Resentful Couple Tiancheng by Qingge in the Flourishing Age

  • Xia Qing, who was acting as a courageous guest, could not help rolling her eyes when she saw Aunt Lan's appearance of putting on a posture to speak. Sister, let me tell you. That is, Xue Yan's medical skill is actually unreliable. He once killed a girl who was a little older than you. It seems to be Yangzhou Renshi, the rich side, almost killed him to pay for his life. Later, Xue Guogongfu helped him to suppress the matter, and his father simply checked the identity of the traveling doctor, only to find that the traveling doctor and Wu yuan were taught by the same master. You'd better think about it clearly. Although Xue Siye's medical skill is good, there must be something wrong with his character. Wu yuan is his uncle, who is much more powerful than him. And Father went to invite him. As soon as Judge Wu heard that he was treating you, he immediately agreed. You told Fourth Master Xue to quit him. After that, Judge Wu would come to the mansion every five days to feel your pulse. Xia Qing said more and more excited, God knows how happy the mother and daughter knew that Xue Yan had killed people. Even comfort oneself, fortunately did not let Xue Yan feel the pulse at that time, otherwise the orchid aunt is not a massive hemorrhage, perhaps directly see the king of hell is possible. Xia Jiao Jiao looked like a daze. It was the first time she had heard the news that Xue Yanzhi had died. Jinjiangfang has always been well-informed among the female dependents, and even confiscated any information. Even a little wind did not come out, obviously Xue Guogongfu handled this matter decisively and cleanly at that time,electronic board for classroom, leaving no room. Lord, you don't know about this, do you? I didn't expect it at all. Fourth Master Xue's reputation is very good. He has a miraculous cure and the rebirth of a miraculous doctor, all of which are put on him. In fact, he has a few pounds, as if no one knows. If you want people to know, unless you don't do it yourself,digital interactive whiteboard, she is a good girl, and she is going to get married, but she died because she saw a doctor. It is estimated that the parents of the girl's family are regretful. Wu yuan is very old and has excellent medical skills. He has eaten more salt than he has eaten rice. You can rest assured. "If you can't wipe your face, give it to your aunt, and she'll do it for you!" Aunt Lan patted her chest, with a smug smile on her face, and gave me a look that you could rest assured. Xia Jiaojiao restrained her mind and refused with a faint smile: "Mr. Xue is very good. I won't dismiss him.". As long as he is willing to feel my pulse, he will be the only doctor for me. Her tone was firm, her manner sincere, and she did not even allow them to question it. Aunt Lan's mother and daughter looked at each other and saw a trace of panic in each other's eyes. This is not what they want! "Are you because Fourth Master Xue is the doctor who has been designated to you today?"? It doesn't matter. I love you so much today. Besides, Fourth Master Xue is really involved in a human life lawsuit. As long as you say this in front of me, he will certainly be willing to change the doctor for you! Xia Qing asked in a hurry. Seeing that the two of them were so anxious that they wanted to scratch their ears and cheeks, Xia Jiaojiao showed a somewhat suspicious look on her face. She asked tentatively, "Even if Uncle Huang agrees to this, interactive touch screens education ,smart interactive whiteboard, Judge Wu is in charge of the entire Imperial Hospital, and he will certainly not be allowed to feel my pulse.". So it's no use to change it. You're so sure that Wu yuan is willing to treat me. He didn't agree because of many benefits, did he? As soon as her voice fell, there was a trace of embarrassment on the faces of Aunt Lan and Xia Qing. She was right. Judge Wu doesn't have time to feel my pulse. You'd better go back and ask for silver. I'm very relieved about Mr. Xue, and I won't tell Uncle Huang about this. There's no evidence for it. My aunt won't say it next time, so that I won't let Mr. Xue know next time, and he'll have to get even with you! Xia Jiao Jiao waved her hand with a faint smile on her face. Joke, Jinjiang Square did not find out things, why should she believe. Even if it is true, there must be no tenable evidence, not to mention why she should go to the court today to sue Xue Yan. The last time she gave the sachet in the harem, it was almost discovered, and finally Xue Yan helped her settle it, she owed a favor. Aunt Lan's mother and daughter, on the other hand, were her enemies, and she hoped that if she had a bad life, she would not use them as guns. Lan aunt was choked by her words, the county main complaint, this is not to let them completely break with Xue Yan. And if Uncle Xue knew about it, it wouldn't be easy to handle. After all, it was Xue Guogongfu who suppressed it at the beginning. Now whoever mentions it is the enemy of Xue Guogongfu. I'm kidding. My aunt is talking nonsense. "If the county magistrate tells Fourth Master Xue to come to me for certification, I won't pay any attention." She immediately waved her hand and laughed. Xia Jiao shrugged her shoulders, coughed lightly, and did not continue to pursue it. Sister, the Horse Race Festival is coming in two months, and the weather is comfortable. You should take good care of yourself. There are many gentle horses in your stables. I remember you liked riding very much when you were young. You always clamored that you would be a general in the future. Xia Qing immediately changed the subject. She secretly pinched Aunt Lan and motioned her not to stimulate Xia Jiao any more, lest the little girl's temper came up and she really turned against her. So soon to the horse race festival, Suzhou belongs to the south, where the girl Wu Nong soft language, do not like armed and do not like these activities. At most, they just sat in the carriage and talked and laughed. I almost forgot how exciting the horse race festival was Wangjing. She sighed lightly, her tone full of regret, and her face somewhat disappointed. When Xia Qing saw her like this, she knew there was a chance. She managed to hold back her excitement and whispered, "Would you like to go to the stable earlier?"? Otherwise, all the good horses will be picked up. Every year, the elder sister and the second sister have to pick them first. Every time I go there, I don't see anything. Xia Jiao snorted, Xia Qing is this virtue, others are good things, she can only pick up the rest of others. From childhood to adulthood, she despised this most. Come to think of it, the two sisters are worms in your stomach,digital touch screen board, and they can pick out what you like every time. She gave a light laugh, but there was an obvious irony in her tone. Xia Qing blushed and clenched his teeth as if he wanted to get angry with Xia Jiao, but finally he held back and went back.