God of a thousand faces version of the bad guy 3

  • The wolf, with a small dagger in his mouth, climbed up the barbed wire more than three meters high, landed gently on the grass, and then somersaulted into the grass. All the movements were so natural, without a trace of procrastination. The second brother and the third artillery were stunned by this skill. The car was parked three hundred meters away. Wu Tian squatted not far from the villa, watching the situation in the courtyard. Three cannons say: "Day elder brother, discuss a thing with you, I take 50 ace to change this brother with you! I take 50 ace to change this brother with you!" Did not wait for Wu Tian to refuse, 2 elder brothers came again: "You *** 3 artillery?"? I'll trade you fifty brothers and a million yuan for him! Hearing this, Wu Tianle said, "Second brother, don't make fun of my younger brother. You only have more than one hundred people in total now. Give me another fifty.". As long as there is a slight sign of trouble, it is estimated that you do not even have to guard, directly have to sleep in the coffin box, right? Sanpao laughed in a low voice and said in a low voice, "Damn it, I don't know where you got this guy!"! Isn't that a little harsh? "Hey, thank you for your praise, I don't deserve it, I don't deserve it!" Wu Tian said with a slight hand. In the vast darkness,65 inch smart board, the wolf locked the first target, which was the man standing on the left side. He surreptitiously stepped forward from the waist of the cat, threw himself forward gently, covered the man's mouth with his left hand, and the dagger lightly left a fatal gap in the man's throat. The man was not in a hurry to react and collapsed on the ground. The wolf quickly dragged him into the grass. Passed about a minute, had not seen the action of evil wolf, 2 elder brothers say: "Ai,interactive panels for education, a bit not right?"? Why hasn't he come out yet? Wu Tian also looked suspiciously into the grass and said, "I don't know. Wait a minute." Out of the grass came a man in a black suit with a flashlight in his hand. See this posture Wu Tian laughs: "Evil Wolf this boy is really enough clever, talent, absolute talent!" " The bosses on both sides nodded undeniably. It took only seven minutes for the wolf to kill the five younger brothers outside the door and open the door on tiptoe. The wolf said, "Go, rush in!"! Kill him by surprise. Wu Tian came forward and patted him on the shoulder: "Evil Wolf, good job." The wolf smiled shyly and said, "It's all right. I used to do this with Master Shuang. I'm used to it." The second brother pulled out the machete behind him, rushed up and kicked the door open with a bang. Wu Tian also led Pang Wei and others to rush up. There were about twenty younger brothers sitting in the room. As soon as they saw Wu Tian rushing in, they took out the knife from the bench, chair and table in a panic and rushed up with a roar. More than fifty people fought in the narrow room. Is a good burst of blood fog drift, Wu Tian directly rushed up to the second floor, from upstairs rushed down three younger brothers, were Wu Tian a knife to the downstairs, his face is full of blood, interactive whiteboard for schools ,classroom interactive whiteboard, it seems that he can not live. The other one was pierced by the big head's saber bucket, and the rest of the head did not look back. Seeing that his two brothers were dead, did he still have the right not to run away? Then he turned his head and ran. The big head looked at Wu Tian's thin body compared with his own, and said with a wry smile, "Brother Tian, don't work so hard, OK?"? I have to protect you now. If anything happens to you, how can I explain to our brothers of the Dragon Gang? Bad guy 3 chapter 61 anti-bone Wu Tian looked at the big head's face and said, "Cut, I haven't reached the point of letting a hall leader protect me yet!" Big Head and Wu Tian rushed directly to the corridor on the second floor. There were three rooms in a row. Wu Tian kicked open the first room with a bang. There were four men with fleshy faces sitting in it playing mahjong together. The sound of DJ music in the room was deafening. When the four men watched Wu Tian at the same time, one of them picked up a machete on the table and walked slowly up. From his pace and temperament, Wu Tian can tell that these four people are all masters. The man grinned grimly and cut out three knives, so fast that if Wu Tian hadn't used the two heavy cuts in his hands to resist them, he would have been in trouble. Wu Tian in the heart that depressed, now is not out to mix the underworld? Do you need to practice such good kungfu one by one? Wu Tian began to regret why he didn't bring the gun. The big head stood beside Wu Tian at this time, holding the machete flat in his hand. With a voice that only Wu Tian himself could hear, he said in a low voice, "Brother Tian, give these people to me, and you go to find the master of the hall!" Wu Tian shook his head: "They are masters, you are not an opponent, you can not deal with." Big head ha ha smiled: "I can play knife earlier than you, you can rest assured to go!"! If we let the red flame run away, we will have worked in vain today. Is saying, three guns and two elder brother also ran up, only to see three guns squeezed into the room a look, two words do not say, raised his honest big bore of the desert eagle pistol is six points. Four people, six blood flowers floating in the air, and then he was very unhappy to say: "Damn, what are you talking about?"? Just kill it! Say that finish, with the second brother to find the red flame room, leaving Wu Tian and big head two people standing there, four masters were killed in an instant. Big head says: "Day elder brother, look next time we must prepare igniter more." Wu Tian was very upset and said, "Damn, that's true." I should have brought the gun. Wu Tian and Big Head exited the room with a wry smile. As soon as they walked out of the door, they heard'Bang! ' 'Bang! ' Two shots were fired. Wu Tian took one look at the big head and said, "Go and have a look!" Walking to the middle room, I saw two people upside down in the room, one was a naked man with a huge red flame tattoo, the man was obviously dead, holding a pistol in his hand. Second brother also fell in a pool of blood, can see, his chest was shot, the bullet actually penetrated his body,smart board touch screen, nailed to the wooden armrest in the corridor, three guns pale face holding a gun. The big head bent down quickly and probed the second brother's breath with his hand. He shook his head in disappointment. "He's dead." Wu Tian frowned and said, "Be careful that your second elder brother is dead. It's not easy to hand in a job with your wife." 。 hsdsmartboard.com