Is that the attitude to ask for help?

  • "Enough!"! Yu Yin, this is not your fault, of course, it is not my fault, we do not need to blame ourselves for this mistake. Mom, whether you believe it or not, since it has happened, I can only pray for you to lend a helping hand. He looked at his mother in love. Is that the attitude to ask for help? Besides, I'm the mother who raised you! "But you …" Me, what about me? Don't I have the right to doubt? Mom, I'm sorry! I know it's hard to believe, but I really believe you will believe me. Love is sorry for her rude attitude just now. Alas! I think the most important thing now is not the question of whether to believe or not, but you still have three years of study, how should you live in the future? Zhong Mu sighed helplessly. Mom "Aunt Zhong!" Love and Yu Yin looked at Zhong Mu worriedly. Now that things have happened, although you are not at fault, but the consequences still have to be borne by yourself, and it is useless to blame others at the moment. Don't worry! Leave everything to me. Zhong Mu's promise finally let love can not bear this suppressed mood for three months and cried out, and even to the side of Yu Yin also accompanied by crying out the pressure of these three months. Thank you,indoor endless pool, Mom! Looking at her daughter who was crying with red eyes, Zhong Mu was really angry and distressed. If you trusted me as a mother, you wouldn't have to work so hard these months. "Sorry!" Love smiled with guilt. Forget it, next time remember not to bear it alone. "Next time?" Love and Yu Yin called out at the same time. Is there anything wrong? "Mom, have you forgotten that you were just furious about it?" "Just now?"? Yeah! I am very angry, but I am not angry about your pregnancy, but the wrong age of pregnancy! "Age?" Love looked at Yu Yin doubtfully. Yu Yin,outdoor endless pool, who also did not understand, could only reply to her with a look of "Mo Zai Yang". " You will understand later, and now think about how to place my precious grandson! Zhong Mu's face was full of excitement and satisfaction. Baby grandson? Seeing the expressions of fear on both faces in front of her, Zhong Mu immediately opened her mouth and warned: "Don't have the idea of abortion, otherwise you will be responsible for all the consequences." "But we're only twenty!" Yu Yin could not agree with the protest, and then to love Xiao with righteousness, "love, you must not promise to give birth to this child, you think about how to spend such a long day in the future?"? How can a child face his own life experience? Love just quietly looked at her mother and good friends who cared about her. On the surface, she seemed to hesitate because she didn't know how to choose. In fact, she was thinking about whether to tell the two people who disagreed. At this time, what she was worried about was not whether to have a baby or not, but what to do if the man who provided the sperm was an alien? When Love spoke out her doubts about aliens, garden jacuzzi tub ,jacuzzi bath spa, Zhong Mu and Yu Yin thought she was over-stimulated and had some fantasies to rationalize what she had experienced. Although she had thought about explaining, but finally gave up, let this doubt stay in her heart forever to accompany her through the years to come! Love finally decided to give birth to the baby according to her mother's advice. Mother Chung immediately made a prompt decision to use immigration as an excuse to let her love give birth to a child in New Zealand in secret and safely. They lived in New Zealand for five years, and then moved back to Taiwan because Zhong's mother couldn't stand the foreign way of life. Fortunately, he managed to get a local diploma, so it was not too difficult to find a job after returning home, but there was another big problem that made him very headache, that is, the child's household registration. She really did not want to let the child be labeled as an illegitimate child, thanks to the sound to help her solve this thorny problem. Although Yu Yin could not agree with her decision to give birth to a child, she still reluctantly supported her, and even flew to New Zealand to accompany her when she was close to her due date. Finally, for the sake of the child she loved, she gave up her ambition to be a strong woman, and married Shen Jen-chieh, who had been pursuing her since high school. The only condition was to lend the Shen family's household registration, so five-year-old Chung Huai-yi changed his name to Shen Huai-yi. His father's name was Shen Jen-chieh, his mother's name was Yu Yin, and his love was still his mother. The accident was thus consummated, but love was often still in a state of Thanksgiving for the mercy of God, and today she could rest easy and live happily because she had a rich adoptive mother. Yes, she was just a child adopted by her mother, and when she wondered how her mother could afford to emigrate, Zhong Mu took the opportunity to tell her about her life experience and the life experience of love. Zhong's mother, Zhong Yuncai, once had a five-year marriage, but was divorced because she could not bear children! Although she suspects that infertility is not entirely her own factor, maybe it is her husband's problem, so she hopes that he can also go to the examination in order to find out the real cause and real-time treatment. Sadly, she forgot that she was married to a big landlord family that everyone admired, how could she agree to such an opinion that would make the family lose face, so she became the big sinner of the family! In fact, think carefully, the original marriage is only the temptation of money, she should understand that the other party can not be interested in her, but she inherited a large amount of inheritance, after all, she is only a poor daughter adopted by a rich old woman! Of course, if she could get pregnant and have children in the first place, maybe life would go on like this. Is she lucky or unlucky to be divorced now? It's hard to make a final statement. However, one thing is certain that the man beside her can never be loyal and reliable to her. When she thought things out and decided that she should leave the family that measured everything by money,hot tub wholesale, she asked for an alimony equivalent to the original dowry. She can guess that the other party will flatly refuse, and will bring out a lot of trumped-up charges to convict her, so that she can retreat and sign the divorce agreement automatically.