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  • Cloud broken finish, then no longer in charge of Akang, bypassing the other side to the stairs, ready to go home for dinner. Seeing that he was indifferent, Ah Kang shouted, "She's just using you!"! Because you want to make a profit with your stuff! Nowadays, the best-selling water filter in the village in the city is made by Yunpo, which Akang told his mother, because he had seen it when he was looking for Yunpo's trouble. Chu Nongying now does not need to go out to sell, nor does he need to make finished products. She just casually said a few words, sitting at home counting money, obviously the designer is Yunpo, and she has nothing to do with any money. Cloud broken this time did not even look back, directly stepped on the steps, toward their own home. Kang saw that he did not respond at all, rather frustrated to stamp his feet, did not expect the other side was not shaken at all. The cloud broke into the corridor, aware that Akang did not catch up, and then slowly stopped. He glanced sideways at the door of Xiao Ying's house next to him, wondering if the other party was at home. These days, he deliberately avoided Chu Nongying, but still handed in the water filter on time. Therefore, she had no reaction to his estrangement and never even offered a word. Cloud broken feel, Akang's words to some extent no problem, she really just care about business, fortunately, they have never had expectations, so will not feel lost. He has always been a person, there will be no sense of gap after Akang is alone. When Yunpo finished his psychological construction, he suddenly felt a little relieved. However, as soon as he opened the door with the key, he pushed the door and saw Chu Nongying, who was red-faced and exultant. She seemed to be happily talking to Yunlai about something, which made Yunlai laugh so much that she could only hide her smile implicitly by covering her mouth. The small fire on the stove was stewing soup, which filled the room with delicious aroma, and the yellowish flame reflected the two people, which made the scene more warm. If Yunpo was not Yunlai's own son, he would almost wonder if he had entered the wrong house and found the wrong mother. Chu Nongying saw the subtle look of Yunpo. She was as casual as if she were staying at home. "Come back," she said. "Then we can have dinner." When Yunlai heard this, he got up and said gently, "OK, I'll get the tableware.." Afraid of her mother's inconvenience, Yunpo was about to open his mouth and propose to take it himself, but Chu Nongying took the lead. "I'll get it, Agate Stone Price ,grey marble slab," she laughed. "It's in the cupboard." Yunpo watched helplessly as someone who had occupied the nest stood up. She took out the tableware and arranged it on the table, as if she were the owner of the house. In the meantime, she can also talk with Yunlai in a witty way, changing the temper of the past love of argument, looking gentle, lovely and clever. Cloud break numbly and quietly eating, silently staring at the two people who look like mother and daughter, can not help but be full of doubts: "..." What kind of conspiracy is this? After dinner, Yun Lai went into the room to sort out the handicrafts he had knitted today, leaving only two children in the living room. Although it is nominally called the living room, it is actually just a room outside the bedroom. The rental houses in the village in the city are not big, like the small shadow home or even just a room. Chu Nongying was lying in Yunlai's bed in a coma last time, while Yunlai slept directly in the living room at ordinary times. Chu Nongying looked curiously at the furnishings on the wooden table in the living room. She looked at the old books on the bookshelf and asked, "Are these the books you often read?" The pages on the bookshelf have been slightly yellowed, I do not know where they have been washed out, and the names are more ferocious than one, either "Mechanical Manual Advanced Talk" or "Power Transformation: New Age, New Creation". In a word, they look very unfriendly, not like the books that children should read. Cloud breaks a few days to did not speak to her, he is quite incommensurate at this moment, look awkwardly to one side: "Hum." Chu Nongying pulled out a book and flipped through it. In an instant, he felt as if he were reading a book from heaven. He said helplessly, "Don't you have a novel or a picture book?"? Is this all so boring? Chu Nongying really wants to read the novel in the world of "Kamino Supreme". Isn't that a book within a book? Yun Po took back the professional books in her hand and put them on the bookshelf again. "No, there are only boring books here," he said coldly. Chu Nongying: "… …" Xiaolong Aotian has a bad temper? Because the cloud breaks originally quite obedient to her, she really has not seen the other side to have the gas appearance. She felt that she had just said the wrong thing casually, and that she had never mentioned yellow, and she did not know why he was so vindictive. He was like an innocent daughter-in-law who had been molested, and now he put on a cold face and was determined to draw a clear line with the bully. Chu Nongying: Obviously I didn't make yellow at all. How did Xiaolong Aotian check it more strictly than Jinjiang. Smurf gloated: "You think everyone is as shameless as you, but the core of the world is a decent person!" Chu Nongying looked at Yunpo's unyielding appearance (?) "Are you still angry?" He laughed. Yunpo offered the standard cold war answer: "No." Chu Nongying spread out his hands innocently: "I don't know what's wrong with me. You just ignore people." Cloud broken think of this matter, then a little angry, he immediately retorted: "How can you not know..." "What's wrong with me?" Asked Chu Nongying. Cloud broken can not repeat her once shameless words, he instantly fell into an awkward silence, half a day did not say "crotch hidden knife", hold back the ears red. Seeing that he couldn't answer, Chu Nongying said brazenly, "So I'm not wrong. You're angry and ignore people. But I cherish our friendship very much. This time, adults don't remember the mistakes of villains and come to you on their own initiative." Cloud break: "… …" Could you be more shameless? Although Chu Nongying's logic sounded quite irritating, Yunpo felt a little better when he thought of her taking the initiative to accost him. He thought about it carefully and felt that the other side should be subconscious. He took it to heart for a long time and was a little narrow-minded. When Chu Nongying saw that his face was getting better, he happily stepped forward to observe him and asked, "Aren't you angry?" Cloud broken into her shining eyes, do not know how to answer her straightforward question, he simply looked down to the side, but the heart has long been calm. Chu Nongying easily settled the other party's small emotions. He quickly struck while the iron was hot and said with a smile, "Can I ask you something?"? Do you know any reliable books on power cultivation? Chu Nongying is now in urgent need of power introduction, there are many self-study textbooks on the market,Porcelain Marble Slabs, but she has money but does not know which one to choose. This thing is like the college entrance examination teaching AIDS, each book has its own characteristics, blind purchase may not be able to achieve the goal. forustone.com