The painting hall is deep in spring

  • The horse bandits even killed the magistrate. If Ji's family is robbed again, she is bound to die. Ji Mingde has only one, but Hu Zhixian's daughter has three. Lan Xiang and Lan Yu are less scheming than she is, and they can't bear hardships. No matter who they are, they will wholeheartedly obey this evil ghost with a good face and a heart like a snake and scorpion. Hu Lanyin deeply understood that she was just a chess piece that could be discarded at any time. She gritted her teeth for a long time, and then suddenly wrapped her backhand softly around Ji Mingde: "Mingde, of course you are more important than silver, but you can travel all over the world with reason. It's hard to walk without money. How can we go to Chang'an without silver?" So she loves silver and loves Ji Mingde even more. Baoru saw that this was clearly an uncle and sister-in-law, but in fact the husband and wife were quarreling, and she thought it was funny. I don't know when Aunt Fang ran to the edge of the wall. Fortunately, Baoru found out early and shouted, "What's the matter with Aunt Fang?" "" Madam, "said Aunt Fang with a smile," I heard you quarreling so much that I asked the eldest young lady to come over. She has something to say. Hu Lanyin grasped Ji Mingde's handle and guessed that he didn't dare to tell Baoru the truth. She rolled up his sleeve and said with a smile, "As a rule, you should stay in the big room this month. Father is not here now, there are few family members, and mother is still ill. If you don't accompany me, how can I sleep at night?" Bao Ru was too lazy to listen, so he turned around and went out first. Ji Mingde waited for Baoru to leave. Suddenly he leaned close to Hu Lanyin and whispered, "If you still dare to wink in front of Baoru, how about I replace you with Lanyu?" He could see clearly the little ninety-nine in her heart. Lanyu, who was captured by bandits to Chengji,ultrasonic molten metal, would be very willing if she heard that she could escape and become a young grandmother in the big house of Jifu. Hu Lanyin gasped and fell down on the chair. Ji Mingde smiled, followed Baoru's back foot, and turned away. In order to avoid Wang Dingjiang's ubiquitous eyes, Zhao Baosong and his family left Qinzhou quietly and went to Ganzhou without informing Baoru. Baoru stood in front of the gate of the courtyard, and his eyes were still full of little green seedlings running around in the courtyard. He recalled that he always liked to kiss her secretly on an excuse. It was clear that he was still a child, but he always treated her as a child. It was like an old grandfather's eyes. He cried on the door and couldn't restrain himself. Zhao Baoru? A man in the lane spoke in a Chang'an bureaucratic tone and said coldly, "Is it really you?" This kind of Chang'an official tone is rarely heard in Qinzhou. Bao Ru scalp a tight, secret way these days Ji Bai died,ultrasonic dispersion machine, Hu Lanyin also converged a lot, a Guanshan block, this Qinzhou city should no longer be staring at her, who would this person be? When she looked back, I don't know when the fork alley was full of people, all of them were dark blue crepe clothes, inlaid with copper nails, made of calfskin, wearing red tassels, stepping on black boots, riding on a tall horse. The leader, wearing silver armor and white clothes, saw Baoru staring blankly at him with two red and swollen eyes. He rode up to her, and his eyes were full of impatience under his two eyebrows. "I have been ordered by the emperor to help the old prime minister and the inspector to return to their hometown. Where are the ancestral graves in Erfu?"? Quickly take us to bury the old prime minister, this officer must immediately return to Changan reply. Baoru knows this man. Little emperor Li Shaoling's imperial bodyguard, Yin Yuzhao, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic dispersion machine, the concubine of Yin Jiye, the Duke of Qi, often met him when he was young, but he was eccentric and almost never talked to anyone. Bao Ruduo had a kind temper, and when he was young, he called this fellow to scratch his face. When she looked back, the imperial guards from Chang'an immediately rode out of the way, and behind them were open carts carrying more than a dozen large coffins, male coffins for sandalwood and female coffins for cypress. It took a whole year from November last year, when he died on the way to Lingnan, for the little emperor to issue a decree to collect the bones of these guests who died in a foreign land back to Qinzhou. Baoru stroked the coffins one by one and looked back at Yin Yuzhao. He looked up at the sky in the cold weather. Suddenly he grinned and said to the bodyguard beside him, "Qinzhou is a rich place. No wonder the Tufan people rob it every three or five times. It's rich and there are no soldiers. Even the magistrate's family has been killed by horse bandits. It seems that it's necessary to set up the Frontier Command." The guard smiled and did not answer. Baoru wrapped tightly in the body of the square towel, behind the mighty two lines of green armor bodyguards, three miles out of the city of Qinzhou, Wulong slope, in front of the vast river, behind the towering green hills, two acres wide before and after the mountain depression, covered by pine and cypress in front, surrounded by green bricks behind, is the place where Zhao Fang took care of his fallen leaves a few years ago. These imperial guards did not start, they hired a horse from the city of Qinzhou to fill the grave, but before and after an hour, the earth surrounded the grave, green brick inlay, even the tombstone has been erected. Yin Yuzhao never dismounted from the beginning to the end. When the tombstone was ready, he rode up to Baoru and bent slightly on the horse. Between the loess and withered trees, he looked coldly at Baoru, who was holding a turban in both hands, showing only two eyes. Her eyes were red and watery from crying, and she looked up at him. This officer came in a hurry, the tombstone has not had time to carve, the words above, you have to bother to ask the craftsman to carve, this farewell! As soon as Yin Yuzhao's voice fell, he rode away, and the horse rose in bursts of yellow smoke. In this way, a group of Changan visitors come in a hurry, go in a hurry, but before the twinkling of an eye, the valley by adding a few new graves. Back home, Baoru had not yet entered the yard when he heard Yang and Ji Mingde tripping in the yard. She is not good to enter the door, standing outside the door to listen, then listen to Yang's squeak: "I am not for your good?"? Didn't you see that Baoru's face was moist and her skin was watery these days? Isn't that the effect of my medicine? Ji Mingde said, "Cynomorium songaricum and Caocongrong are medicines for regulating the meridians and nourishing the blood. They are for middle-aged women. If you buy too much and waste it, why don't you eat it yourself?"? Give Baoru all day long to eat those things, but you can think of it. Baoru is also really silly, Yang Shi will eat what she gives, never beware of her. Yang suddenly screamed: "I eat?"? Why do I, an old woman, eat that? In fact,ultrasonic generator driver, she was only thirty-six years old this year, but she had suffered too much in those years in Chengji. Her face was a little darker, and she was still a young woman. Ji Mingde often asked his mother to force him to jump: "You are only thirty-six or thirty-seven. Don't you want to remarry and stay for Ji Ding for a lifetime?" 。