Chronicle of Star Babies

  • Thinking of the strange power beyond his control, Mo gave in. Get up and walk to your desk. Get out of my way, you Volian pup! Mo, in a very bad mood, stretched out his tentacles and swept him aside. Wen Ximing hastened to catch the maggot rolling down from the chair and looked at the ink angrily: "I order you to copy all the information into the maggot's magnetic strip." As he spoke, he took a good look at him, and when he saw that he was all right, his face became better. Mo completely unable to control his movements, clearly want to take advantage of Yin Wen Qing, but never thought, his movements are completely out of the control of his thinking. He skillfully entered the password and copied all his secret files word for word to the magnetic strip on the desk. Heh heh heh ~ "He happily made a big braid, drew the magnetic strip in front of him, and looked at the ink proudly.". Let you do something bad, it's time! Several people were fighting in the dark, and there was a knock on the door. Knock, knock! The noise is dense. Wen Qing winked at Ji Lingxuan and looked at Mo. "It's up to you." She is not afraid even if she is bad. Quickly ready,interactive flat panel display, he answered Wen Qing's command and went to the metal door and opened it. Master "Bang!" He quickly closed the door again and ran to Wen Qing's side very quickly. This scene in front of us makes Chishui's eyes red and ready to crack. See her usually mysterious and powerful master Mo, but at this time was taken off the black robe, exposed the original body shape, is sitting on the desk and chair. That's not the point. The point is the three humans standing behind her master Mo, and the Wall cub who met her once. Is this a vendetta? "Master, are you all right?" Chishui looked at the ink worriedly and nervously. Although the four behind him did not point at the ink with any weapons,65 inch touch screen, Chishui did not dare to move at will. It's all so weird right now. Don't worry, we're all partners, and we won't do anything to him. Wen Qing kindly explained. But Chishui doesn't believe it. Is she blind? Scratches on the wall, the black blood on the ground, the same look can not rest assured! "Master?" Chishui looked at Mo, and she only believed Mo's words. However, Mo, who had no love for life, could not say anything except waving his hand and telling Chishui that he was all right. If he has any idea, the so-called master can feel it at the first time. What else can he do? Wen Qing looked at Chishui with a smile and said, "If you cooperate, interactive digital whiteboard ,smart board interactive whiteboard, this octopus will naturally do nothing. Do you understand?" Chishui looked at Wen Qing hesitantly and said, "I was the only one who came after you last time. If you want revenge, just look for me and let my master go!" Also do not know this woman strength to what extent, unexpectedly so silently controlled the ink. Thinking of the ships outside before, Chishui immediately understood that they had fallen into the trap. If you let your master go, it won't work. Without him, how can you be obedient? Wen Qing smiled faintly at the corners of his mouth and looked directly at Chishui. Sure enough, I saw a different emotion in the alien woman's eyes. It would be a pity not to make good use of love. What are you going to do? Chishui asked. Wen Qinghun waved his hand carelessly: "I don't do anything. I just like the strength of this octopus." This is a good life-saving card, but it is of great use to my son. Looking at Chishui and wanting to say more, Wen Qing was impatient. The information is in hand, the spirit pet is in hand, and it should be gone. Handing his son a spirit animal bag, Wen Qing said with a smile, "Put away your spirit pet. We're leaving." Wen Ximing took it and tried to put the ink into the pet bag as he usually did in the space. Mommy, finish the job! However Will he suffocate to death if he pretends like this? Wen Ximing shook his pet bag worriedly. What have you done to my master? Chishui looked at Wen Qing with an angry face. Wen Qing did not pay attention to, to Ji Lingxuan voice, let him contact Ji Tingxuan and Ximen several people, to a ship to pick them up. Only then did he lead him forward. He glanced at the spirit animal bag in Wen Ximing's hand and warned, "Let our people come in. We are all our own people in the future. You don't have to be too nervous.". Of course, if you don't think of yourself as one of us, then I can only get rid of your beloved master. ” With that, Wen Qing told Ji Lingxuan and his son to hold up their umbrellas and swagger across the Chishui River and walk out of the door. What people? The two teams of Tiger Roaring members held light guns and pointed them at Wen Qing and others. Drop the gun, it's one of your own! Chishui stood out from behind Wen Qing and others and stopped him. Come with me to the ship's anchorage. Chishui said and took the lead. Ink in the hands of these humans, she can not but be careful to deal with these humans. Wen Qing smiled with satisfaction and greeted Ji Lingxuan and his son to keep up. Four people followed Chishui all the way unimpeded to an open field. Just arrived, see a ship has entered the line of sight of Wen Qing and others, but two minutes, has been firmly stopped in the open space. It was the first ship piloted by Bruffin and others. Thank you for your cooperation! Wen Qing smiled at the expressionless Chishui and led him to the door of the ship's cabin. Wen Ximing, who was half a step behind, comforted Chishui by saying, "Auntie, you can rest assured that I will take good care of Mo. You can often contact him by communication." "Wen Ximing, don't come over yet!" Wen Qing's voice came. Ah, come, come. Wen Ximing gave Chishui a small look of comfort, followed Ji Lingxuan to speed up the ship to run. As soon as he boarded the ship, Wen Qing asked Wen Ximing to release the ink and forced the ink to communicate with Chishui. Only then did Bruffin and others begin to drive the ship away from the Tiger Roaring Mercenary Regiment. He left Tiger Roaring's defensive circle unimpeded all the way and successfully returned to the team. The three ships are tacitly going to the boundary of the human Federation, but this is a big boos tied up,interactive whiteboards in the classroom, don't run quickly, in case Chishui choose power not to her lover, that can be miserable.