Night Rain in Jianghu and Ten Years of Cold

  • Zhu Nanming stepped back, bowed and said, "Is this the elder Ouyang?" Ouyang Tian snorted and said, "It's rare that you still know me, Zhu Nanming. In an instant, you even killed the Four Wonders and destroyed the Heaven and Earth Sect. I've just seen such martial arts and admired them very much. If you have the courage, you can make a gesture with me again!" Zhu Nanming's face changed slightly and he said, "Zhu and senior Ouyang had no grudges in the past and no hatred in recent days. Why should they force each other?" Ouyang Tian's face was full of anger. "That's easy to say," he said. "Thirty years ago, before I retired, you dared to ascend to the position of the leader of the martial arts world. Do you still have me in your eyes?" Zhu Nanming smiled apologetically and said, "The words of the elder are too serious. Zhu's position as the leader of the Wulin Alliance was recommended by the Wulin colleagues.". The younger generation has lived in seclusion in Dongyue for ten years. This time, they have no intention of being the leader of the Wulin Alliance. If the elder generation takes a fancy to the position of the leader of the Wulin Alliance, they just do it by themselves. Ouyang Tian said with a sneer, "If I can ascend to the position of the leader of the martial arts world, I won't waste my life.". But I don't want to get this position for nothing. "What does the elder intend to do?" Asked Zhu Nanming. Ouyang Tian said, "The so-called leader of the martial arts world must have the best martial arts skills in the world. You are the former leader of the martial arts world. I must kill you first, and then ascend to the position of the leader of Wulin. Only then can I feel at ease." As soon as Zhu Nanming's Green Dragon Sword crossed, he said, "If the elder insists on meeting each other by force,face recognition identification kiosk, please give me some advice. Zhu is willing to dare to learn from it." Ouyang Tian Hei Hei smiled, and the snake-headed stick slanted down. Zhu Nanming picked up his sword and waved it upward. As soon as the sword and stick were handed over, each of them was shaken back three feet. Ouyang Tian cracked his mouth with a smile. The snake-headed stick was like a poisonous python coming out of its hole. In an instant, it turned into thousands of silver snakes. With a fierce wind, it went straight to all the important points of Zhu Nanming's body. Zhu Nanming's sword turned into a golden awn, covering all parts of his body. More than a dozen strokes in the past, but see the stick shadow more and more dense, forced Zhu Nanming even back a few steps. "Stop it!" He exclaimed in a loud voice. Ouyang Tian and Zhu Nanming stopped at the same time. They fixed their eyes on it,smart interactive whiteboard, but it was Zhuge Ziyu from Dongyue Sanren who spoke. "After Zhuge Ziyu shouted, the man walked slowly into the room. He looked at Zhu Nanming and said," Step aside. Zhu Nanming bowed out according to the words. Zhuge Ziyu looked at Ouyang Tian again and said, "In front of Brother Ouyang, the young disciple Nan Ming is only a younger generation in terms of his status. Why should he be forced to do so? The mountain people are not talented, but they are quite willing to learn some of Brother Ouyang's tricks." Ouyang Tian said with a smile, "The disciple has gone, and the master has come. Zhuge Ziyu, I have long wanted to try your unique learning. How high is it? It's a pity that I haven't been able to find a chance for decades." "Now that the opportunity has come," said Zhuge Ziyu, "how can Brother Ouyang miss it?" Ouyang Tian rolled his eyes a few times and said, "Do you know that when I fought with your disciple just now, I was just teasing him. Now that I meet you, I can't be polite any more." "You and I are both dying, facial recognization camera ,touch screen kiosk," said Zhuge Ziyu. "Where is the hatred between Shanren and Brother Ouyang?" Ouyang Tian suddenly burst into a tingling laugh and said, "Zhuge Ziyu, you don't have to ask me knowingly. For decades, I haven't been favored by Tang Nvxia, the Dragon Lady. Do you know why she did it?" Zhuge Ziyu asked, "How do the mountain people know what's in Nvxia Tang's heart?" Tang Fengxian said in a deep voice, "You are a very clever man. Why don't you know?"? Do I have to say this kind of thing directly? Ouyang Tian said with a wry smile, "Did you hear that?"? If there were no you in the world, maybe I would have got my wish long ago! Before Zhuge Ziyu could answer, Tang Fengxian spat and said coldly, "Ouyang Tian, don't daydream for me. Even if you defeat Zhuge Ziyu today, I'll still ignore you. If you know your interest, go back to the mountain as soon as possible, so as not to lose face in front of the younger generation.". The soil is almost buried to the neck, and you're still there to flatter yourself, and you don't know shame! Ouyang Tian suddenly had a spasm on his cheek. He stamped his foot and said, "No matter whether you pay attention to me or not, I'll pull out this eyesore first." Just as the snake-headed stick was about to be lit, he stopped again and said, "I don't want to kill an unarmed man. Zhuge Ziyu, take the weapon and take it!" Zhuge Ziyu smiled indifferently and said, "The mountain people have never used a weapon for decades. If Brother Ouyang has to fight, just give him a move." "Is that what you said?" Ouyang asked with a gloomy smile. Zhuge Ziyu said quietly, "There's no need to say more. The mountain man will try to pick you up empty-handed." Ouyang Tian still played the old move, the snake-headed stick, slanting down. Zhuge Ziyu turned over his hands and went up to meet him. Ouyang Tian's martial arts are obvious to all. Zhuge Ziyu only with a pair of meat palm to meet the enemy, everyone is hard to avoid for him with a cold sweat. Moments later, the shadow of the stick was like the stars in the sky, carrying a strong wind, and there was a sudden and overwhelming wind and rain. Zhuge Ziyu's body and hands also moved with him. Somehow, the shadow of the stick never hurt him. This situation is really almost magical, it seems that his whole body has been concentrated in the general invisible Gang Qi, the snakehead stick is tight, but it can not approach his whole body within half a foot. I don't know how long it took, and I don't know what technique Zhuge Ziyu used, but the snake-headed stick in Ouyang Tian's hand flew out. Then with a bang, Zhuge Ziyu clapped Ouyang Tian in the chest again. Ouyang Tian could not stand and fell to the ground. Zhuge Ziyu bent down hurriedly and helped Ouyang Tian up. He smiled apologetically and said, "Bear with me. I've offended many mountain people." Ouyang Tian stood up without any expression on his face. He heaved a sigh of relief and said, "It's over!"! It's over! It's all over! This is the end of the old man! Zhu Nanming, too, picked up the snake-headed stick on the ground, handed it over with both hands, and said, "Elder, please put away your weapons." Ouyang Tian took it over and grasped the center of the snake-head stick with both hands. With a slight effort,interactive whiteboard prices, he broke the snake-head stick into two parts and threw it to the ground. "What do you want to do with this?" He said with a sad smile. "If you throw it away, it will finally be clean!" Zhuge Ziyu felt very sorry. "What does this mean, Brother Ouyang?" He asked. 。