Shangguan Dingfeng Thunder Fan

  • "Sister E, I don't want to do this either, but I heard you say just now that Ye Boqun not only served the'Son of Heaven and Earth ', but also got all the cultivation of the lark. For tomorrow's meeting, he had to do dirty things. I hope you can understand me." After listening to this passage, Poppy Flower felt that it had other meanings. She opened her eyes and said coldly, "What do you have to do with Ye Boqun when you seduce other girls?" "This is about my reputation. I can't tell you. If you really love me, promise me not to talk to me until the end of the meeting, and never tell my aunt, Miss Liu and Miss Hu." After a pause, he said, "You are a wise man. Although I have not told you the reason clearly, I believe you will guess it." "I can't guess." The golden boy kissed the poppy with a smile and said, "I can't guess now, but I will guess in the future." "Stop hugging me," said the poppy angrily. "I'm leaving." "You don't know me as well as Miss Liu and Miss Hu, alas!"! "If we get married in the future, it will be strange if we don't die of anger." He slowly relaxed his arms around the poppy and said, "Don't be angry. I'll make amends to you after the meeting." Poppy stood up, gathered her hair, and walked away with tears in her eyes, without saying a word. Jin Tong was stunned for a moment and thought to himself, "It's really obscene for Guan Shan to give me this plan. No wonder she won't understand.." In fact, it's not that I'm dirty. I'm just playing the game. Even if people know it, they can't say I'm wrong. They can only say that I'm not proud of winning. He looked up at the long white clouds and then thought,Carrara Marble Slab, "In fact, none of the people at the meeting is not racking their brains, using vicious tricks, and trying to achieve their goals by all means. Why should I feel uneasy about this trivial trick?" With this in mind, on the surface, it seems that the knot in my heart has been untied, but in fact, the element of guilt has not been reduced at all. He picked up the flowers and joss sticks and paper money beside him and continued to the Valley of the Underworld in a gloomy mood. It was dusk when we reached the Valley of the Underworld. Outside the valley, tents stand in great numbers,Marble Granite Price, vendors are everywhere, wine flags are displayed, smoke is curling up from kitchen chimneys, and there is a prosperous scene. However, there was no one in the valley, except for the ring set up in front of the center, which had been artificially decorated and hung with a lot of red cloth and red paper, all the others were the same as a year ago-the wind was miserable, the mist was heavy, the bones were white, and there were many graves! Filled with boundless terror, infinite chill! The golden boy stood at the mouth of the valley, looked out of the valley, and then looked into the valley. As soon as it was quiet, he seemed to be between the two worlds of Yin and Yang. He looked down at the flowers, joss sticks, and paper money in his hands. He felt ashamed and sad unconsciously. With a long sigh, Artificial Marble Slabs ,Agate Slabs Countertops, he said to himself, "I hope Dad can forgive me for not taking the head of my enemy as a sacrifice!" He walked slowly into the valley and walked to his father's grave. He put down the flowers, joss sticks, and paper money. He knelt down on his knees, wiped away his tears, and lit the joss sticks. Then he muttered to himself, "Father, please forgive me for not being filial. I didn't take the head of my enemy to comfort you. It was because the daughter of my enemy had the great kindness to save the girl, and my enemy had been punished by heaven and ruined his son." So that the child can not do it, please forgive dad. When he finished, he burst into tears and kowtowed frequently. After that, he muttered to himself, "Grandpa, tomorrow there will be a meeting to fight for the leader of the Wulin Alliance. My grandson will take this opportunity to take the head of the Ghost King and avenge you. Grandpa, please help my grandson and help him win the leader of the Alliance. I will live up to my aunt's expectations and repay her for her upbringing." After that, he kowtowed a few more times, then put flowers in front of the tomb, burned paper money, and kowtowed three more times before standing up. On one side of my head, I suddenly saw a poppy flower with tears on her face, standing seven or eight steps to his left, staring at him. With a shock in his heart, he whispered, "Sister E, don't follow me all the time, okay?"? I'll make amends to you after the meeting. Poppy sneers: "Who follows you?"? If you can come to this place, can't I? "Good!"! OK! You can come, you can come. Turn around and walk away quickly. Although the poppy did not continue to track, but the eyes did not leave the golden boy, seems to intend to embarrass the golden boy. The golden boy was relieved to see that the poppy had not followed. Looking up at the sky, it was already dusk. Suddenly, a ferocious monk came in from outside the valley and hurried to the golden boy. "What are you doing here, boy?" He shouted as he walked along? Why don't you look for me? "I just got here," said the golden boy. "I was just looking for you, but I didn't want you to come." "Hello!"! There are wine sellers outside. I've run out of money. Would you like to invite me to have a drink? "No problem, go!" He went out of the valley with the bronze Bodhi and came under a cloth tent. "Brother," cried the bronze Bodhi, "if you join your grandmother, you are always afraid that I will lose your money. Now my God of Wealth has come. Despite the service of the big bottle, the old and new accounts are paid together today. The bartender, a middle-aged man in his thirties, took one look at the golden boy and thought he was the son of a noble family who had come to watch the fun. He immediately beamed and greeted him courteously. "How much do you owe him?" Asked the Golden Boy. "I don't have enough silver for his grandmother, so I always mutter about me, which makes me not happy at all." "Well, now you can have a good drink." The waiter brought a large pot of wine and two catties of beef, as well as a plate of peanuts, and they talked while drinking. "Is there anyone playing tricks in the valley?" Asked the Golden Boy. "The emperor of the underworld wanted to play tricks on the stage, but people came and went every day, so he couldn't do it." "Who set up the ring?" "It was arranged by Qingfeng Zhenren." "Qingfeng Zhenren and so on have arrived?" "We've all arrived. The Ghost King and the Peach Blossom Thief Wu Yiqi have all arrived, but we haven't seen the trolls yet." Pointing to the mountainside on the left, he said, "That's where the nine sects are gathered." Pointing to the foot of the mountain, he said, "That white cloth tent is the resting place of the capital gate." "When did they arrive?" "Some of them arrived two months ago,white marble mosaic, and the Ghost King and Ye Boqun have been here for a few days." When they were talking about the situation before the meeting, Poppy suddenly came over and stood beside them. The golden boy was very unhappy. "What are you doing here again?" He said angrily. The poppy stretched out a catkin and said coldly, "I have no money. Give me some." 。