Why didn't you dodge?

  • "Yes," said Li Chao flatly, "you must keep Miss Gao!" At that moment, he shot an arrow alone. The arrow came with a good disease. Rui Wei hurriedly pushed it aside with his sword. Suddenly he heard "Sa …" Sa. Sa "three rings in succession, three arrows side by side, the speed is not comparable to the hidden weapon, Rui Wei did not all push aside, in great anger, catch the first arrow as a hidden weapon to Li Chao.". Rui Wei pushed aside two arrows, another arrow shot to the left shoulder, only felt a pain, looked down, and did not hurt, the heart is very strange? But listen to Li Chao a cry of pain, Rui Wei threw the arrow just shot in front of his chest, fortunately Rui Wei threw the arrow with his hand, the strength can not be all used, only shot into Li Chao chest thick flesh two inches deep, did not hurt the vital point. When Rui Wei saw that he hadn't dodged at all, he seemed to have deliberately let his arrow shoot into his chest. "Why didn't you dodge?" He asked. "Then I can go back and explain to my master," said Li Chao with a smile. With a shock in his heart, Rui Wei bent over to pick up the four arrows shot by Li Chao, only to see that each arrow was broken, leaving only the shaft, so he could no longer hurt anyone! Suddenly Rui Wei suddenly realized that Li Chao's first arrow was deliberately shot slowly so that he could catch it, and then angered himself and shot back at him. In fact, he had no intention of shooting himself, but he didn't know. He shot him. He felt very sad. He stepped forward quickly and said, "Brother Li, I'll help you pull out the arrow." Li Chao retreated hurriedly, shook his head and said, "Don't pull it out. Once I pull it out, I won't be able to go back and explain it to the Lord." "Brother Li," said Rui Wei with a sigh, "you took this arrow for me and taught me how to feel sorry." "It doesn't matter," said Li Chao with a smile. "The arrow is just a flesh wound." "If that arrow had hit Brother Li's vital point," said Rui Wei, "how could he have lived up to you?" "I'm the only one who's sorry for you," said Li Chao. "You're not sorry for me. Brother Rui, go quickly. Arroyo is coming with his troops." "If you go back,endless pool factory, they won't be suspicious," said Rui Wei. "Li Chao laughed and said," I have been injured. They will never suspect me. "Rui Wei clasped his fists and said," Brother Li will never forget his kindness in his life. See you next year! " "You treated me like an old friend," said Li Chao, "but I got drunk and hurt you for a hundred days. Will you forgive me for this?" "I forgave you long ago," said Rui Wei with a smile. Say, turn round to gallop, leave a doubt in Li Chao's mind, think: How can he forgive me early? But I don't know if it wasn't for the idol of his ancestors and the words at night, he would have died in Rui Wei's hands for a long time! Rui Weibo and Luo Yiduo came after him, knowing that Gao Moye was not his enemy. At present, he had to hide his wild son in a safe place and run faster and faster to Jinshan. Jinshan is now the Altai Mountains, the mountain range is very wide, hiding in it, not easy to find, Rui Wei ran to the mountain, found a cave, has been tired panting. "Elder brother," said Gao Moye with pity, China spa factory ,jacuzzi suppliers, "you're tired." Rui Wei put down Gao Moye, lay on the ground, nodded, at this time he did not even have the strength to speak. Gao Moye stroked his forehead and said, "We will never be separated again. Elder brother, what do you say?" Rui Wei did not answer, Gao Moye looked down, originally this short time, Rui Wei has been sleeping, Gao Moye sighed in a low voice, fell on Rui Wei, followed by sleep. The next day, when the weather was fine, Rui Wei was woken up by the sound of "chirping" birds in his dream. Last night's tiredness and good sleep were all eliminated, and he could not help stretching and sitting up. Look around, wild son is not in, think she is outside the cave, cry: "Wild son!"! Wild! What are you doing Long time no echo, Rui Wei frightened, thinking that her leg disease can only walk a few steps, can not go far, not outside the cave will go there? Thought that the wild son deliberately did not answer his call, although not panic, slowly walked out, walked outside the cave, really can not see the shadow of the wild son! This made his face pale with fear, and he shouted, Wild son! Wild son! "" The mountain was full of echoes, but there was no response from the wild. Bing Wei was so anxious that he ran and shouted, "Wild, where are you?" Run for half an hour, still did not find Gao Moye, but ran back to the original place, he rushed into the cave, thinking that the wild son will return to the cave, but the cave is empty! Gao Moye seemed to have been devoured by the night demon and disappeared without even a trace! Rui Wei remembered that when she fell asleep last night, she said that she would not be separated any more. How could she not see her shadow today? She would never leave by herself. If she didn't walk away by herself, where would she go? Could it be. Thinking of Arroyo, he immediately concluded that he was the only one who could take the wild away, and that he was the only one who could take the wild away from him without leaving any trace. When Rui Wei had made up his mind, he looked up to heaven and said, "a Luo Yi Duo!"! I swear I won't stop with you! Running down the hill, running back to the place where he came last night, he thought it was Arroyo who had captured the wild son, but he imagined that if Arroyo had captured Gao Moye, how could he have only captured Gao Moye without hurting him? When Rui Wei came to the town, he saw that there were no pedestrians at all. Only a few Turkic soldiers cruised back and forth. They went into several houses and secretly inspected them. They were all empty and had no owners. There was no one in the palace. Taking advantage of the situation, he caught a guard and asked in Turkic, "Where are all the people?" The guard was grabbed by him and groaned in pain: "What … …" What. What.. · People? "Of course it's someone from the palace," said Rui Wei angrily. "All.." said the guard. All To. Big Go to the prairie. Rui Wei tightened his hand and said, "What are you doing on the prairie?" Holding back the pain, the guard said, You.. Put. Loose. I, just.. OK Speech Rui Wei was concerned about Gao Moye. His temper seemed restless. He relaxed and said, "Tell me quickly. What are they doing on the prairie?" The guard knew the advantages and disadvantages and dared not say, "Our king went to the prairie to meet King Yiwu." Rui Wei thought to himself that all the nobles in the town had gone to the prairie with Ashina Duzhi to welcome the king of another country. It was strange that no one was there, but he did not know where the wild boy was hiding. "Can you see a Han girl?" He asked. The guard shook his head and said, "I didn't see it." Rui Wei wanted to ask him why, only to the prairie to find a Luo Yiduo accounts, the moment to stop his acupoint, that is, to the prairie gallop. The prairie is the largest animal husbandry area in the Jinshan area, and it is also the garrison area of most of the Tuyuan soldiers. The place is vast and endless. When Rui Wei came to the prairie,outdoor whirlpool, he saw all over the camp, and the soldiers came and went. When they saw Rui Wei's Turkic costume, they thought that the herdsmen nearby did not care. monalisa.com