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  • "That's what the big cat said before he died." Ji Rongyu did not seem to see these guns, the posture did not change, but the eyes as the poison lady stood up and raised: "Poison sister feel how?" The poisonous lady looked at Ji Rongyu's insipid eyes and suddenly felt a little cold in her bones. This is a naked planting and framing! But let her really cold, is Ji Rongyu this she most despises the hall leader! Provoked by her forbearance, quietly to find themselves, from the beginning into the night of Kyushu to hide the eyes of the pinhole monitoring, and then into the box to fight back against their own dismount, and then to the'nail 'test, and even the last word of the provocation, so that she can not help but follow her rhythm and pace, even her emotions were instantly provoked by her. Not like their previous style of doing things to break out! Yes! According to her temperament, Ji Rongyu's words, it is impossible for her to lose her temper like this! But in the hands of Ji Rongyu, the girl she despised most, she fell hard today. This wench film, is it before all the pigs eat tigers, hide their capacities and bide their time?! Poisonous Lady's face was blue and white, looking at Ji Rongyu's butterfly mask, she took a deep breath, pressed down all kinds of thoughts very quickly, and sat back again. This ability, Rao is Ji Rongyu also some look askance, is worthy of relying on their own hand to climb up the West Hall Lord Poisonous Lady! She waved her hand, and everyone put away their guns. This time she was really sitting upright,ultrasonic spray nozzle, and for the first time she looked at the woman who was almost twenty years younger than herself. 、283. No Chapter 283 beg for death "I've been on the road for twenty years, but I didn't think I was clumsy!" The Poisonous Lady picked up a glass of wine and drank it with a slight respect, which was an explanation for her impoliteness just now: "Sister Ji made me sit up and take notice!"! But today, I'm afraid my sister won't go to the Three Treasures Palace for nothing, right? Vaguely, she felt that Ji Rongyu came to look for him today, which was related to the planting of the big cat and the incident of the Green Court. Sister Poison is right. Although the younger sister is not a radical person, but people have hit the door,Ultrasonic emulsifier machines, do not come out. Ji Rongyu was happy and contented, and his every move from stepping into the box, even the clear fluctuations, the breath and charm had not changed: "This time I came to see Poison Sister. On the one hand, we should always thank you for walking around in the same meeting. On the other hand, I also want to ask what enemies Poison Sister has recently provoked, so that people spare no effort to sacrifice such a big chess piece to the West Hall." Poison lady face with a bit of thought, but mix this, how can there be no conflict between the enemy? As a result, it seems that everyone is suspected and everyone may be trapped. Ji Rongyu felt the mood of the Poison Lady, and probably knew that the Poison Lady herself had no target. With her vicious means, many people have been offended on the road. How can she really hit the truth with one blow? The main purpose of her trip was not to hunt down the culprits, but to see the side of the poisonous lady, ring the bell, sell half a favor, and then brush her changed sense of existence, and finally, Ultrasonic nano dispersion ,ultrasonic metal welding, Li Wei. Even if this woman is not her own ally, let her be afraid of herself in a series of things later. In this way, there are more than one or two people who don't want to make my mother feel better. Poison lady looked at Ji Rongyu's attitude, more or less can understand her mind, the spirit also relaxed down, once again leaned on the body of his handsome man, but his eyes stayed in the cold sweat of pain, but did not dare to make a sound, for fear of once again being concerned about the nail of his own death: "might as well, ask him?" The nail shivered, and the remaining eye turned around on the body of the poisonous lady, and took another look at the back of Ji Rongyu, who had not looked back at himself at all, only to feel that the nerve endings were all in little pain. Especially when he saw the eyes of the Poisonous Lady, he saw countless merciless taunts and murderous intentions, and instantly he was scared to pee. Poison sister, I really don't know! I can't help it! My family's lives are in the hands of others, I just, I just. The poisonous lady breathed a sigh of relief in her heart, and this time, the nail became a punching bag. Hearing his words, she sneered: "So, I was wrong!"! Should I suffer obediently and be caught by the cops with powder in the casino, but I can't get out of the Bureau?! "Sister Poison!"! I beg you, kill me! For the sake of all the years I've been with you, let my family go! As soon as the heart crossed, knowing that he could not live, he hit his head on the ground, bleeding, and simply begged for death. The poisonous lady held the goblet in front of her, and the color of the wine inside was like blood. She shook the glass, and then splashed the bright red wine on the ground: "An Heng, you know what is the most taboo on the road.". Don't say your poisonous sister is unkind. I'll tell you a message before I go on the road. The man named An Heng turned pale and suddenly felt a bad feeling in his heart. The whole person began to shiver, more violently than when Ji Rongyu stepped on the broken thigh bone: "Poison, Sister Poison.." 、284. No Chapter 284 Black Fist The poisonous lady threw the empty cup on the ground, and the transparent glass broke into dregs, which made Anheng's heart break into dregs. Didn't Poison tell you? The smile on the poisonous lady's face was cold and merciless. "When my people came to your house, they only saw four corpses, two big and two small." An Heng's only remaining pupil in his right eye was rapidly dilated, and his nerves were completely broken by a bolt from the blue. Without waiting for him to send out the last lament of the sad beast, the poisonous lady did not know when there was an extra gun in her hand. The gun with a silencer was pulled, and the bullet with almost no sound penetrated his eyebrows. An Heng, turn in your grave! The Poisonous Lady took care of the traitor An Heng with her own hands, but out of the corner of her eye she always looked at Ji Rongyu. However, Ji Rongyu did not move like a mountain, which made the poisonous lady more and more afraid. An Heng fell down, and the younger brothers around him worked quickly. Drag the corpse to drag the corpse, wipe the floor to wipe the floor, professional and rapid outrageous. And Ji Rongyu understood that the water used to wipe the floor was mixed with special agents, not to mention DNA, even if there was no blood reaction. Doing things in this way is the style of the poisonous lady. But this time today, there are more or less elements of acting in it,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but the audience is indifferent. When she dealt with the affairs of the West Hall, Ji Rongyu was silent and did not participate, which made the poisonous lady feel more and more that Ji Rongyu was unpredictable. fycgsonic.com