Huanhua Xijian Record-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise

  • "Exactly. If he doesn't listen to me, I'll ask Hu Buchou to completely destroy Ziyihou's martial arts secrets. Before he sees these martial arts secrets, he won't let them be destroyed anyway. So even if he suffers, he can only hold back desperately." The old lady way: "But he waited, and when Hu Buchou's martial arts were accomplished, not only would he not get the secret of martial arts, but his life would be in danger." Water Tianji way: "Even so, there was nothing he could do." She smiled and said: "As long as the secret of martial arts has not been destroyed, he still has hope. As long as there is a glimmer of hope, it is much better than no hope." The old lady sighed: "You're right. As long as people have desires, they have weaknesses, and they will give people an opportunity to take advantage of them. So even if Master Jia Xing is imposed, he can only be controlled by others." Water Tianji way: "This is the weakness of human nature." The old lady was silent for a long time and said slowly: "Does everyone have this weakness?" Water Tianji way: "As long as there is humanity, there is weakness." The old lady's eyes flashed again and she said slowly: "I don't want you to know more about human nature than my wife." After a long time, Shui Tianji suddenly asked: "You've come from Sergeant. I wonder what news you have from Sergeant Wulin?" The old lady smiled and said: "It's not the same." Chaos, vendettas,faux ficus tree, rivalries and rivalries. Unless all the people in the martial arts world are dead, this situation will never change. Water day Ji vision, faint way: "Those children of yesteryear must have grown up now?" The old lady laughed. "You mean your little husband?" Water Tianji face unexpectedly some red, laughed: "How is he?" The old lady way: "Naturally, he has grown up." Water Tianji way: "How is he?"? The old lady way: "Not only is he handsome and tall, but he is the first handsome man my wife has ever seen in her decades of life,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, and.." Shui Tianji was in a hurry to ask: "And you're good at martial arts, aren't you?" The old lady laughed. "His martial arts are not only good, but also good to teach the girl to know that he is now the first hero in the martial arts world today." Water Tianji face can not help but show a smile of relief, said: "I have long seen that this child is not ordinary." Old Lady Wan giggled. "So you married him then." Shui Tianji laughed. "It's funny to think about the jokes of the past, but." Only now, he's afraid he's forgotten me, the old woman. With a sigh, he stood up and suddenly said: "Where is he now?" The old lady's eyes flashed again and sighed: "How could such a great hero associate with my wife? My wife would not know his whereabouts at the moment." ShuiTianJi distant note outside the morning sun, way: "I wish him well." Fang Baoer walked straight up, suddenly found that there was no footsteps behind him, he naturally immediately turned back, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,outdoor ficus tree, only to see that the little princess had fallen far behind. He didn't walk too fast. Why did the little princess fall so far behind? He was wondering that the little princess had come up quickly, her chest rising and falling, her breathing very violently, and her blushed face was now terribly pale. Treasure son aphonia way: "How are you?" The little princess gasped. "How are you?" Nothing much. "Are you ill?" The little princess asked. "You just want me to be sick, don't you?" Baoer said: "I just care." The little princess sneer at a way: "Thank you, but I don't need you to care whether I am dead or alive." Boa had to sigh with a wry smile and move forward again. Although the ladder is long, there is an end. Fang Baoer finally reached the peak. But when his eyes moved, he could not help being stunned by the night. In his imagination, on the top of the mountain, the legendary labyrinth, which is close to myth, must be very brilliant even if it is not a jade step or a golden tile. But now, he went up to the top of the mountain, facing only a fog, a lake in the fog, a vast white fog, a vast white lake. Where are the palaces? He couldn't even see the shadow of a tile. Baoer stood beside the lake, stunned for a long time, and shouted: Where is the Lord of the White Water Palace? Fang Baoer asks for an interview 。" The loud voice tore the fog and the solitude on the lake. Fang Baoer asked to see. Boa wants to see.. Ask to see.. Echoes from all sides resounded through the mountains. But just wait for this echo to subside, misty dew brick, still have no response. The little princess cold way: "If you shout out your throat, no one will pay any attention to you." Treasure odd way: "Why?" Little princess way: Just because that's the first problem she gave you. Treasure way: "Oh, but …" Treasure laughed. "Who says no one talks to me? Look, that's not coming." In the fog, a boat shadow appeared on the lake. The lonely boat was drifting with the wind in the fog. But no one could be seen in the boat. Without waiting for the lonely boat to reach the shore, Baoer jumped into the lonely boat with a gentle sweep. There were people in the boat, but they were lying on the bottom of the boat. Surprised and surprised, Boa could not help turning him over, and he immediately faced a pale face, eyes closed, almost completely without breathing. But this face is exactly what Fang Baoer is very familiar with. Baoer exclaimed: "Iron Beard Taoist." This was already a man in a coma, and it was the Iron Beard Taoist. The little princess also swept onto the bow, cold way: "He is finished." Without answering, Boa looked at Tiemao Taoist and saw that there were no scars on his body, but no matter how Boa massaged, he was still unconscious. The lonely boat is floating on the water. Baoer, however,artificial grass panels, was burning with anxiety. There was no one in the lake. He tried his best to look at the four banks of the lake, but there was no shadow of the house. Where is Baishui Palace? Where is the Lord of the White Water Palace? ? Baoer could not help but murmur: "If only she were here." The little princess turned her eyes and said: "Are you thinking of your first wife?" Treasure son sigh a way: "If Shui Tianji were here, she would never.". The little princess sneered.