Nu Ma Xiang Che-Zhuge Qingyun _ txt Novel Paradise

  • But now the rest of his life is boldly spoken out in public. This, of course, is fresh and attractive enough. From the very beginning, since it is so unique and incisive, the later stories are naturally more beautiful and attractive. Also because the story is too wonderful, too attractive, therefore, in the whole process of telling the story, there is silence in Yangzi, except for a burst of applause like spring thunder at the end. No one said a word at all, and of course, no one asked about the black ruler. For ten days in a row, the story-telling venue for the rest of my life was full. As for the black ruler, it seemed to have been forgotten during the ten days, except on the first day when someone in the crowd asked about it. Of course, the person who hears about the book can forget, and he will not forget the rest of his life. So, before the start of the night show on the eleventh day, he raised the black ruler in his hand and suddenly sighed for no reason. Someone in the crowd asked, "Sir, your business is so good, why are you sighing?" "I'm sighing for no other reason than to complain about the black ruler in my hand," he said with a wry smile. "Oh!"! Can it be said that in the past ten days, I haven't met anyone who knows the goods? "Yes!"! Originally, I thought Luoyang City was the place of Crouching Tiger,temperature screening kiosk, Hidden Dragon, and I was sure to find a great expert, but I was disappointed. "How long are you staying here, sir?" "Half a month." "Ah!"! So there are only five days left, including today! "Not bad." "If anyone can recognize this black ruler tonight." "So this is the last one." "Then, if there is anyone here who can recognize your black ruler, I hope he will not come for another four days." Someone outside the court laughed and said, "Things in the world can be so satisfactory." Although the tone is very ordinary, but the sound is like a loud bell,smart whiteboard price, so that the whole audience, all follow the sound to see. It was a young man, two old men, three men in long gowns, who were walking slowly into the field and walking slowly along the aisle to the seat of the rest of the people. Of the three, the younger one is Cao Ziwei, the chief inspector of Tianyi Gate. Now, he should be the young master of Tianyi Gate. The other two were grey-shirted old men about fifty years old, one of them with a handsome figure and a scar on his right cheek, and the other with a medium figure and gloomy eyes. The three of them have one thing in common, that is, all three of them wear long swords. After the three of them stood in a horizontal row in front of him, Cao Ziwei, who was standing in the middle, asked with a sneer, "Sir, is this the black ruler mentioned in the couplet?" With these words, digital whiteboard price ,face recognition identification, he raised his hand and pointed to the black ruler in his hand. "Not bad," he said, nodding his head. "May I have a closer look?" Asked Cao Ziwei. "Of course, but you can't do it." He generously placed the black ruler on the table. If you don't do it, how can you look carefully? "Young man, the light here is as bright as day, you are not old and dim, besides, the distance is so close.." Before he had finished speaking, Cao Ziwei raised his eyebrows and grabbed the black ruler in the air. Despite his young age, his skill has reached an appalling level. Although the distance between them was more than five feet, with his grasp in the air, the black ruler, which lay flat on the table, rose and projected itself into his palm. Of course, Cao Ziwei's handsome face, also emerged a proud smile. However, his smug smile, like a flash in the pan, disappeared at once. It turned out that the branch was about to be caught by him with the power of "shooting objects in the air", and suddenly it quickly sank on the table and made a "bang" sound. For the rest of his life, he was still sitting there as if nothing had happened, but at one end of the table, there was already a tall young man standing like an iron tower. This young man was the big fool who had pawned himself to Limin's pawnshop four months ago. Shider, whom I haven't seen for only four months, seems to have been reborn, and her temperament has completely changed. At this moment, he was dressed in a blue cloth short suit, with cloth shoes with Melaleuca soles. His dress was still a little rustic, and his face seemed to be a little silly, but there was an invisible and heroic look between his expressions. He, steady as Mount Tai, Zhuo Li one end of the table, a right palm on the table, eye Cao Ziwei smiled: "Inspector Cao, this is not a place for people to run wild." Cao Ziwei is a great expert, and naturally he knows that he has met a brilliant person who is prickly. At the same time, he was no stranger to Shider, and once wanted to kill him. Although he was a little shocked in his heart, he was more unconvinced at the same time. As soon as his handsome face changed, he suddenly raised his eyebrows and snorted coldly, "I'm happy!" With these words, the black ruler lying on the table suddenly jumped up. But it was only a jump, but it lay still. It turned out that Cao Ziwei's right palm, which was grasping the black ruler in the air, had always been comparable to the original style, and that right palm, which was placed on the edge of the table, was still the same. This is a unique method of internal strength comparison. One is "shooting objects in the air" and the other is "passing force through objects". From the distance, it seems that Shider has taken advantage of it. But it is different in the way experts think. Because, although Cao Ziwei is a little farther than Shider in distance, he does it directly and without distraction. But Shider is different. Apart from sucking the black ruler with the force of the desktop, he also has to be distracted to dissolve the suction exerted by the other side. This is not difficult for even a layman to understand. Cao Ziwei had tried his best, but he saw that his handsome face was livid and his clothes were lifeless. But what Shider showed was still so serene. It is not difficult to imagine who is higher and who is lower from the expressions of both sides. Cao Ziwei was even more embarrassed by the fact that no matter how hard he tried,touch screen digital signage, the black ruler, at most, was just beating a few times on the table.