Hanging Sword and Hanging Love-Sima Ling _ txt Novel Paradise

  • The words also contain such a profound meaning. As a result, Huan Yu could not bear to say something that made her sad, nor could he bear to push her away. Naturally, he would not feel that it was painful for her to stick to himself. On the contrary, there is a kind of pleasure. This is the truth that opposites attract in the world, which is not surprising. "I didn't expect to be with you again today," said Shi Na. "To tell you the truth, I miss the scene in the wall of Xianglin Temple that day.." She raised her hand to stroke his back and said, "I bit you here. Does it still hurt?" On the one hand, Huan Yu felt intoxicated with a desire impulse, on the other hand, he struggled hard, but he did not want to hurt her heart, thinking how she was always affectionate, even if she could not accept it, she should not be hurt. He suddenly thought of something to say and asked, "Does the girl know where Brother Fang Lin is?" She shook her head and did not respond to the word'Fang Lin '. Huan Yu had no choice but to say further, "I remember the girl said she liked brother Fang Lin, but she didn't know his whereabouts!" "I only like you now!" Said Shi Na. Her Frank and Frank attitude, compared with the lingering feelings of Hua Yu-mei, has something else lovely about the implicitness of the appointed bowl. Huan Yu couldn't stand it any more. "Listen to me," he said. "Brother Fang is ten thousand times stronger than me.." "It's a lie," said Shi Na with a smile. "If he's ten thousand times stronger than you, why does Hua Yu-mei only like you? Why do I like you too?" This only asked Huan Yu tongue-tied, do not know what to do, the heart also do not know happy good, or what kind of good. Shi Na stretched out her arms, hugged him tightly and said, "You can't just focus on Hua Yumei and ignore others." Alas. She can accompany you fair and square, see you fight my big brother, but I can't, after a while you go out, I will take the opportunity to escape, back to Yunzhong County.. As soon as she said this, Huan Yu seemed to be more inconvenient to push her away, and her plump body also made him a little confused. After a while, Shi Na looked up at him and said with a smile, "So you have a little affection for me, too, which makes me very happy!" Huan Yu's body shrank slightly, and Shi Na said, "Don't do this. Do you feel uncomfortable holding me?"? Or are you afraid of being fascinated by me? Huan Yu smiled bitterly, thinking that she was right. "You will never betray Hua Yu-mei for me. I understand that very well. I also understand that it doesn't matter if you men get one or two more women. It's just that it doesn't make sense at this moment!" Huan Yu used all the strength of his will to restrain himself and said, "If you have nothing else to do, it's getting late. I'm ready to fight!" Shi Na nodded, her eyes and face suddenly became very solemn. "I have something else to say!" She said. At this time, Hua Yumei, who was hiding in the bushes, saw that Ye Chongshan and others had reached the grassland in front of them. They did not see Dan and Hua, but looked around, and several people appeared on a path in front of them on the left. One of the leaders was a one-legged old man, face detection android , who was light and vigorous at his feet and had a fierce expression. The second was Lian Chong, who was tall and thin, wearing a blue cloth gown. Behind him were three men and a young woman. Ye Chongshan and others heard from Hua Tianmei that there were some people under Zhu Gongxi, so they knew at a glance that the first one was his younger brother Yi. The three men behind him must be Yin Xiucai, who was famous for his strange patience, Xiong Yiquan, who ruled the roost with his arm skills, and Cai Jingang, who was powerful. The young woman must be Yang Genyan. This group was already all the elite under Zhu Gongxi. Ye Chongshan said to Jing Dangling in a low voice, "If we can wipe out these people at one stroke, Zhu Gongxi will be alone!" Jing Dengling nodded, thinking, these people are all masters today, if you want to annihilate them, it is not easy! Cha Bu Guai suddenly laughed and took out the copper bar with sharp ends. It shook against the wind and made a buzzing sound. At the same time, he said in a harsh voice, "Ye Chongshan, you call yourself a hundred gladiolus man. Do you know what the sword in my hand is called?" Ye Chongshan hadn't heard that the weapon he was not afraid of was called a sword. He fixed his eyes on it and frowned tightly with two white eyebrows, thinking that if he could get it, he would test me! The frame is not strange and then suffered: "Hurry up to say the name of the sword, I want to fight with you, the master swordsman!" Fu yuan protested, "Today's appointment is between Brother Lian and Brother Huan."? Is it that even the bystanders attend the notarization? Luan was stunned and said, "Good boy, if you hadn't reminded me, I almost forgot what my eldest brother told me. Old Ye, let's remember this account. Sooner or later, I'll come to you and fight with you." His expression and tone of voice revealed a sense of great regret, and the six of them knew at a glance that the old man was fighting and fighting, and that it was not an affectation. Ye Chongshan thought to himself that there were all kinds of people in the world, and that Yi was really a headache. Lian Chong stared at the other side without saying a word. His eyes were sharp and cold, and there was a murderous look. Seeing Ye Wan's face, Ye Wan was a girl. She was not brave enough and lowered her head fearfully. The other side asked people to see Lian Chong's cold and bright eyes, and they all knew that this person really had profound internal strength, especially because he was born with a very fierce Yin Peng, and he must be good at conspiracy. At the moment can not help but secretly worry about Huan Yu. "Where is Huan Yu?" Lian Chong asked slowly. From the huge rock on the top of the mountain came Huan Yu's strong accent. "Huan Yu is here," he said. People appear with the sound, followed by several articles, also showed the beauty of a generation of flowers and jade eyebrows. They looked at each other on the top of the hill, but without saying anything, they walked down to the grass side by side. Jing Dengling said loudly: "The two of you, like Xiang Jun, look down on the world. You are really a pair of immortal companions of Zhulian Cha He." Lian Chong knew that the other side said so deliberately disturbed him, but he still felt as if he had been punched heavily in his heart, with a dull pain. Embarrassed, Huan Yu clasped his fists and saluted them. Hua Yu-mei hooked the guard's elbow with one hand and made an affectionate gesture, saying, "Thank you, Lord Jingling, for your words. We.." She suddenly stopped at four. Smiled, and then said, "Some words will be said later …" As soon as they heard this tone, it was obvious that they had made an agreement to marry, waiting for the announcement after today's pass. Jing Dengling, Jing Dengshao, and Szeto Dengyu were the first to offer their congratulations, and Ye Chongshan lifted his beard and laughed. hsdtouch.com