Ao Shi Yan Tian

  • A semicircular white building appeared in a valley below, surrounded by more than a dozen armed American soldiers patrolling. The security is quite heavy. "" Ao Fang smiled and flew down. Ao Fang landed directly at the door of the white building. None of the soldiers on patrol found the square. 。 Ao Fang was thinking about how to get in when the door opened and a man with a gray beard and a white robe and overalls came out. Before the door was closed, Fang dodged into the research base. The study is full of working electronic devices and high-end computers, with a central area separated by glass. Alien spaceship?. Ao Fang saw something like a spaceship behind the glass, which was triangular in shape. Is this the alien spaceship? At the moment, there are several staff members in the "shape of the spacecraft, busy next to it, one by one sweating." Well, it still doesn't work. "A white man sighed." Damn. What the hell is this made of? "Welding and welding can not be opened, prying and prying can not move, is it really necessary to use bombs to blow it up?" Another man kicked the alien spaceship hard. Grass, have a cup of coffee to refresh yourself. Who wants to go together? "Let's go,thermal imaging camera, let's go together, after all these years.". Nothing. I don't think it'll be long before we can go home and eat ourselves. Read the book to ten thousand books to save the song coffee worker old, read the book all depressed left the room. After they left, Ao Fang walked to the side of the alien spaceship. Reached out and touched the surface of the alien spaceship. "This material is not from Earth!" Ao Fang began to study alien spaceships. Finally, I found something like a switch,temperature scanning kiosks, but there was no response after pressing it for a long time. Shit, what a stupid spaceship! "" Fang was so angry that he cursed loudly. " I don't believe I can't open you. Ao Fang releases the divine consciousness to cover the whole alien spaceship, and the divine consciousness enters the interior of the spaceship smoothly. Ao Fang found that there was a skeleton in the spaceship, a skeleton that was the same as the earthman. Is this an alien? Never mind. Let's see what's valuable first. Ao Fang began to look inside the ship. This work is about the exclusive basket, to be carried by Tong Hui Shan, excerpted, more of the latest and fastest Koo Festival, please visit four! Chasing waves Ming Dynasty era online games zone. Old "Day Four …" Uh All of a sudden. Ao Fang found a thick book, opened it and found that the text inside was actually Chinese, interactive kiosk price ,digital signage screen, "What aliens are there?" Uh Ao Fang saw a paragraph in the book. Today, I took a spaceship to search for a habitable planet, but I didn't expect to encounter a cosmic black hole. Almost sucked in, in order to escape, the ship's energy consumption is empty, the ship's energy is exhausted, is falling to a blue planet, I do not know if there is life back to the planet Odoras, "the original is exhausted, no wonder it can not be opened!" "And now what?". In fact, Aofang can forcibly open the spacecraft, but then the spacecraft is estimated to be scrapped, and the things inside can not be seen. Ao Fang once again released his divine consciousness to check the book, and almost didn't make Ao Fang lie down with a smile. Water, actually using water as energy. Happy at the same time, Aofang was also surprised, but also deeply admired. What kind of technology is this that can use water as energy. With a wave of his right hand, the water dispenser not far away broke open, but the water inside did not flow out, and was pulled into the spacecraft by invisible forces. Water flowed into the ship. The ship shook gently. Ao Fang pressed the switch again. A door suddenly opened on the top of the ship. Ao Fang smiled. Walked in. The internal space of the spacecraft is very large, with the energy supplement, the instruments in the spacecraft also began to operate. Ao Fang went to the skeleton and picked up the book. "It turns out that aliens also write diaries.". So Ao Fang quickly turned over. The "swish swish" diary is turning over quickly in the right hand. If ordinary people see the action of Ao Fang reading a book at the moment. It must be thought that Ao Fang is turning over the book instead of reading it. All practitioners have photographic memory, let alone those who have reached the empty period. So Ao Fang just spent more than ten seconds reading the diary, and all the contents written in the diary were recorded in his mind. It turns out that besides the earth, there are also practitioners on other planets. It's in the diary. The man who died was named Oranti and came from a planet called Odoras. Hundreds of thousands of light years away from the earth. The people on the planet of Odoras look exactly the same as the people on the earth. They also have people who cultivate truth. However, "cultivating truth" is not called "cultivating truth" on their planet, but "ancient martial arts". The people who cultivate ancient martial arts are not as mysterious as the people who cultivate truth on the earth. On the planet of Odoras, ancient martial arts are a tradition. In addition to cultivating truth, there is another kind of people on Odoras who advocate high technology. They felt that the ancient martial arts were no longer suitable for the development of their planet. They believed that it was necessary to rely on technology to obtain eternal life. It was precisely because of these people that the technology of the planet Odoras developed so rapidly. Through the diary,information kiosk price, Aofang knows that the technological level of the planet Odoras is at least five thousand years ahead of the Earth. With the development of technology, the planet of Odoras has become more and more uninhabitable. This time Olanti came out to find a planet suitable for the people of his own planet to live on, but he ran into a black hole of thunder. And the spacecraft's power is exhausted. The ship crashed.