Mu Mu Han Xue

  • Fu Zixuan said, "I'll take you to meet my eldest brother's friend, who is also our business friend." He was really hiding from Cher recently, and he didn't know why his heart beat unsteadily when he saw Cher? He didn't know why he had an irrepressible anger when he saw Qin Ming and Si Nan pursuing Cher at the same time? Cher is his sister, Fu Zixuan told himself the fact over and over again, but after dreaming of Cher when he rested the day before yesterday, he was even more confused about his heart, and even more evaded Cher. I got up and nodded. "Let's go." He winked at Xiao Mingzi. The three men left in turn. Quiet all the way, three people are thinking of their own thoughts, that there is extra energy to manage others? As soon as he reached the gate of a unique courtyard, he heard a woman's charming voice and a man's hearty laughter, which was mixed with Ling Sinan's voice. Looking from the doorway, three people were sitting on stone chairs, a gorgeous woman was sitting on the lap of a man in brocade clothes, and Ling Sinan was sitting opposite them. The table was covered with fruits and pastries, three cups of steaming tea were placed on the edge of the table, and five or six maids and a man in black stood by. Qin Ming and I looked at each other and nodded. The man in black is martyrdom, so the man in brocade is Chu Wuxie. Come to think of it,faux grass wall, and eldest brother to become friends will not be an ordinary person, and Fu's close business contacts must also be their own rich assets, Chu Wuxie and his Jinfeng Yulu Lou is undoubtedly the best choice. I raised my eyebrows, but it's only been a few months, and this boy is full of warmth and lust in the bosom of beauty? Qin Ming was a little surprised, the cloud shadow that knows Cher best did not find Cher, then,Faux cherry blossom tree, Chu Wuxie is certainly impossible to know that Cher is in Ling Fu, he came here should be a coincidence. One second Qin Ming was lamenting his misery for his rival who had already arrived, and the next second he was reveling in his heart because he saw Cher's bad face-Chu Wuxie hugged another woman in front of Cher, which was like asking for his own death. At a casual glance, he saw Han Xue standing at the gate of the courtyard, and the hand he had just raised was frightened by Han Xue's sharp eyes. Interesting, very interesting! I looked at Chu Wuxie's hand wrapped around the waist of the gorgeous woman, no surprise, no anger. Like is like, dislike is dislike, there is no reason. Since you want to hold another woman, be my guest. If there is a reason, I will certainly listen to the explanation, decorative palm trees ,faux ficus tree, if the change of heart, I have nothing to say, after all, I am not a dedicated person. With a smile at the corners of my mouth, I really don't know what the expression of Chu Wuxie will look like when he sees me suddenly appear. It is estimated that he will see a ghost, right? Chapter 24 The Change of Mood (Part Two) Only by taking the initiative can I occupy a favorable situation. I raised my hand to stop my eldest brother's body and took the lead in admission. Qin Ming followed closely two steps behind Han Xue, in order to be able to see Chu Wuxie's surprised expression at close range. When Cher left, Chu Wuxie vowed to find Cher in person. In just over three months, he was looking for flowers and willows, but Cher saw him dead. Qin Ming understands Cher's mind, as if he was not prepared to recognize himself, this time Chu Wuxie is suspected of giving up, Cher will certainly not let go. Besides, Cher hates betrayal! In the more and more frightened eyes, I walked up to the three men with my head held high, "Mr. Chu is in high spirits." Martyrdom has been afraid to close his eyes, one is afraid to see the sudden appearance of Miss Hanxue's hidden anger and cold eyes, the other is afraid to see the panicked face of the landlord and so on. It's not that I don't want to remind the landlord, but Miss Hanxue's eyes are really too frightening, and even if I remind the landlord, the fact that the landlord hugs the woman has been seen, I can't go back on my word. It's better to stand by and do nothing than to do one more thing. Anyway, I can't help you, so as not to get into trouble. Chu Wuxie stood up in disbelief at the moment he heard the sound, and the woman in his arms sat on the ground by inertia. I put my hand on the veil to cover my mouth. "How could Mr. Chu have the heart to sit on the cold ground with such a beautiful family?" My eyes reflected Chu Wuxie's surprise. Was he delighted that I had appeared out of thin air, or was he dissatisfied that my voice had interrupted his good deed? What will he say next, anxious to explain the situation, or acquiesce in his own change of heart? Looking at my eldest brother and Ling Sinan looking at me doubtfully, I just looked at Chu Wuxie, fully prepared to look forward to his next words and deeds. …… Cher Chu Wuxie's lips moved. I didn't expect to meet Cher in this kind of place. I looked for so many places without any news, but I found my beloved woman in the usual north Lingfu. Chu Wuxie heart is full of ecstasy, the emperor is to live up to such a painstaking person, looking at the still beautiful graceful figure, Chu Wuxie found that more than three months of time, Cher seems to have a mature beauty, he felt that his hard work is worth it. Looking at the side of Qin Ming, Chu Wuxie did not have a good spirit of the dark scold, how can this philandering person first find Cher? Staring at the martyrdom standing aside, why not remind yourself of the arrival of Cher first? When she saw the coldness in Cher's eyes and heard the charming voice of the woman on the ground, Chu Wuxie realized that Cher was angry when she saw herself hugging other women. Chu Wuxie smiled. It turned out that Cher was also jealous. Chu Lang, my feet are so painful. Can you help me up? The gorgeous woman said in a charming way. The delicate hand gently pulls the man's brocade clothes hem,silk cherry blossom tree, reveals the big chest's upper body to shake, the charming double eye is putting the electricity to seduce the man's soul. Chu Wuxie was indifferent. Chu Lang, help him up. The woman was unwilling to call again. You Chu Wuxie's voice disappeared.