The Black Hole of the End of the World

  • But Xing Jie did not notice that there were two red lights in the back room of the car shop, like evil spirits in hell. It's just that he can't find out, and even if he did, he couldn't do anything but panic. And as for what those two red lights are, the evil spirits in hell must not be possible, they must be some kind of mutant animals. Zombies don't have the ability to make their eyes glow red. If it's a mutant wolf.. Xing Jie, if he can't get into a car in time, he must die. Mutant wolf is to see the blood seal throat, even if a hit, in this dark car shop also has a chance to turn the tables. And Xing Jie also closed the door of the car shop, want to open the iron door of the car shop to escape is not so easy. Unless he went crazy and drove straight into it. But needless to say, it must be the end of a car crash. Finally, the lurker in the dark attacked, but the lurker was not a mutant wolf, but a standard mutant orangutan! Although the gorilla does not have the ability to think after becoming a mutant creature, it can still attack the enemy, and the mutant gorilla's fists become bigger,touch screen interactive whiteboard, comparable to the Berserker. Some creatures have obvious advantages, which are strengthened when they become mutant animals, such as mutant orangutans. And the mutant orangutan also has a special ability to knock on the chest to form sound waves and stun the enemy. And if this ability is cultivated to the highest level, its power is comparable to the sound of death in Xing Jie's previous life. However, the mutant orangutan seemed to think that there was no need to deal with the three of them. As soon as he came up, he just smashed his big fist into the head of Xing Jie. Moreover, because the mutant orangutan looked down on Xing Jie too much,smart boards for conference rooms, the strength of his fist was used at most 45%. If the mutant gorilla used all his strength to hit Xing Jie, Xing Jie would surely die without a whole body. Unfortunately, the mutant orangutan did not use all his strength to hit Xing Jie, which gave him a chance to fight back. But at the moment Xing Jie suddenly showed a strange smile, and his body flashed directly. Although the mutant orangutan only used 45% of the strength of its fist, the 45% of the strength was not so easy to recover. Because the mutant orangutan's defense is also very strong, so the mutant orangutan hit the enemy with an iron fist is a deadly way of fighting, but it is also a close fight with the enemy, if the enemy is also good at close combat, the mutant orang will take up arms and beat the enemy to pieces. Although the mutant orangutan has no thought, the biological instinct still exists. At this time, the gorilla's ability to use tools is demonstrated, smartboard for business ,smart board for conference room, and even the zombies that humans have become are not so smart. And there is another reason for this, because humans generally use firearms to fight, so the resistance is naturally much worse, if eroded by the virus, it will soon become a zombie. Mutant creatures experience life-and-death battles every day, and their resistance is certainly not comparable to that of these ordinary human beings. So when these ordinary animals become mutants, they more or less retain some instincts. For example, the behavior of mutant monkeys is not as dull as that of ordinary mutant creatures. They also know how to climb trees. When they encounter enemies that can't be defeated, these mutant monkeys climb trees or buildings to recuperate on them. As for the mutant orangutan, the mutant orangutan knows how to use tools and climb trees, which is the elite of mutant creatures. No one has ever seen a mutant orangutan, except the dead. Because mutant orangutans are bullies who bully the weak and fear the strong, they must run away as soon as they see an evolutionist. After seeing an ordinary human, the mutant orangutan must have found time to kill the human secretly. Of course, there are also some evolutionists who pretend to be pigs and eat tigers, trying to induce these mutant animals to appear as ordinary life forms. But these mutant orangutans discovered the plot of these evolutionists at the first time, and suddenly ran away at the moment when the evolutionists were exposed, so no one ever hunted the mutant orangutans. And the mutant orangutan is also similar to the zombie king in the zombie, very picky eater, only pick the brain to eat. And eating brains alone has also made these mutant orangutans more intelligent. However, the sequelae of eating brains alone are also very obvious. These mutant orangutans are also very selfish and pay attention to the sense of honor. They never share a prey with their own kind, or cooperate with their own kind to hunt prey. So these mutant orangutans are very difficult to meet. Even if some evolutionists are walking on the road, it is possible that a mutant orang is secretly observing him in front of him. But because mutant orangutans are loners and not gregarious, mutant orangutans are hard to find by an evolutionist unless that evolutionist has the ability to detect. Chapter 89 death? Updated April 6, 2012 17:18:23 Words: 2601 Therefore, the mutant orangutan is rare to see, did not expect today Xing Jie's luck is so good, character outbreak. But the gift was too expensive for him to accept, because the mutant orangutan was too powerful. Although the intelligence quotient of the mutant orangutan is not as good as that of Xing Jie and the three of them, it is still not to be underestimated, and Xing Jie should be careful not to be hit by the iron fist of the mutant orangutan, otherwise he will directly break his meridians, break his bones, vomit blood and die. At that time, even if the Heavenly King Lao Tzu came, he would not be able to save the day. Xing Jie is now incomparably suffocating: "lying mud horse!"! Why are all the things that are rarely seen gathered on me today? If I were as strong as I was in my previous life, what happened today would be a good thing, and I would be too happy! But what happened today is so infuriating! If I had the strength of my previous life, I would be able to catch these mutant orangutans and sell them to the Cosmic Federation to make money. But I don't have the strength. It's very difficult to kill this mutant orangutan, let alone capture it alive. When I regain my strength,interactive boards for classrooms, I must be ready to play the mutant orangutan, and then when you have no strength, I will peel off your skin and cut off your flesh one by one! 。