Along the way

  • Jing Yifeng said knowingly, "I can only read a few Tang poems. What kind of poems can I write there?"? Let me see It's better for my cousin to sing a song for me to enjoy. Cheng Mingshan said with a smile, "My cousin is a talented woman. How dare I recite a poem with my cousin in front of me?" "Just don't do it." "Just now," said Jing Yifeng, "steward Li said we should go back early, and my uncle will get up soon." "Then let's go," said Cheng Mingshan. The man stood in the corner of the pavilion, only to hear that the two men were going to write a poem, but he did not hear anything, so he slowly turned around and walked out of the pavilion first. Cheng Mingshan smiled at her, and the two of them followed her down the mountain. Along the way, Cheng Mingshan deliberately talked with Jing Yifeng about the poems of his predecessors. Jing Yifeng also deliberately said that she liked someone's poem and someone's sentence. The two of them followed the man and just talked about poems all the way. Back at the foot of the mountain, Zhang Aqi waited for them to get on the bus and drove to Jiulibao. Jing Yifeng said with a low smile, "These two people went back one after another. What they reported was that we were just talking about poetry all the way, which would reduce their suspicion of us." "That's not necessarily true," said Cheng Mingshan. "Since they're already suspicious, it's not just one or two things that can dispel their suspicion of us. From now on, we have to pretend that we're not scheming at all. The most important thing is that we.." Jing Yifeng looked back and said, "What do we look like?" Cheng Mingshan blushed and whispered in her ear, "It's as if we've fallen in love.." Jing Yifeng had two red clouds on her face. "What's the use?" She spat. "Useful." "Only young boys and girls who fall in love,ceramic bobbin element," said Cheng Mingshan, "don't care about anything else except the reversal of love." "You.." Jing Yifeng looked at him lightly and said with a smile, "I seem to have a lot of experience." "I read it from a book," said Cheng Mingshan. Back to Jiulibao, because today is the first day of the Bodhisattva's birthday, there is an endless stream of carriages and horses in front of the village, and when we get to the gate,alumina c799, it is even more crowded. The two men got out of the car and followed the crowd, squeezing into the gate and into the second gate. As soon as the crowd loosened, they saw Qian Ziliang coming up to meet them. "Young Master Biao and Miss Biao are back," they said. Jing Yifeng asked, "Money is in charge. What's the matter?" She and Cheng Mingshan still walked side by side. Qian Ziliang followed the two of them, answering "Yes" and saying, "The younger one would like to ask Miss Biao, the second girl of the Lin family, in the morning.. I wonder if you have been to Hanqing Pavilion? "The two girls of the Lin family?" Jing Yifeng couldn't help looking back and asked, "Did you say it was Lin Xiuyi?"? What's wrong with her? ?” "She.." said Qian Ziliang. The man is gone. "What does it matter to me if she's gone?" Asked Jing Yifeng? Her sister is now a disciple of the old immortal. Why don't you go to Yangxinglou and ask? Qian Ziliang answered two more "yes" and then said, "The younger one also went to ask, but there was no whereabouts. The younger one remembered that Miss Biao had invited the Lin sisters to Hanqing Pavilion the day before yesterday, so.. So when you see Miss Biao, just ask. "Lost someone to ask me?" "Is that what Manager Lao asked you to ask?" Jing Yifeng asked. "No, ceramic igniter electrodes ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, no, Miss Watch, please stop." Qian Ziliang looked frightened and said, "The little one deserves to die. The little one doesn't dare." Jing Yifeng snorted heavily and turned around. "Cousin, let's go. It's time for Uncle to get up." The two of them walked all the way to the East Garden. "Cousin," said Jing Yifeng, "how do you write'Zheng '?" "It's a stroke of the word'stop '," said Cheng Mingshan. ” Jing Yifeng turned around and said with a smiling face, "Isn't that right?" "Right?" Cheng Mingshan naturally knew that she was referring to the message she had brought for the Lin sisters yesterday, but he couldn't think of a reason for a moment, and then he thought about it and suddenly realized it! The word "Zheng" is the word "Zhi" under the word "Yi". The message that the two sisters of the Lin family brought with them was a word of "Zheng". Doesn't that mean that only one of them should be left? (Naturally, one of them should go.) Thinking of this, he said with a smile, "I said my cousin was a talented woman. Is that right?" Jing Yifeng chuckled and said, "I don't know how to write poetry. I only know how to split words." Cheng Mingshan said, "It doesn't matter whether you write a poem or split a character. Anyway, you are a talented woman." Jing Yifeng tilted her head and asked, "What about you?"? Are you a genius? ?” "Me?" Said Cheng Mingshan with a smile. "I'm a cousin." At this point, Chou Hsin-ting hurried all the way. When he saw the two of them from a long distance, he said in a loud voice, "It's good to have the young master and the young lady back. The younger one has been ordered by the manager to go and look for them." Looking at him, he was really anxious and sweaty. Cheng Mingshan asked, "Is Manager Lao looking for us for something?" Zhou Xinting wiped his sweat and said, "The Villa Leader is about to go out. Manager Lao is worried. He wants the younger one to go to Yunlong Mountain to look for him." "It's just my own time," said Jing Yifeng. "Won't my uncle go out at noon?" "I don't know about the younger one," said Chou Hsin-ting. "Anyway, the younger one saw that the manager was in a hurry. He kept urging the younger one to go and get you two back. Now you're finally back." "Where is Manager Lao?" Asked Cheng Mingshan. "Just wait for you two at Yangxing Tower," said Zhou Xinting. "Let's go quickly, cousin," said Jing Yifeng. The two of them hurried to Yangxing Tower. As soon as they stepped into the door, they saw the Bodhisattva, the old immortal, Lin Xiujuan, and Lao Naitong all sitting in the small living room. When Lao Naitong saw the two of them, he stood up and said with a smile, "Well, well, my young master and my young lady are back." The two of them called out to the old immortal, "Old immortal." Then he walked toward the Bodhisattva and called out in unison, "Uncle." The two men bowed down at the same time and said, "Congratulations to my uncle on his longevity." "You went to Yunlong Mountain to play." The old fairy said with a smile, "The castle owner is in much better spirits today than he was yesterday. Today is the first day of his birthday. He got up early. Many guests have arrived. The castle owner would have gone out long ago, but you two didn't come back. You're waiting here." The Bodhisattva's face was much better than it had been yesterday. When he saw the two of them kneeling down to pay their respects, he stretched out his hand and held their hands. With a smile on his face,ceramic bobbin heater core, he said, "Get up, get up. Is Yunlong Mountain fun?".