesting. Wait! Jiang Zilian,ultrasonic cutting machine, why do you still giggle? Such a good thing, of course, to grasp the pyronaridine ~ quickly buy! I hit the transaction key without even thinking about it. (A screenshot was taken at the time of the transaction). fycgsonic.com