The Book of Suihua

  • It was boring enough to finish the task too early, and two people were discussing where to go after the course. At that moment, both men suddenly stopped talking, looked at each other, brushed their heads away, and heard a soft voice in the bushes not far away. The voice was thin, like the cry of a baby. They pushed aside the bushes, Muziyan gave a low shout, a very small black cat curled up in the grass, with a kind of pain in his eyes, one eye golden, one eye blue-green, a very strange pair of eyes looking at the two men, its two hind legs seemed to have no strength, soft on the ground, like crushed bones, but there was no blood on the surface. Such cruel pain made Muziyan gasp. Muziyan stared at it and asked, "Is it a psychic beast?" Ordinary animals will not have such human eyes. She just thought about it for a moment,4k smart board, and then immediately took it out. She picked up the green chakra in the palm of her hand and covered it gently. After a while, she said dejectedly, "No, the bones are broken. We must have an operation." She looked around and said to Itachi, "Find two pieces of wood and fix it." Uchiha Itachi nodded and immediately turned to look for it. Mu Ziyan touched the head of the black cat and said, "Don't worry. Although the bones are broken, I'll give you an operation to change one later." It was the kitten who seemed to understand her words and relaxed slightly. Muziyan waited for something to come and quickly fixed it with a wooden bandage. Then he said,86 smart board, "Let's go quickly. I'm going to operate on it." Uchiha Itachi nodded slightly, and Muziyan sped up in an instant. The destination had already been waiting for them, and seeing the two men arriving there in a hurry, the little girl said hurriedly, "I'll leave the aftermath to you." Then Chakra turned and rushed back to the village. The tutor was startled and asked, "What happened?" The pale boy smiled and said, "I picked up an injured cat on the way, and Ziyan rushed back to treat it." It was supposed to be a small episode, but a few days later, Uchiha Itachi saw the cat, which could not be described as scary. The black cat, which was originally curled up as big as a fist, grew up a lot in a few days. Two demon pupils of different colors flashed through the cold light of the demon. It was obvious that the wound had not healed yet. It curled up in Muziyan's arms. However, smart board whiteboard ,smartboards in classrooms, its eyes were facing Uchiha Itachi's eyes, and suddenly it was murderous. Is this the kid of the Uchiha family? Its voice was low and gloomy, like a thousand-year-old ghost. Uchiha Itachi asked her what was going on with his eyes. "Don't look at me," said Muziyan sullenly. "I don't know." That day she did not go back to the home of three generations, but went to the old house where Orochimaru used to be, where there was perfect equipment, although Orochimaru left, but the lock was not changed, the key was still in the hands of Muziyan, a large box of things left by Orohimaru was not removed, still in her room. So, sometimes she comes here for a few days. This time, she put the cat in the laboratory for treatment, first anesthetized, and then broke the leg. Without any accident, she saw the broken bones of the hind leg. After she cleaned them up, she was very embarrassed to find that there were no bones. In the past, when I was studying anatomy with Orochimaru, I often used cats and dogs to do experiments, leaving behind a lot of bones and viscera, and then I used dead people. But all the spare bones are gone. Muziyan was so anxious that he turned round and round, and then he was so cruel that he replaced it with something else. It was a bone that I didn't know what it was or something else. It was the right size and looked strong. Muziyan couldn't use it. As a result, things are embarrassing. The lovely black cat soon grew up and opened her eyes. The first thing she said was, "It's a little girl with yellow hair." Muziyan gave a big bag as an answer to his greeting. Muziyan grabbed his own dessert from the black cat's paw and kicked it on the ground. The black cat jumped back. Its paw was sharp and pressing. Muziyan dodged and grabbed its neck: "You give me a little peace, or I will give you to the old man to seal you.". ” Uchiha Itachi found that although the cat was a little ferocious, it did not have a murderous look at Muziyan. He slowly watched the play and ate meatballs there. When he heard something interesting, he asked, "Seal?" Muziyan trampled it on the ground to prevent it from struggling. Then he said, "Yes, according to himself, it is a demon that has been sealed for thousands of years. The thing that I took as a bone is his seal scroll. It occupied the body of the original cat and became like this." Muziyan looked at the black cat contemptuously as he spoke: "It's true." Useless guy. "Smelly girl, do you know who sealed me." Don't talk if you don't know. The black cat broke free from her feet and snatched the dessert from her hand. Mu Ziyan smiled and said, "I only know that you are the loser." Say, she asks Itachi: "Right, why do you look for me to come out?" "Mother invites you to the house for dessert." Uchiha Itachi saw Muziyan's suddenly contorted face and added, "Father is not at home." "Oh." Muziyan's face returned to normal. She patted off the sweet residue on her hand and said, "Go and see your baby brother by the way.". Let's go, Rojantar. "Rojantar?" Itachi glanced at the strange black cat and wondered how she had chosen such a strange name. Muziyan said slowly, "The original name of the cat is Dahei.". However, it thought the name was too flashy, so I changed it. Rojantar,75 inch smart board, the legendary handsome man with gold and silver demon pupils! Uchiha Itachi was quite frightened to see countless pink bubbles floating out behind Muziyan. [XVI] Sasuke, Tomato Uchiha Mikoto was very polite. She served tea and snacks for Muziyan to eat. She looked very gentle and virtuous: "Ziyan, I really thanked you that day." 。