Super Soldier King

  • According to Yan Dong, the eight-door armor was created by his father, and it was only taught to Yan Dong. Nameless unexpectedly also can, this has to let Ye Qian feel nameless is Ye Zhengran. From the previous signs, it seems to be able to make such a judgment, but Ye Qian's heart is not very sure, otherwise, why not recognize themselves? This is what Ye Qian has always been unable to understand. With Luo Ming this sentence, Ye Qian also relaxed down, suddenly, only feel the pain on the body more obvious. Taking a deep breath, Ye Qian said, "You know very well about Ba Men Dun Jia, but you still know too little about me.". Although it is very harmful to the body, the endurance of each person's body is different. Luo Ming was slightly stupefied for a moment. He looked up and down at Ye Qian and said, "Oh?"? You seem to be very confident. With a faint smile, Ye Qian said, "It's not confidence, but fact.". Didn't your leader tell you that there is a mysterious minority in China, called the sorcery clan. Everyone in their clan is born with a very strong,outdoor hot tub, if they use the eight-door escape armor, the damage to themselves can be minimized. "Then this is also a matter of the sorcery clan. As far as I know, you are a member of the ancient Wuye family, but not a member of the sorcery clan." Luo Ming slightly stupefied for a moment and said. ww w . xia oshu m Chapter 1608 brothers. Ye Qian smiled faintly and said nothing. This kind of thing, point to the end is good, say too much, it is not good. Whatever Luo Ming thinks, after all,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, I don't know whether Skynet will be an enemy or a friend in the future, and it's not a good thing to let him know too much. Besides, Ye Qian does not really have any ability to resist now. Although there are sequelae, but for Ye Qian, who has exchanged blood and has the blood of the sorcery clan, in fact, the harm is not particularly great. Luo Ming also does not want to try again, Ye Qian has the resistance ability to him, is not any question. He also did not do his best, even if he really wanted to be an enemy with Ye Qian in the future, he also believed that he would not lose to Ye Qian. After a slight pause, Luo Ming said, "Xie Fei has told me your plan just now, and I will do it according to your plan.". However, endless swim spa ,endless swimming pool, I hope you understand that one day, I am not willing to help you because I lost to you. The leader asked me to help you finish the task quickly. I hope you can do what you should do quickly. Since Luo Ming has no longer said anything, there is no need for Ye Qian to say more, as long as he can cooperate with himself, the other is not important. This action is absolutely not to make any mistakes, and tomorrow is also a golden opportunity, missed, I am afraid it will be very difficult to have such an opportunity. What's more, tomorrow's things are quite complicated, and it's hard to save your own life. Ye Qian knew very well that neither Kechia nor Bert had ever thought of keeping himself alive. With a slight nod, Ye Qian said, "Then I won't say more.". Xie Fei, you take him to see Kechia now, and stabilize him first, so that his imagination will not ruin our plan. I'll go with Bert tomorrow and play it by ear. Xie Fei turned his head to look at Luo Ming and nodded slightly. Luo Ming did not say anything more and walked out. It seems that Ye Qian's fierce blow just now did not cause any harm to him at all, which is indeed somewhat inconceivable. Watching Xie Fei and Luo Ming leave, Ye Qian finally could not support himself and sat down on the sofa. The muscle obviously felt pain, but there was no strain on the muscle, so it would not be a big deal to rest. Ye Qian has to be glad, ah, if there is no Wan Hai to carry out their own blood exchange, I am afraid that their own kungfu of the Eight Gates Dun Jia really can not be used casually. However, Rao is so, Ye Qian also dare not casually use eight door escape armor. Moreover, he is now facing the enemy is more and more powerful, easy absolutely can not display eight door escape armor, otherwise serious sequelae will let oneself practice the opportunity to escape is gone. In today's battle with Luo Ming, Ye Qian also wanted to have a look at his strength, so that he could clearly know the approximate strength of Skynet. If there is a real fight in the future, Ye Qian will know what to do. Dun armor is not Ye Qian's real strength, from today's situation, I am afraid Luo Ming will think that Ye Qian's ability is so, this is also confused the enemy. Ye Qian's real strength in the end how strong, I am afraid no one knows. Even Ye Qian himself is not clear. After all, there are still too many unknowns in Ye Qian's body, just like his left eye. No one will understand how strong it is, nor will they know how strong it is. If you have to say that Ye Qian knows the most clearly, it is estimated that it should be nameless. Out of the room, Xie Fei and Luo Ming walked together to Kechia's home. Along the way, both of them were relatively speechless. Several times Xie Fei opened his mouth to speak, but when he saw Luo Ming's indifferent expression, he swallowed it abruptly. Say what you want to say, it's not like your character. Luo Ming said lightly, looking straight ahead, without looking at Xie Fei,4 person jacuzzi, as if he had not spoken to him at all. Are you really all right? Xie Fei asked. Do you think anything will happen to me? Luo Ming said, "his strength can't hurt me now.". But I didn't think that you were getting closer and closer to him. You don't want to be the master of the Shisha Sect, but you want to be the follower of others. What are you doing for? 。