Yushengyan (women are superior to men)

  • "Wang Ye, what do you think of the performance just now?" "Hm?" It was obvious that Yaner's mind was on the words of You Luzhi. She threw a perfunctory smile at Lan Mou and said, "Very good, very wonderful." "Is it?"? Thank you for your appreciation. Lan Mou's voice was a little low and hoarse, and the corners of his mouth pulled out a far-fetched smile. On one side, Yuji's smile is as bright as the water Lily with the strongest fragrance in the flower pond. A melon seed face, the amorous feelings are infinite. Do you have any other performances? If not, then go down and rest. Asked the smoke. Yuji stepped forward and said, "Back to Wang Ye. We don't have any programs to perform. We'll go back and don't disturb Wang Ye.". Right, Lan Mou? Lan Mou glanced coldly at Yu Ji and walked out of the door with his sleeve. The proud smile on Yuji's face could not be hidden even if he wanted to. He bowed and left. The musicians in the hall began to play one song after another again. Yan'er snatched the wine cup from You Luzhi's hand and asked, "What did you mean by that?"? Tell me, what is the relationship between Lan Mou and me? You Luzhi originally wanted to reach out to get back the wine glass, but when he heard the smoke say so, his arm stopped in midair. He was stunned for three seconds before he reacted: "You see, I almost forgot. Wang Ye lost his memory." You Luzhi withdrew his arm, lay on the table, put his head on his arm, and muttered to himself, "Maybe it's a good thing to forget.". It's not a big deal. Forget it. Yan pulled up You Luzhi and said seriously, "But I have the right to know my past!"! So tell me everything you know. You Luzhi sighed and said, "People just like to take the difficult road.". The harder it is to walk, the more you go there. She paused and continued, "Since you want to know,touch screen whiteboard, I will tell you.". Just don't regret it in the future. You Luzhi's narration is extremely detailed, a pile of trifles, who said which words, did what, she all told the smoke son to listen. Also through the wine, the story is particularly true and moving. Speaking of excitement, the storyteller could not help but shed a few tears. Smoke son sat quietly, listening to it as if it was someone else's story,smartboards for business, the heart is quite sorry, but also moved. But, after all, that's all in the past, that doesn't belong to her. Son dust is not a word, staring at you Luzhi a mouth, and look at the expressionless smoke, drink a glass of wine, and then continue to listen to the story, and then drink. He didn't know what was wrong with him, but he couldn't help feeling sad. The dinner ended hastily. You Luzhi talked nonsense and was carried back by Ah Lei and Ah Guo. The son dust is also drunk, has been leaning on the shoulder of the smoke to fall asleep. A Lei asked if he wanted to find someone to carry Zichen back to the pear orchard, and Yaner said he would come himself. Yaner walked in the garden step by step with the dust on his back. Zi Chen's head rested on Yan'er's shoulder, and his hair fell down and dangled in Yan'er's chest. Drink so much wine, so you are also a guy who drinks too much. The smoke took two heavy breaths. "Fortunately, the wine was good, 75 smart board ,interactive panel board, so I fell asleep." The garden was so big that when he saw the pear orchard, the smoke was already out of breath, and he regretted not listening to Ah Lei. The candlelight in the pear orchard flickered on and off, light orange, so warm. Smoke gritted her teeth and trotted all the way to the gate of the pear orchard. As soon as she opened her mouth to call Ah Lei, a tall figure stood in front of her. Because of bending over, the smoke felt that the person in front of him was particularly tall, and it was not easy to raise his head to see him clearly. Her blue hair hung quietly on her chest, and two lake-blue gems on her neckline twinkled in the faint light. Why are you here? The smoke felt that the dust on her back was getting heavier and heavier, and she was almost out of breath and could not speak fluently. Lan Mou opened his mouth to say something, but did not make a sound. He hugged the dust and said, "settle him down first." Yaner took Lanmou to Zichen's room, lit the lamp, Lanmou put the man in his hand on the bed, and then stood beside the bed, watching Yaner carefully take off Zichen's shoes, take off his coat, and cover him with a quilt. Skilled technique, without the slightest hesitation. I didn't expect Wang Ye to serve a drunkard. ” Yan'er straightened up and saw Lan Mou's tight face. The story he had just heard immediately appeared in his mind. A faint feeling of pity rose from the bottom of his heart. He ignored his cynicism and smiled: "He and I grew up together. We are too familiar with each other, so we don't have to divide each other." A pair of palms tightly hold the shoulder of the smoke, some pain, the smoke can not help frowning. Lan Mou shook the smoke vigorously and said, "I am the one who grew up with you!"! It's not him! You see who I am! I'm the one you grew up with! Yan'er wanted to get rid of the shackles of Lan Mou, but Lan Mou held it more tightly, and his eyes became deeper and deeper, like a bottomless pool. Ye Rongyan, did you really forget me, or did you deliberately deny me? No, you can't forget me. You must have disowned me on purpose, right? It's because I'm no longer a prince, and you've become a noble prince. I don't deserve you, do I? In the face of the people in front of her, there is only pity in the bottom of her heart. But even pity has its limits. Yan'er knocked Lan Mou's hand off his shoulder, stepped back quickly, and said clearly, "Please listen clearly, I really don't remember you.". Five years ago, an accident made me lose my memory, and I forgot everything in the past. Lan Mou was stunned in the same place. He raised his right hand but stayed in the air: "Red hairball, don't lie to me." "What I said is true." Smoke said, "Lan Mou, I really forgot you.". So, let bygones be bygones, and don't think about it. Lan Mou raised his hand and fell down, gradually clenched into a fist: "It seems that you really forgot me, hehe, you actually called me Lan Mou, hehe, you actually forgot me.." But how can you forget me before I forget you! Lan Mou's eyes gradually narrowed into a line, and his thick eyelashes covered his eyes. "Unfortunately, I don't want to forget you,touch screen board classroom, and I don't want to forgive you for forgetting me." Smoke sniffed out the smell of danger. "What do you want?" "What do you want?" Lan Mou sneers, "what can I do?"? What can I do now? What do you say, Wang Ye? 。 hsdsmartboard.com