I always thought I could capture your heart

  • "I bound your wings," Renger whispered again. He gently kissed Aselin's lips as he slid his hands down her smooth back and held her tightly in his arms. "I'm a bad man, the biggest bad man in the world. I shouldn't have bound your wings.." At this point, Lunge asked Aselin to leave him slightly. He looked at his lover seriously and said in a low trance voice, "Some people are like free birds, they should never be restrained." "But maybe that's because the bird hasn't been able to find a nest for it," Aseline said softly, burying her head in Lunge's chest and listening to the heartbeat from his body. "For me, I've found a nest that brings me warmth. So I don't fly anymore, and I don't wander around anymore. Arceline's words brought a hint of incredible joy to Lunge's otherwise pale face. He put his hands gently around Aseline's waist and looked seriously at the woman in front of him, who was always at arm's length and fascinated him but never seemed to be able to have her completely. Looking at her earnest look, Lenger finally let out a deep sigh in his mouth: "Aseline, you know, I always thought I could capture your heart, but I was wrong. It was me who was really captured.". When I see you not in the room, I really feel depressed, even frightened. I didn't understand until this time. You are the one who wins. Lunge's words, so that Aselin's face can not help showing a trace of pride,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, but also seems to be a happy smile. She threw back her body, which was leaning against Lunge's arm, and looked more upright in a seductive moment. Lunge involuntarily lowered his head and kissed her gently in the mountains. At the same time, he said helplessly, "But my love, you have given me so much, but I can't give you everything you deserve. What should I do?" "You don't need to feel guilty about this,3500mg Ozone ceramic Plate, even if it's not what we should think about," Aseline's mouth gasped slightly. She looked up at the high roof and whispered in a voice that seemed to be to some invisible soul. "I just want you to love me, and that's enough for us. I just want you to know one thing in your heart, no matter who will be your wife, no matter what position your wife has, but the real you only belong to me, I can not be your wife, but I can be the woman who really owns you. "Yes, only for you." Lunge's hot lips passed over Aseline's body, and with a long moan from her mouth, Aseline's whole body suddenly bent back like a rainbow of outward catharsis! Come and love me, my love. This is Thrace, 7g Ozone Generator ,ceramic welding tape, our own world! With a high-pitched voice, Arceline held Lunge's shoulders tightly with both hands, and as her bent body fell back, the two figures immediately fell into the bottom of the hot spring pool with the splashing sound of water. ……………… On June 14, 1188, on the twentieth day of the Knights of Redemption's expedition from Edonia to Upper Thrace, a light cavalry appeared on the road outside Edonia. It was a small team led by a knight, and although they looked dusty because of their long journey, the news they brought was enough to make the whole of Edonia cheer wildly! Lunge. Juliante . The Viscount Gombray is under the city of Pirliz in Upper Thrace. 。 Successfully saved the disaster of Pilliz, and even forced the powerful and barbaric Bulgarian king to make a treaty with him that would make the Thracians happy! When the news reached Edonia, the church, where the Great Synod was being held, burst into thunderous cheers! The whole city of Edonia was plunged into a seething sea of cheers for years as the bells that heralded great events once again rang out from the top of the church. People rushed to tell each other the news that was so important to all of Thrace, and with the next news, the Edonians could not help but rush to the already crowded cathedral, and with the long prayer of Gregory, the Bishop of Edonia, the people could not help but follow his prayer and sing a hymn full of expectation and reverence. Food from Upper Thrace will arrive in Lower Thrace with the triumphant return of the Viscount's army, which has been plagued for months, even causing a famine of bandits everywhere, and will be completely over! The people of Edonia, and indeed all of Lower Thrace, could not have been more excited than by this news. And when the flags of the regiments of the knights finally came into view with the appearance of the Edonian light infantry, who had returned triumphantly as the vanguard, someone among the people of Edonia suddenly stood on a high place and made an exciting cry: "Look, this man!"! That is the Son of God, the Savior of the world, the hope and light that God has given to the world! The high-pitched voice surged around the crowd like a storm, and while the priests were still looking at each other about whether they should quote the Bible's description of the Son so directly and even boldly, the people around them had burst into an incredibly loud voice with that voice: "God bless the Son!" The dark crowd pressed forward along the roads of the city of Eldonia, waiting to see the figure. Just over a month ago, these same people, with mixed feelings of anxiety and suspicion, waited for the arrival of a knights who did not know what fate they would bring. At that time, there was only panic and even anger and hatred in the hearts of the Edonians, but the same people were looking forward to seeing the young man on the tall black horse as soon as possible. Troops of cavalry appeared on the road in the distance, flags with different patterns fluttered in the wind, and in the dazzling sunshine, in the hot heat, the Edonians saw the orderly order of knights. Overhead, the sun was shining with a hot breath,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, and a wave of heat hit the army with bright armor. But even so, the faces of the soldiers were not the pain of being burned, but full of passionate pride. global-ceramics.com