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  • Today you love to ignore me, tomorrow I let you can not afford to climb, is not this routine? System Drama queen. He Qing lowered his head, still picked up the garbage on the ground little by little, and threw it all into the trash can. Having done this, the young man went into the classroom in silence, as usual. At this moment, some children had come. He checked the children's clothes one by one. He picked up the things that the naughty children had put on the ground. When the bell rang, he stood on the platform and prepared to start the class. The children were taught very well, and as soon as the bell rang, they all stood up and said hello in a milky voice, "Hello, teacher.." The young man nodded with a gentle smile and was about to start class when the door of the classroom was knocked and the young female teacher stood outside the door, "Teacher He, there is a new child transferred to the big class." He Qing was stunned and looked over doubtfully, but his face was suddenly stunned. Standing outside the door was none other than Cheng Xi and the boy he had just met. Cold man and his line of sight, indifferent nod is a greeting, the young man hurriedly returned a pale smile, at the moment the female teacher is still introducing: "This is Cheng Xiao Baobao, this is his father Cheng Xi, Mr. Cheng, this is our big class of art teacher He, usually also responsible for the afternoon waiting for parents to pick up, you can leave a phone call to each other,large ficus tree, what text messages on the line." The man's face was still cold, but he still took out his cell phone and said in a faint voice, "Phone number." He waited for two seconds but did not wait for a reaction. He looked up impatiently and saw only the pale face of the young man. Seeing this, the female teacher was embarrassed to smooth things over. "Mr. Cheng, Mr. He can't say anything. You can just give the phone number directly. It's very convenient to contact everything by text message at ordinary times." Can't talk? Cheng Xi looked at the young man with some surprise, but saw that he evaded his own eyes. As in those days, he suddenly felt a different kind of irritability in his heart. What he said was also a bit prickly: "Do you still find a teacher who can't speak in your kindergarten?" The young man's face turned white. He lowered his head to cover his trembling lips, and his hands,large artificial blossom trees, hidden under his sleeves, clenched so tightly that they almost bled. Over the years, he had heard too many similar words, but he never thought that this sentence would come out of Cheng Xi's mouth. One side of the female teacher's smile is also embarrassed, she quickly explained, "He teacher's painting skills are superb, the children taught are also sensible, and we have given him an assistant teacher, will not delay the children in class." Seeing that the man's expression still did not ease, she had to say, "Otherwise, if you don't want to contact by text message, I can change a big class for you.." "Forget it." Cheng Xi stood in a commanding position, so he could easily see the young man's slightly trembling body. He looked away coldly and put down Cheng Xiao's hand. Teacher He, Cheng Xiao, please give it to you. He Qing then slowly raised his eyes and looked at the man and nodded. Somehow, Cheng Xi always felt that his warm eyes seemed to have some sadness, silk olive tree ,fake blossom tree, did not take it to heart, the man touched the boy's head with an expressionless face, "good class, don't fight." "Mmm." The boy, who looked like a man, answered with a straight face. After leaving a phone call to He Qing, Cheng Xi finally did not put down his heart and stayed in the kindergarten to observe whether Cheng Xiao could adapt. This is his sister's child, since something happened, Cheng Xiao's registered permanent residence fell under the name of Cheng Xi, became his son. Cheng Xi took over halfway and took measures to raise the nominal son. As a result, Cheng Xiao's character became more and more gloomy. Last time, he fought with his classmates in kindergarten. He had to put down his work and accompany Cheng Xiao for a few days. And it was these days that I felt that Cheng Xiao seemed to be better, so I chose a kindergarten to send him in again. I just didn't expect to see He Qing. In high school, Cheng Xi and He Qing are deskmates, the deepest memory is that He Qing always lowers his head to do his homework, occasionally looking over, timid and afraid eyes. Cheng Xi actually has no ill feelings towards He Qing, just because his good friend Shi Yue hates He Qing, his heart can not help but despise him a little more, of course, he is too lazy to provoke He Qing. Two years at the same table, the number of times Cheng Xi talked to He Qing can be counted on one's fingers, of course, look at He Qing that afraid of his appearance, it is estimated that he did not want to talk to him. For Cheng Xi, like He Qing, who was bullied and did not dare to resist, he disdained to take a look, and did not know when to start, he suddenly found that the timid and afraid deskmate had disappeared for a long time. Asked Shi Yue to know, he Qing quietly transferred to school, who did not say. Shi Yue said that he tried to look for it, but no one knew where He Qing had gone, so Cheng Xi asked, and then forgot the deskmate who always bowed his head and kept silent. Unexpectedly, many years later, when I saw He Qing again, he actually became mute. The man's heart is a little complicated, just at the moment the bell rang, a group of small beans were taken to the playground by the teacher to play, Cheng Xi put down his thoughts, eyes far away fell on the head sitting in the corner of Cheng Xiao, eyebrows mercilessly wrinkled up. Cheng Xiao has suffered a lot before, and his character is not like an ordinary child. He always stays in the corner and doesn't know what he is thinking. If he is an adult, he will forget it. In children, Cheng Xiao's unsocial performance will always cause all kinds of accidents. The man had never touched a child before he became a child, and he never knew that raising a child would be so troublesome. For example, now, he should go back to work, but now he is worried that Cheng Xiao will stay here to take care of him. The boy hiding in the corner did not attract the attention of other children playing happily. Even the teacher ignored the corner because of his small size. Cheng Xi looked at it for a while and his face became colder. Cheng Xiao is still a child, sitting on the ground for so long, the body will catch cold more or less,fake ficus tree, he was about to step forward, but saw the young people far away in the children stood up and looked around doubtfully. From this angle, Cheng Xi could clearly see the worries in the young man's eyes. He stopped and watched He Qing finally find Cheng Xiao and walk quickly to the boy's side. hacartificialtree.com